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  1. I would guess it would be closer to the 25 yd line. Probably not a chance between the two 40 yd lines.
  2. My favorite word to hear when the Hawks are on defense in the Big Sky. INTERCEPTED.
  3. Looks like a solid hire and Bubba knows him.
  4. triple jump, shot put and anchor a 4x100 relay. Now that is a combination.
  6. Hair lip
  7. thanks I want this. I will wear it when we play MSU, UM, and EWU.
  8. How about Big Sky champions for FB, MBB, WBB, and VB. That would be cool.
  9. especially when they play against good defense. He plays in a weak conference so his number look very rose. Still he is a good QB but maybe over rated as #1.
  10. two from the Big Sky are top five.
  11. Craig Haley give a watch list of the top ten QB's in the FCS
  12. Some quotes from Stitts and Utah HC.
  13. You forgot my all time favorite Dodge Ball. I think I still have marks from that.
  14. Give Studs a rest in the 4th qtr with a comfortable lead.
  15. Elijah is a young man that has accepted his challenges the Good Lord has presented him with. Elijah is developing a sound character by accepting responsibility. He will be successful both on and off the field. Good parenting has helped him through this process. I have a very good friend that know Elijah and his parents and speaks very highly of all the family. God Bless.