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  1. Hawks - Eagles

    All of us in Eagle-land are anxious to see how he performs for an entire game as well. Two things I've heard and seen. 1. he was the QB for the scout team in practices last season, players have said he is the best opposing QB they've seen all season. 2. In our spring game called Red and White game, Eric was QB for the red team and they beat Gubrud and the white team. IMO he will make freshman mistakes but has the ability to run this offense. This is literally the last game for your team and if we don't win it is figuratively the end of our season for the Eagles. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/nov/07/eastern-washington-will-turn-to-backup-quarterback/?utm_source=custom_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter
  2. Hawks - Eagles

    Any locals brew a Marzen Lager?
  3. Hawks - Eagles

    We're looking forward to the trip and game. It has been a disappointing year for Eagle fans as well. Losing 4 key players, 3 to the NFL, has had a greater impact than most of us expected. That combined with mostly new coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball have made for a difficult transition. The new coaching staff have tried to get more balance between run/pass, thus lower scoring games than we are accustomed to. On top of all that our QB and a top linebacker are sitting this one out for disciplinary reasons. Beings it is your last game your players should be motivated to go out on a win. Perfect storm for the Hawks. (do you like that name?) To the point, I am concerned about this one. On another topic, does timing allow going to the hockey game and the football game? Are tickets available for both? Thanks
  4. Hawks - Eagles

    Eagle fan here coming to your place this weekend. I am not accustomed to indoor football so looking for some guidance. How warm is it inside your place? Are coats necessary?jacket? short sleeves?
  5. Spider problem

    Not to worry Hawks we took care of that Spider problem for you!
  6. Sioux vs Seminoles??

    Having grown up in Aberdeen I though highly of the Souix name and feel it is an honor to use the name. Too bad tribal leadership is willing to see the name be forgotten by future generations.
  7. UND @ #6 Eastern Washington; Nov. 1, 2014

    That was my fear, playing in Fargo, but Frisco is almost a home field advantage for them so if we have to beat them somewhere it may as well be in Fargo. The extra time off between the third playoff game and the championship game would be nice for Vernon Adams to get back into game shape. Kind of getting ahead of myself here because we have a lot of work to do. I was impressed with your campus and facilities when I was there last year. WOW Grand Forks is really growing. Hopefully I will see some green in our tailgate area so I can offer them a beer and bite to eat.
  8. Sioux vs Seminoles??

    I'm sure this has been hased over and over here so sorry to bring up an old subject. Why is it the Florida State Seminoles are allowed to use their nickname while the Sioux are ordered to change theirs? Hope to see you in Spkane
  9. UND vs. EWU...predictions, thoughts or concerns.

    Which end is the video board on? Which section would allow the best view of scoreboard? Thanks,
  10. UND vs. EWU...predictions, thoughts or concerns.

    Thanks for the update My question was which side is home. I would like tosit on the same side as the Eagles. Thanks
  11. UND vs. EWU...predictions, thoughts or concerns.

    Hello Sioux fans, oops, can't use that name. North Dakota fans!! My question is about tickets. Going to purchase a couple for this game but I do not know what side is the home team on? We are avid Eastern fans coming to Grand Forks. I am concerned that we may be over rated. This could be a trap game that we get sucked into an easy win that turns into a tough loss. Go Eagles!!
  12. Buy or Sell 2013

    Buy or sell? October 12 Eastern Eagles 35 North Dakota Sue 27
  13. Buy or Sell 2013

    Buy or sell: Valparaiso and South Dakota State are not in your conference
  14. Welcome to the Big Sky

    Back to my origianl question, now I'll be more specific. How many points will you average per game? How many points will your D give up per game? Home wins/losses? Away wind/losses? More pivitol game? How many does your stadium seat? Do you typically sell out?
  15. Welcome to the Big Sky

    What kind of splash do you plan to make in the conference this year? I am a native of Aberdeen so have been watching the Dakota schools for a long time. How does your team look this year? I know, I know, every team thinks they are going to make a playoff run and take home the big trophy, but seriously, how is your team. Looking forward to seeing you guys on our red turf!