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  1. I concur. And I speak Southern
  2. AND, neither of my D are sniffing the ice unless there's an injury... So then there's that
  3. Damn - last place and still losing points!
  4. CHN reporting Jason Lammers headed to Niagara from Dubuque in the USHL.
  5. I was shocked by the Blackhawks not winning at least 1 game. I still kinda can't believe it. If you told me that series was going to be a sweep, I've have replied that Nashville would steal one at home, so it would be a 5.
  6. crossed into double-digit territory! Whoo-hooo!
  7. That kind of approach, I could get on board with. I'd be interested in what would happen for backup sites. Think if Denver and Duluth would have worked together on a site this year (maybe agreed to pick Sioux Falls, or whatever). Who is the host, and which other site becomes the 4th regional? You could use pairwise for hosting, but that doesn't make a correction for tickets sold to the other fan base (yes, I know it's a dream that those two buy tickets) and you have #1 and #2 in one regional, or you move #2 and now fans have to make travel arrangements and that backup regional arena has to get ready to host, on very short notice. That could possibly be overcome, just with some backlash, but it could go bigger - throw UND, the Clowns, and UNO into a collaboration, and somehow they finish 1, 2, 3 in the standings. Or BC, BU, and Harvard for you east coast bias folks
  8. That's the killer^^^. Concept sort of makes sense, except for 2 issues: 1) See above. There really isn't enough time to plan and execute. Anyone at Scheels this spring probably noticed all the banners in the arena were covered. The ice was repainted with new logos. The boards had a new face on them. etc. etc. That gets pretty crazy if your arena is one waiting on the 4 - 6 seeds to be settled. 2) For teams needing an off-site arena (due to size, or whatever it may be) these arenas do more than just college hockey. You can't hold every arena schedule empty until the middle of January or later "just in case." Plus, most of the staff is part-time. Can you imagine having to run a regional if you're missing 1/3 of your staff? Obviously, some arenas would have a bigger issue than others: AZ's arena probably books everything as normal, at least at this point in the program's development. But think about the Harvard, Western Michigan, and even (groan) UMN arenas this spring - all 3 waiting for that last weekend before to find out if they're going to have to race the clock, or just be done for the season.
  9. I might be done early... Really going to need big stuff from Drake and Jordan Schmaltz if the Caps can't get through and CHI/MN get swept! Toews - down 0-3 Oshie - down 1-2 Schmaltz - down 0-3 Caggiula - tied 2-2 Parise - down 0-3 Stafford - down 1-2 Chorney - down 1-2 Schmaltz - up 3-0, but not playing every game Keith (fill) - down 0-3
  10. Interesting perspective. For me, it doesn't change a whole lot. We go to Frozen Fours, regardless of location. Not likely to go to the Frozen Faceoff again anytime soon, unless regionals get too far in an undesirable place (so not for the next two years). Attended the last regional at the X, even though UND wasn't there, and having the next two in SF and Fargo all but guarantees we'll go. Chance of attendance: Frozen Faceoff: 10% Regional: 95% (100% once confirmed UND is in) Frozen Four: 100%
  11. Agreed. That was BS for Ryan to get away with what he did. Should've been offsetting.
  12. Harsh! But I accept my punishment for not paying closer attention to the thread's existence.
  13. would look like this: Toews Oshie Schmaltz Caggiula Parise Stafford Chorney Schmaltz Shattenkirk (fill) Keith (fill)
  14. Can I be a late entry if I just take all the Sioux players, and then pencil in around them from teams that didn't play last night?
  15. We were on an adventure! Yeah, so we were being cheap. At least we still went