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  1. New AD wish list

    I hope not. He clearly didn't have the athletic department's best interest in mind when he encouraged fans to get the state legislature involved with the Fighting Sioux nickname.
  2. 2017 Season

    Swept UM tonight. Watched highlights, and it looks like Vail had a good game- great to see.
  3. Gameday: UND vs Da other Bears

    Hopefully one of our future quarterbacks is a gamer like Studs. We are extremely fortunate he is our QB.
  4. 2017 Season

    The issue I see staring us in the face is that we haven't found a suitable replacement for Moser. Julia K must not be 100%, or at least isn't playing up to her pre-injury self, and Amelia Johnson is too green to fill the role of Moser/Julia K sufficiently. I'm guessing Pryor is figuring they can still have a highly successful season without pulling any red shirts (or they're not any better than those that are playing). There's a secondary development that's started recently that I am not in favor of, and that is Dooley playing one position of back row. My only guess is that Pryor is trying to do her a favor to potentially advance her chances of post-college playing (Olympic tryout? Beach circuit? (is that a thing?)) by making her a more well-rounded player. Trouble is, she's not that great of a server - yeah, she doesn't error generally, but they're super easy to dig. Then, when the opponent gets in system easily (because of the soft serve), they attack right at Dooley, who's a pretty poor back row player due to her height. Pryor's wasting a rotation in my opinion, and it's not in the best interest of the team. The loss last night may have end of season repercussions, as we are all aware. Gotta root for the other good teams in the South Division (NAU, PSU) to hand SAC two losses, while we remain at one loss.
  5. 2017 Season

    No Pluto anymore, so need updates here!
  6. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Is the game final?
  7. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    This is the question I posed earlier.
  8. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    How much time is left?
  9. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    So if injuries really are the problem, is there a way to reduce that?
  10. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Periodic score and time updates appreciated. Thanks.
  11. 2017 Season

    Took a look at the Big Sky standings this morning, and wondered what happened to Idaho State?! 0-3 in conference, 3-13 overall. Then I looked at their schedule, and last night was only the second game of the season that they've played at home. They've also played schools from the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12, and Mountain West. Plus, their first three conference games were against PSU, SAC, and NAU, some of the better Big Sky teams. What a way to start the season!
  12. 2017 Season

    They finish 'em off in three with a tighter Set 3, winning 25-21. Some scrappy play led to points that they didn't necessarily deserve
  13. 2017 Season

    Julia K in now after a couple of Johnson miscues.
  14. 2017 Season

    Curious about the TV broadcast- is it Paul Raulston play by play? I'm sitting up by the media booth, and hear no voices, but I know it's also on the radio, and radio announcers sit at the scoring bench.
  15. 2017 Season

    Set 2 to Nodak 25-18. Tepavac got some front row playing time over Johnson, including at least one kill.