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  1. Olympic Hockey

    Russia vs. Czech Republic Germany vs. Canada
  2. Olympic Hockey

    Germany shocks the world and beats Sweden 4-3 in OT.
  3. Olympic Hockey

    Canada beat Finland 1-0
  4. Olympic Hockey

    Russia wins 6-1 Finland wins the bronze 3-2
  5. Olympic Hockey

    5-1 Russia 3-2 Finland (women’s)
  6. Olympic Hockey

    4-1 Russia 3-1 Finland (women’s)
  7. Olympic Hockey

    3-1 Russia 2-1 Finland (women’s)
  8. Olympic Hockey

    3-0 Russia
  9. Olympic Hockey

    Norway picks off the goalie behind the net and couldn’t connect a pass for a wide open net goal.
  10. Olympic Hockey

    2-0 Russia
  11. Olympic Hockey

    1-0 Russia Lucky bounce on the dump in.
  12. Olympic Hockey

    Bettman hasn’t said they would yet, but he has hinted to not going. So far, Bettman is all for having a regular season game in a country not in North America. I think of the US use the WJC team or only college players they’d get worked by teams using KHL and other pro league players. They could use more college players, but the Russians and Czechs would have crushed a team with nothing but NCAA players.
  13. 2017-2018 NHL Season

    Asking for Dave, Brad, or tDon?
  14. Olympic Hockey

    Watch them come out at the WJC with those Bills jerseys.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    Terrible attempts in the shootout, except for Donato.