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  1. I was just talking about his previous employment. YOU brought up the political party. So since you are begging for a political discussion here ya go: Before this 'political appointee from Minnesota' with zero ties to my Alma Mater and no experience running a University got his job, he was a feckless representative from Minnesota. He was famous here for accomplishing nothing for his constituents in the 6th except marching in lock-step with a confessed and convicted boy molester Dennis Hastert. He never crossed The Speaker and Hastert publicly stated he could count on Mark. I don't blame him for the budget shortfall, that goes to the representatives in Bismarck who spent the last 8 years cutting taxes and increasing spending during the bumper years, and immediately started cutting the first time the oil money slowed down. Anyone who has a has a problem with the actual cutting of the program needs to have a conversation with your state representatives if you think this should be priority. No MafiaMan, I hold him responsible to the manner in which the women and coaches found out. And to the the top recruit who was visiting. I find the situation bizarre that I knew via Twitter while the women were on the ice. That was an embarrassment to the University. But I suppose "since he is a Republican, you think nothing he does could ever be wrong". I personally long for the days when they appointed qualified people who had a connection to My University and not appointed for the politics they espouse. But maybe I have too long of a memory in this day and age of hyper-partisanship. And don't you dare say I made it political, you brought up his political party and accused me of being partisan. That would just make you an internet troll and a hypocrite. As I said before, I was trying to remain civil.
  2. You want to make this political, huh MM?
  3. Or make a stand. Mark hasn't changed much in the last 10 years. Too bad.
  4. I guess one of us is deceived.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/ghirschy06/status/847157790481244164 where are they skating?
  6. I am hearing the women found out during practice, with a high level recruit visiting. This was handled about as badly as could be. I had a very low opinion of Kennedy when he was a Minnesota representative. Somehow he has lowered that opinion. just trying to maintain civility.
  7. I second that!
  8. Hmm a block and a half away.
  9. Today maybe, yesterday morning they were no better than fifth best in Minneapolis.
  10. Nothing for us downtown MPLS working stiffs?
  11. Yeah little research has michigan attending from '91-2012. And only once since then.. My bad.
  12. I thought Denver with 16 straight.
  13. You are takking Bantam AA, right? High school has over a thousand per game.
  14. No one said there would be math questions.
  15. Maybe someone can correct me, but I had Colton Poolman win the shootout at the TC practice today.