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  1. Jerseys

    Look pretty much like what I was expecting. I like the trim around the shoulders. Overall... I don't hate them. :shrug:
  2. Improving the game day experience

    Sorry, but I hate this idea. Having people walking up and down the aisles is bad enough, but now you're suggesting they be there all the time? At least most fans wait for the action to stop, but vendors are always moving, or stopped in front of you selling something, whether the ball is in play or not. Drives me nuts watching football at other venues who do this (esp NFL. money grubbing stadiums). I like it. I like it a lot!
  3. Twins ?

    Colon went from about to retire after his first Twins start to having the two best outings, for anyone not named Santana, since the break. Baseball is a crazy game...
  4. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    I was there, and had a great time! That said, it's still tough viewing because of the distance to the ice. We were in the front couple rows of the upper deck, so we could see OK, but if you were further back, or lower down where the boards would obstruct your view, I think it would have been tough. For an experience, I give it an A+, for viewing a hockey game, a B-. I would think they could help the viewing by putting the ice all the way to one sideline (instead of centered in the stadium), then using some bleachers for seating on the other side. You couldn't get as many people in the stands, of course, buy it would be better sightlines.
  5. former players

    Agree word-for-word! Thanks for saving me all the typing
  6. Arbor Park

    My side lost! You have to ignore the vote! Too many people who can't get to the park (or don't care) couldn't get to the polls! Spending 15 minutes answering this "cause" is a brutal waste of taxpayer money.
  7. Twins ?

    Took in Friday's big comeback, and Saturday's egg, in person over the weekend. I couldn't get over the lack of attendance... This team may be streaky (or even have run out of luck, if you're pessimistic), but they're over .500 in July and competing. SMDH.
  8. Twins ?

    Right??!!?? I feel like I should travel to their away games instead of seeing them at Target Field, as they're more likely to win playing somewhere else!
  9. Early departures 2017

    Report that Frederik Tiffels has left Western Michigan. https://www.sbncollegehockey.com/2017/6/22/15855220/frederik-tiffels-signs-with-pittsburgh-penguins He had a cup of coffee with the Force before heading off to WMU.
  10. What's Needed At The Alerus?

    Kept saying last year that I was going to go find your rig, only to end up spending almost the entire pregame each week in the Champions' Club tent. I'm going to do better this season! (best laid plans, and all that )
  11. Arbor Park

    If it were the only open piece, that would actually justify keeping it, no?
  12. Twins ?

    Lousy weekend of baseball. I didn't expect MN to stay in first all year, but Cleveland made a statement in how they claimed the lead.
  13. Arbor Park

    I finally saw Arbor Park on Saturday when I was downtown. I had passed it by many times, never realizing that was it. While I'm pro-development in this case, I was surprised by how much nicer it looked than the other parks I passed. Too bad no one was using it.
  14. 2017 NHL Expansion Draft

    This is the part that really interests me -> What kind of side deals Vegas will make? "Hey Vegas, take my rivals best unprotected player, who they'd never trade to me, then trade him to me for x, y, and z" is the kind of thing that could make teams nuts.
  15. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    All jokes aside, I can't remember too many series being this polar opposite based on location. The only game that's been remotely close, was game 1, and that was 3-0 at one point. Since then, scores have been lopsided to the home team. The goaltending has appeared to flip the hardest, going from Rinne being pulled to being a wall. It really makes me wonder; which feast/famine teams will show up for game 5?