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  1. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    And UND hockey would be in the WCHA today if not for a major gift. We need a major gift of an on-campus stadium to even contemplate FBS. UND has much more going for it than Ball St, Bowling Green, EMU, Akron, Kent St, La-Monroe, USA, Coastal Carolina, Troy, Appalachian St, Georgia Southern and others that are FBS. What we need is a stadium on-campus, as then FBS becomes a major advertising tool that we don't currently have.
  2. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Idaho St can barely fund a low level FCS program. If a conference has eight transitioning FBS schools, the NCAA has no choice under its own rules but to declare it an FBS conference when all have completed the transition.
  3. 2017 Season

    NDSU, SDSU and USD are promoting the challenge on their websites, so presume the interest comes from them. As said elsewhere, a Summit football league combining the Dakotas, Montanas, Idaho and EWU could be big, and those three schools seem to be promoting it.
  4. 2017 Season

    There is an official Big Sky - MVFC Challenge this year and UND will play a big part in it. siouxcityjournal.com/sports/football/college/usd/digest-mvfs-big-sky-announce-challenge/article-05ec3d25-d3f8-57c0-b732-9f11fc65e28c.html
  5. 2017-18 Season

    The NDSU men's game on Dec 9th at UND is part of a doubleheader mens/women's against NDSU of course. Since its a Saturday, and the hockey team is on the road at St Cloud St, it must be at the Ralph. Highly doubt they would schedule a double header at the Betty against NDSU.
  6. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    The MVFC already includes the Summit for fb. A split would be more appropriate, but there needs to be more schools for that to happen and there is no money involved like the dance money
  7. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    It rarely makes sense to merge conferences - as an autobid would be lost and no certainty in gaining an at-large bid. But that said, the calender is counting down on the MVC's dance credits, mostly from Wichita St. In three or four years, those credits could be the same if the MVC becomes a one bid league and the Summit survives. The MVC wouldn't want to go to 12 unless there are other reason for it, as the share of dance revenue get more diluted. But with Wichita St forfeiting it's future MVC credits to the league, and new teams possibly not getting a full sure til later, for three or four years it could add to 12 without pain. The A10 schools that created the credit gets like 60% of their credits, with the league dispersing the rest of it. That kind of system may lead to more incentives to succeed and expand.
  8. Hardee Placed on Leave

    Best of luck to Ashley Hardee. Appears he has gotten his personal issues resolved. Didn't realize he had gotten a beach volleyball position at UAB. www.nsudemons.com/news/2017/8/14/lady-demon-volleyball-kiracofe-adds-former-north-dakota-head-coach-ashley-hardee-to-nsu-volleyball-staff.aspx
  9. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    The athletic situation at Idaho State continues to deteriorate. President Vailas has tendered his resignation, effective a year from now. http://www.idahostatejournal.com/members/isu-football-former-bengal-qb-machurek-sounds-off-on-isu/article_40c229dc-0d72-5512-a26c-7af2638f7279.html
  10. 2017 schedule

    With everybody back sans Moser, this team should be outstanding. Make hay while the suns shines. Would be interesting to hear Pryor's goals this year. Undefeated in conference play, 30 victories, and a 1st round NCAA win are my stretch goals if Griffin, Dooley and Merseli stay healthy. A lot of matches should be dedicated to the second string play so they get plenty of playing time, as there are weak teams on the schedule. Will be interesting if Merseli comes out even stronger, as she became such a bona fide force later in the season which drove much of UND's success. Last year, the team didn't start out very strong, and that should not be a problem this season.
  11. 2017 schedule

    As expected, the defending champions are big favorites to repeat as Big Sky champions according to the coaches poll. http://goviks.com/news/2017/8/11/vikings-selected-fifth-in-big-sky-volleyball-coaches-poll.aspx
  12. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    You've gone on record elsewhere that there will be no more moves out of the Summit. We supposed to believe that IPFW is perfectly happy as an eastern island, Western Illinois doesn't have a budget problem and doesn't have complaints about Summit air travel, ORU simply loves the Summit and Sioux Falls, Omaha isn't seriously considered by anyone although they got an MVC official visit, and UND is so strung up for cash that we needed to move out of the Big Sky to cut down on air travel. Sioux Falls just makes the Summit schools tinkle with joy, as witnessed by IUPUI making Dakota tournament jokes at their Horizon invitation party. The Horizon and MVC wont go beyond 10 in spite of Presidents, AD's and Commissioners stating the opposite. Your so convincing.
  13. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Should add that IPFW debated moving back to DII when it splits into PUFW and a much smaller IUFW. PUFW decided on DI in part because Fort Wayne will sport a new arena downtown that should be available by 2019. The Horizon takes kindly to new and renovated arenas, as witnessed by them just adding IUPUI and NKU. If PUFW thought it be stuck in the Summit, it would have dropped to DII. PUFW and Robert Morris move into new digs almost at the same time, which gets the Horizon's attention. The Horizon has always been a dream for eastern Summit schools, like Oakland, IUPUI, Valpo, and Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wright St, Cleveland St before them. The only schools not to make it are E Ill, W Ill, and Chicago St, which have no proven basketball roots. Any Big Sky school move to the Summit will be one years notice for Olympics and two years for football for no exit fees. Otherwise, there would be a big cost.
  14. 2017-18 Season

