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  1. well if it is different then I think siouxphan should expound on this.
  2. Another way. One each from the summit, Horizon and OVC. Valpo, Murray and Omaha. What would that do?
  3. I missed that where in the article. I saw Murray, Valpo and Milwaukee. For 12 teams
  5. Maybe we could get a sponsor with that. Like the dept of Interior
  6. Just a thought.... All schools fit the definition(except Denver and No Colo unless you count Jim Bridger going to Colorado after the expedition ) of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  7. You mean Ormon?
  8. Then take it out on the previous president. President Kennedy is getting the house in order. I believe he handled a bad situation the best he could.
  10. Try this one.
  11. I hope so. UND could add another home game to the schedule. Sure would help the budget.
  12. I think the Ralph would be a great for marketing a preseason tournament. Bring in a P5 and a couple other teams plus. set it up so UND would play the final game against the P5.
  13. Brad can write an opinion and not a column. Quite simple.
  14. Some is going to get fired for that. Montana 5 times out of 10 weeks.
  15. Root sports schedule.