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  1. UND will let everyone hang their preseason top ten banners. While UND works for #9.
  2. CHN's super early top 10, UND will be there at the end of the year. http://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2017/04/27_CHNs-Super-Early-Top-10-For.php
  3. I've seen some gymnastics events on tv when flipping through channels and there is decent attendance for them. I'll say gymnastics could make money.
  4. I like the comment on how no boys high school team could keep up with the top women's teams.
  5. Bring back the green letters and numbers.
  6. You'll like this one. http://www.barstoolsports.com/philadelphia/espn-the-world-wide-leader-in-sports-pretty-much-says-that-hockey-is-no-longer-a-sport/?_branch_match_id=385878878479631348 Dartmouth Hockey‏Verified account @Dartmouth_MIH 6h6 hours ago Can’t wait to read Stephen A. Smith’s hockey coverage!
  7. I was thinking this was going to happen. He's trying to get more inside information in hockey recently. I hope he doesn't go to NBC to do NHL coverage. BTN might hire him.
  8. Looks like it's time to break out the "B1G is the best conference in hockey" banner. Not every team is going to be good at the same time in the B1G, I know it's hard for some people to realize that.
  9. New rink for Northern Arizona. http://azrubberhockey.com/nau-will-see-dream-realized-with-new-on-campus-rink-in-2018/
  10. There is talk that ASU is going to the WCHA.
  11. Michigan Tech, to me, is the better job. Can't fault Potulny for taking NMU job when Mel was still at Tech.
  12. Trevor Large to be named Canisius new head coach
  13. NTDP U17 uncommitted: Michael Gildon Jake Hughes - Michigan fans are already claiming him, OHL most likely John Beecher Cameron Rowe Danny Weight
  14. Their solution will be to get everyone in the WCHA to boycott until the WCHA gives UND $60 million.