    More confirmation of the Hawaii appearance from an islands paper: http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/sports/local-sports/uh-notes-sacrifices-pay-linebacker-broman
  15. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    I'd argue that Douple is gone no matter what. Douple has always seemed clueless. The tournament will probably be moved around to Billings, Spokane, Bismarck and Sioux Falls, with the women and men being separate as a condition of the western teams being added. Taking four Big Sky teams wouldn't destroy that conference but taking five could. The Montanas and Idaho won't allow that.
  16. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Kennedy knows precisely what will happen IMHO. The Montanas, Idaho and EWU will join, and any eastern Summit teams that are left will have more reason to depart.
  17. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Don't think UMKC wants to associate with Dakota schools, which is why they left for the WAC. Conference affiliation with a bunch of Dakotas is looked at very negatively, as we don't have tv sets in numbers or great recruiting. UMKC doesn't see a need to broaden it's awaredness in the Dakotas. Hockey is an exception, which is why Denver stays in the near term. These are the moves coming up, ImHO. MVC takes Murray St and ORU. Horizon takes IPFW and Robert Morris. OVC takes W Illinois and S Indiana or Lindenwood from DII. Later, the Horizon takes Omaha and UMKC.
  18. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    An article out of Eastern Illinois that states the OVC better get more teams, as Murray St is likely gone to the MVC and Jax St and E Kentucky want FBS bad and could just declare FBS as Liberty has done. An OVC call for Western Illinois, which will become the eastern extreme of the Summit? http://jg-tc.com/sports/local/ovc-has-some-work-to-do/article_160593ae-2eed-5a42-a6af-466050246737.html An OVC could replenish with for it a powerful football program again with a derelict mbb one, matching EIU and traveling with SIU-E. Best of all for cash strapped W Ill, the OVC is a bus conference, no plane trips to the Dakotas or Denver, and a short bus ride trip to Evansville or Nashville for the OVC tournament.
  19. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    There are some interesting message board polling out there. An Indiana St MVC fan polled NDSU, SDSU, and Oral Roberts if they want one of the two coming slots. NDSU and ORU fans voted overwhelming to leave, while SDSU fans voted overwhelming to stay, as they don't want to lose home court advantage in the SLT. Of course, the Horizon League is talking at least 12 too, but SDSU fans think the Summit is entirely safe because everyone is so happy with Sioux Falls. IPFW has its car ready and ORU will leave as soon as it's asked.
  20. 2017-18 Season

    Wondering if UND also didn't get home games vs Stetson and Florida A&M, as they show up on NDSU's home schedule Nov 22 and 25. Both schools haven't released their schedules yet. A long ways to fly for one game. The only other DI home game that NDSU got besides us was Mo St.
  21. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    An article on Morehead St being concerned with being the last Kentucky school left a in the OVC. Sounds like Murray ST will soon be gone to the MVC. Some mb chatter about ORU joining too. And the Horizon still wants 12 too, meaning IPFW is likely gone. EKU badly wants FBS and is enlarging and modernizing their venues as if a bid is coming. Grand Forks has a lot more going on than Richmond, KY, where Lexington is just 30 miles away. http://www.kentucky.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mark-story/article165685517.html If IPFW and ORU are gone, the Summit has to attract two new schools with both baseball and mens soccer, or add men's football with Western teams.
  22. College Hockey Expansion

    Sounds like the NHL is funding a varsity study at Utah, according to this article: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865684489/
  23. ND High School Hockey 16-17

    Suspect teams like Wahp-Breck, Bagley, Kittson County and ND JV teams. They will decide later if they apply to the EDC.
  24. ND High School Hockey 16-17

    The Mayport Ice Dawgs co-op will include seven schools as far as the student draw, like FinleySharon HopePage, NorthwoodHatton, Hillsboro-CV. An agglomeration of already co-oping schools. There was talk of Watford City getting a team too, as they have a nice new arena complex next to their new high school. Langdon and Crosby might have to disband Jr Gold, as almost no one would be left except Grand Forks and Sidney, Mt. Legacy and Sheyenne are due new teams, but might not happen for a while.
  25. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Don't think you or bison73 have ever posted a link on this thread, but just attack ideas that brought up. Both of you are definitions of trolls here. There are a number of posters that are substantially more negative on a Northern League, but they have the good graces to not make it a sniping war. Posters are entitled to their opinion but when you and bizon73 snipe 24 hours a day, I call you on it.