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  1. After UND, I always cheer for the team that has never won it, or has been on a long drought. It would be cool to see Michigan Tech, Cornell, or Harvard claim a championship again. I'd have a tough time cheering for any of the Big10 teams, even though 2 of them have never done anything in hockey.
  2. Thanks for the attendance updates. I didn't think about the fact that big 10 and big 12 schools would have a venue big enough to surpass 16k.
  3. I believe I read attendance was 16,000 something. That should be largest crowd ever to witness a UND BB game, right? Coupled with the millions viewing at home, what a great showcase!
  4. That was a goosebumps moment! I turned to my wife and said "This is fun!" Apart from that moment being the highlight of the night, the overall impression we gave the college basketball world that we belonged in the game and didn't embarrass ourselves was probably even more satisfying.
  5. Watch big sky us frozen, so I may need to finish out the game here.
  6. Can't find a free link anywhere - any suggestions? Can't get to the TV until after work.
  7. Did a little research - The Twin Cities has never been a complete host. In both 1975 and 1982, multiple Minnesota cities hosted games, but also in both years, some games were held in Manitoba, and even Fargo (1975 only). So, there is a precedent for a multi-country host, which is the idea I wrote about yesterday, although it hasn't happened my lifetime (having been born later in 1982). Winnipeg (along with other cities in Manitoba) hosted the 1999 event.
  8. Buffalo is close to Canadian markets, which drive attendance at this event. Mpls/SP has hosted in past, have they not?
  9. Been thinking about this for a while now - but how about a MTS Centre (Winnipeg) and Ralph Engelstad joint bid for WJC? The two cities are closer than Montreal and Toronto. US could plays games in GF, Canada could play games in Winnipeg. Even if the semifinals/final would have to be in The Peg, it would be still awesome to have some WJC action back in GF. And I'd drive to Winnipeg to see the semis/final if the US were playing.
  10. But yes, UND sports was the best part of 2016.
  11. WBB did not win the Big Sky regular season or postseason. they did play in the WBI, and hosted 2 games in Grand Forks.
  12. You win the internet! Laughing in hysterics here.
  13. O happy day!
  14. Final?
  15. Score and time? I'm at the BB game.