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  1. Carson and team whipped the Steelers today. He passed for over 300 yards and still doesn't have an interception on the season. Congrats to him, and his 3-0 record, regardless if he went to NDSU.
  2. 2017 Season

    Idaho went 0-6 at home against Portland St and Sac St, to end its lead in the north division. UND, Portland St, and Sac St really are rather closely together at the top of the Big Sky, and then there is a big drop. UND currently ranks 32nd among the 350 odd DI teams in attendance. There is only 16 schools with more than 2000, much of them in the Midwest, like Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wichita St, UNI, and Iowa St. Would be nice to get over 1500 average as that would be a worthwhile milestone for recruiting.
  3. 2017 Season

    UND leads 2-0 against Chatty. Can follow the progress with statsbroadcast.com, which has a link via a UNDVb tweet
  4. 2017 Season

    Getting more than 1200 on Saturday morning on a day which was filled with football and hockey home matches was impressive. Be interested to see next weekend for two 7 PM matches.
  5. Volleyball Recruiting

    http://www.pjstar.com/sports/20171018/north-dakota-commit-brynn-nieukirk-leaves-washington-volleyball-team Apparently, there was a dustup between the HS coach and Brynn and some teammates. Pryor chimed in to defend Brynn.
  6. New AD wish list

    Well the search committee was made known this evening. At least it's not filled with PC types that were so prevalent in Kelleys administration.
  7. 2017 Season

    Not hosting will be rather tragic for fans. A UND hosted conference tournament would be filled to the rafters for every UND game. If they win at Sac St, they won't have a home game again. Sac St swept Idaho at Idaho. So Sac St moves to 9-0, and UND, PSU and Idaho are at 7-2.
  8. New AD wish list

    I hope there is a search committee of one: Kennedy using a team of advisors. Major decisions aren't made by committee elsewhere. Committees at UND have a habit of really sucking. The buck stops with Kennedy and it should start with him too.
  9. 2017 Season

    Almost 2000 on hand for the match. That's good as Saturday mornings don't get very good turnouts like for EWU coming up. Sac St leading at Idaho 1-0 and also leading in the second set. We need Sac St to lose 3 BSC matches for us to host as Sac hasn't lost one yet. This is needs to happen for any chance of hosting.
  10. New AD wish list

    Just pray that bison fans and trolls don't go through a round of aneurysms, convulsions, and widespread depression when all that comes down. But it would be rather ironic for the son of a former bizon coach to lead UND athletics to the Promised Land. We will dominate NDSU in recruiting. But I confess that I was wrong on the timing as didn't forsee the Summit going FBS when IPFW leaves and didn't forsee the new stadium going up at Ray Richards, which is why Kennedy shut it down. Have to wait for Idaho's President to pipe in about they will move to save it with the Montanas if we all go FBS when the Summit is in absolute turmoil with the loss of IPFW. The FBS move will be conveniently laid at the feet of Idaho's President and their fans will rejoice rather than lynch him. For all the newspaper talk that Faison was forced out at Kennedy's insistence, Faison isn't the least bit distraught and seems rather happy. A man waiting until 67 to retire is out of the ordinary but that's strangely not talked about in the press. Faison laid the Foundation with some tough tasks that shouldn't go to a new AD and that seems to be faulted to Faison in the Press, when it was Kennedy that wanted those tasks done.
  11. College Hockey Expansion

    And it hasn't applied for the Hockey East vacancy when Notre Dame left either, though that's miles closer. The admin know what is possible and they don't waste time on what will not be approved. A CCHA of BGSU, Robert Morris, Niagara, Canisius, Mercyhurst and a sixth them will form when a school close to Lake Erie starts hockey. Oakland, Buffalo, Pitt or Syracuse.
  12. New AD wish list

    Any talk about a new football stadium, about going FBS, about the Montanas and Idaho and EWU in the Summit is cut off by certain posters because they don't believe that UND can and will be so blessed. They are joined by bison trolls in their hate and disbelief fest. Faison did some of the work needed to get ready, like cut WIH, swimming, and basebàll. We have a football alum that has more financial success than Ralph, has said he was going to give eight years ago, but nothing discernable yet. It's coming. He'll want a young AD that he influenced and help groom, so he gets direct answers from the man with responsibiilty.
  13. College Hockey Expansion

