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  1. New Hospital Facility in GF

    Well if your a politician, you need to give more and more free stuff. Ya know it buys votes and that is what matters.
  2. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Are you saying zero production tax?
  3. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Damn. This is a good way to chase investment dollars to Texas and other oilfields. Oh and collect less tax revenue for North Dakota.
  4. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    True pipelines helped very much.
  5. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Here is a pretty good article. https://minneapolisfed.org/publications/fedgazette/green-shoots-sprout-in-the-bakken
  6. 2018 Season

    I we are independent so can't claim a championship.
  7. Washington Huskies 9-8-18

    I sure hope to. My niece and nephews are season ticket holders and would love to tailgate with them.
  8. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    In about 6-8 years the HS will double in size. so more bodies will help some.
  9. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Yes they are. They have tried to delay that as long as possible.
  10. WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    School expansion is moving forward in Watford and Williston. Watford City has added an additional kinder garden class since the school year began and might need to add another before the year ends. Williston will need to expand grade school and also expand the new HS just completed 2 years ago.
  11. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    True but most games have ebbs and flows. The D made a great stop to get the ball back with 25 seconds. The punt team gave me a heart attack with the block. Also Diggs not staying inbounds while the vikes drove to get their FG. Bree shouldn't have had a minute plus for his last drive.
  12. New AD posting and hiring process

    It's part of the job. 24/7/365 at that level.
  13. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Defense wins championships.
  14. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    That is what I read as well. Justice and more justice.
  15. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Payton loves the Vikes