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  1. I think Montana has an easier schedule than UND.. cause Montana plays UND. ummmm
  2. That is a nice video
  3. two years ago UND was wonder who was going to be our RB. Most were not practicing in the fall leading up to the season. Then they moved Santiago from WR to RB. Man what a surprise to watch John run Wyoming into the ground. With that said what Freshman is going to step up to play CB, the nickel dime and specialty teams. Opportunity to shine. UND is looking for a Championship and Deion will be cheering and coaching from the sidelines this season. At least that is what it appears.
  4. and MSU. Our defense pulled us out of that game. well one of many.
  5. I hope our coaching staff and players remain confidence yet humble. It can be a slim margin between a very good winning record and a losing season. Last we lost 3 games by a slim margin just a few plays and we would have had an outstanding record. Or a few plays and we could have had average or possibly a losing record(no time to check the scores from last yr.) The depth and leadership we have will help get the championship and good run in the playoffs. This season is the last season UND can be crowned Big Sky Champs. get er dun.
  6. Another broadcast sports besides Root TV
  7. UND has more players than any other team. My have things changed since Bubba was hired.
  8. Thanks for listing the channels I should have pointed it out. It took me some time to find them myself.
  9. Pluto.TV. is carrying the Big Sky interviews live. last Night I watched parts of the Weber and SUtah game from last year as well as UNI vs EWU. I really like this Pluto.TV. The commish has delivered on project.
  10. I believe you are correct.
  11. If we do, we win for sure.
  12. Now your talking. Just think 3 1000 yd RB's in the Big Sky. That would be awesome. I think we will have many games with 2 RB's over 100 yds rushing. Probably not against Utah.
  13. This season UND has 4 RB's capable of achieving 1000 yd season. the touches will be spread around. Even with that said I believe UNS will have 2 RB's reaching the 1000 yd mark.
  14. Yes I remember comments about the secondary leading the way for opponents receivers into the end zone. Now half of the starters in the secondary are considered Pro prospects. Looks like Bubba and staff have made some remarkable changes. The same can be said on the offensive size.
  15. Many more weapons this season. Offense should be able to score often and control the ball for extensive periods of time.