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  1. UND to cut women's hockey

    Haha. The Medical School even runs on a completely seperate budget than the rest of the U. I heard there were projects cut out due to cuts. The new building is actually helping alot by opening up the old one to other departments allowing the old outdated buildings to be taken off line/demolished. Deferred maintance were racking up on those buildings, probably at a lower cost per year of WIH tho.
  2. Checking In Womens Hockey

    Wasn't the deficit not including sponsorships and alumni donations? If I had to guess more than 99% of the REA sponsorships would be there with or without WIH. FB draws their own, and have a huge alumni base. The loss of FB donors would in my opinion hurt alot more than WIH donors. The two most successful alumni for WIH had to go and make a big fuss to get more pay and benefits of a full time position to play one week a year for their country when alot of people would love to play for their country for free (if there would not have been a big backlash at these girls asked to play if boycot im sure many would've taken the offer).
  3. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    It is a very nice facility. If I remember right it was built similar to one of the NHL rinks in the region just on a smaller scale. It has great hockey sightlines.

    Looked like a race to the end boards and just a awkard play with ankle going where it shouldn't. But I only saw one replay.
  5. Spring Football 2017

    Resistance Golfing on Ray Richard
  6. Memorial Stadium

    This was a goal for 2019 in a previous Master Planning for Athletics, but they won't hit that timeline, and with lack of funding to complete HPC i'm not sure I'll ever see it done. The other option was a horseshoe stadium. Renderings had a additional parking ramp on east side of columboa connecting skyway to the other ramp and to the stadium. Same MP diagram had a soccer field just to the east of 2nd proposed ramp.
  7. Should Basketball Use the Ralph?

    I didn't find anything in my quick search for the Kansas game, but did find vs NDSU
  8. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    https://www.bemidjistate.edu/faculty_staff/faculty_association/senate_agenda_attachments/docs/20130128/Attach for 13 01-28 - Athletics.pdf Bemidji found a way to balance their projected Revenue and Expenses atleast for FY2013.
  9. UND to cut women's hockey

    Timing could've been better, that is one aspect that should've been seen. Delay the announcement or cancel the recruits travel.
  10. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    The team did know before the university told the public. Now should they have been informed before the conferences knew? It's possible the conferences were told leading up to this that it was a option and checking to see if it screwed anything up with affiliations with Big Sky / Summit. There is going to be a leak somewhere, but it probably should've been from the hockey players and not someone with sources at the conferences. Problem with having to include so many people it makes it hard to keep the information intact.
  11. UND to cut women's hockey

    They should've announced numbers at the press conference, it was the time to do it, not in individual one on one interviews.
  12. PyeongChang 2018

    More than likely there will be shown live and replayed later, I thought this happened somewhat with Sochi, if NBC doesn't rebroadcast you will see them on NHL Network I would have to think.
  13. UND to cut women's hockey

    I have a feeling you are right. But it isn't uncommon to see in comments and hear around sporting events and town.
  14. 2016-2017 What a Year for UND sports

    We do have bad timing for cuts though, last year 3 days after winning the National Championship. This year just following NCAA appearances from MH and MBB. Do it before the tourneys and you have a possibility for negative publicity being stated on national TV, wait till after and it overshadows accomplishments that have been made.
  15. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    This is one benefit, USD just resigned their coach to $275,000. If I remember right that is over 2x + what our coach makes. One can support women's hockey but be understanding that as a university we cannot accept such losses year after year, and with academics already cutting budgets themselves i do not see them ever being willing to take further cuts to fund negative spending athletic teams.