    No it doesn't. Canisius, Niagara, and Robert Morris are all DI, have DI hockey, and want to make it shine more in a CCHA But those schools don't have enough oomph yet to make it go. Oakland would be start, Buffalo would add significant fuel, and Pitt would make it blast off.
  14. College Hockey Expansion

    The local paper, the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune had a big article.
  15. October 2017 Announcement

    Apparently you had some experience with that issue with Ruley and her lover so just extending that scenario to UND is very convenient.
  16. New AD wish list

    The parallels between Engelstad and getting a new AD with Roger Thomas before the REA are striking. Engelstad didn't want Wanless so the UND admin obliged and got a new AD before the REA was gifted. Not saying that Faison was anything but a natural retirement, but an AD heir apparent is at a P5 school where the prospective donor had a son as a football player at the school and maybe found a way to install his future UND AD candidate as assistant AD there with some spare change. The timing fits nicely with the conference change coming up.
  17. College Hockey Expansion

    There was an article shortly after they move to the WCHA where their was a rumor that they were going to start a new CCHA. Any BGSU President worth half a sh** isn't going to stay in the WCHA long. The options are get out (form a new CCHA) or drop hockey. Since they haven't dropped hockey, some CCHA talk is still ongoing.
  18. College Hockey Expansion

    litch gave Wayne St like $30 million for a new business school on his Red Wings arena development before he died. Wayne St used to have a DI teams but Oakland got the nod. Oakland needs a 4k arena on campus, which could be cheaper than what Illinois or I was are looking at. Oakland is a growing wealthy county north of Detroit and will be the power of metro Detroit athletics. U of Detroit has really fallen off and Wayne St can't get anything going athletically, so Oakland will take the reins and they actually left the vaunted Summit league for better digs with the Horizon. Bowling Green wants badly out the WCHA because it's embarrassing to their administrators to be in a league of DII schools. Hockey fans don't notice, but Presidents cringe at the thought. Miami and WMU would move over if a new CCHA could nab a Pitt or Syracuse, because they can't stand the thought of having future NCHC teams three time zones away like Ariz St.
  19. October 2017 Announcement

    Effectively none.. But have chatted with people in the Foundation.
  20. October 2017 Announcement

    Miller and Schlossman have no clue about AD moves. They have been asking for AD reviews, as if Kennedy forced Faison out. Faison is 67, and more likely stayed on for a couple years as a favor to help Kennedy. Think Morton needed more time at Michigan St before he moves over. They are still running around thinking Hogan Assessments will be used to can people. Good grief. It's a tool that a new AD can use to get grounded with each coaches areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  21. New AD wish list

    Assist AD at Mich St. How did he get that job after being a TV newscaster in CHARLESTON? Think I know that answer. Yeah, if he has the big money backer that I think he does, Morton is the next AD.
  22. Softball 2016

    UND beat Virginia today 10-6. The worm seems to be turning on this program.
  23. College Hockey Expansion

    This USA Today article says Oakland has been contemplating hockey for some time and they have needed conference information. Bring back the CCHA. The NHL will only give a study to those schools that are serious. It also says if Oakland starts women's hockey Mich and Mich St probably will too. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2017/10/16/nhl-invests-building-college-hockey-michigan-school/769901001/ Bowling Green is just waiting to restart the CCHA, but they need more teams in the area.
  24. College Hockey Expansion

    Oakland is a rather significant school in the Detroit area that is already DI. Lindenwood is a DII, although maybe that will change. Expect the NHL announced the smaller school, Oakland now, and will progress to bigger ones. NHL dreams would be schools like UCLA and Stanford. Lindenwood already has done much homework on DI and DI hockey as it was considering buying the 10,000 seat arena in St Charles, so it might happen even if the NHL doesn't pay for a study.
  25. College Hockey Expansion

    Think the NHL is looking bigger, schools like Pitt, Buffalo, Penn or Temple, maybe Stony Brook.