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  1. Sioux Survivor Game #9 2017-2018

    Friday: Pogo Saturday: Gersich
  2. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Grabbed a burger and beer at Crooked Pint before Friday's hockey game. Honestly, not overly impressed. I'll probably give it another try or two, as I believe some of the issues we saw were due to it being so new, but I definitely wasn't wowed. Oh, and $20 for a burger with fries and a pint? Not going to be labeled as one of the better deals around... Side note; Had someone trying to tell me that Blue Moose is now charging $10 for a beer. I'm thinking maybe if it was some specialty brew, but it just doesn't sound right. Anyone experience this? I haven't eaten at the Moose for a few weeks, but I know I didn't pay that much when I was there on the 11th.
  3. Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

    IMHO, until there's a test for impairment, it should not be recreationally legal. I'm not going to debate the level of alcohol that's labeled impaired, but there is a test for what's in a person's system at a given point, like if there's an accident. Pot looks essentially the same, under the tests currently available, whether the person smoked it an hour ago or a day ago. Cocaine disappears from current tests more quickly. Do coke on Friday, pass your drug screen Monday. Drink whiskey on Friday, pass your drug screen on Monday. Do pot Friday, and you'll still fail the screen a week later... Want more support for legalization? Find a way to measure impairment.
  4. Sioux Survivor Game #8 2017-2018

    Friday: Mismash Saturday: Gersich
  5. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Union - SATURDAY Gameday

    Agree that the crowd was good size. I was speaking to them being so quiet. I brought some friends with on Saturday night, who remarked how quiet the arena was. For reference, it was their first and second game ever attended at the Ralph, so they were comparing it to other hockey arenas.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Union - SATURDAY Gameday

    Everything has pretty well been said in this thread, so I won't rehash. On a side note; I never realized how much I'd miss the band. Not having the students there is always an energy let-down, but the band not playing between plays was really odd for some reason. Haven't we usually gotten a scaled down band, even during breaks? The fan energy was completely absent, and I'm sure the boys felt it. Union definitely did, as there was no awe factor we usually get when an east cost team comes in. It was so quiet in that arena that I think I overhead a Mary Kay sales presentation going on in the media deck...
  7. GO WILD

    That 3rd period was nuts! Once Nashville got that 4th goal, I was afraid the Wild were sunk... Nope.
  8. Sioux Survivor Game #6 2017-2018

    Friday: Pogo Saturday: Mismash
  9. GO WILD

    Been one heckuva run! And someone beside Zucker finally scored again! Of course, Zucker still scored, but at least he wasn't the only one
  10. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Yeah, they didn't go too far out on a limb, but there's a fair variety and they'll sell plenty. I'll have to check it out before one of the Union games next weekend. I do like that Bent Paddle black ale...
  11. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Haven't had the GF location yet, but the Fargo one is delicious (I'd expect food to be the same). The carne asada tacos and crispy fish tacos are my two favorites. In Fargo, like JL Beers, no one under 21, even at lunch.
  12. Sioux Survivor Game #6 2017-2018

    Fri: Jones Sat: Gersich
  13. Hawks - Eagles

    Must be because this week's win will be so impressive, that the committee will give a 4 win team a playoff bid.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Miami

    This isn't Denver. IIRC, Miami usually has a fair sized contingent come to check out the Ralph each year. Probably as good a turnout as St Cloud, but a little short of Omaha.
  15. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    After watching Senden play two this weekend, I've got to say his points don't fully represent his game - at least for the weekend. Had decent jump and was typically in the right spot. Always buzzing. His line didn't put up big numbers (Senden had an assist), but they owned the ice in the shutout Friday. Saturday was a tougher matchup, but he still managed a goal (against Tomek) in another win.