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  1. Oshie is a UFA....I believe vegas can't go after those guys (unless the sign them obviously).
  2. I thought it was all but a lock he'd end up at UND?
  3. Agreed, we can't miss this kid. It would be more embarrassing than losing Potulny and Irmen.
  4. yeah, he actually had an off night in the circle....which is extremely rare. But to the OP's point, there is so much Crosby does that doesn't really hit the typical stat sheet. But, he hammers the stat sheet too. Which is why he's top 5 ever.
  5. As noted above, Crosby led his team in points per game (one off of Malkin's lead) and had the toughest D responsibilities.
  6. That's a laugher. How many times this playoffs has Crosby absolutely spoon fed Guentzel. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely loved what Guentzel did, definitely helps the college hockey idea. But to say this guy was taking over games is ludicrous. Most of what he did was a direct reflection of playing on Crosby's line. But again, loved how the kid performed. It was honestly either Malkin or Crosby. I'm sure many folks thought Malkin should have won it. Had he won I guess I would have understood. The big difference was defensive responsibilities. Crosby's line plays against the other team's top unit almost every game (other than away games where the home team can better match lines). I don't have a problem with Crosby winning at all. Kind of obvious to me.
  7. He's night and day better than he used to be when he was younger and he's perfect off ice. This guy takes so much shi!t on the ice, I'm fine with him pushing back here and there. When he was younger he was constantly whining to the refs, he's so much better now. All players whine to the refs.
  8. I believe that game last night solidified that Crosby is the best player in the world at the moment. Blown away how good he played last night. I still remember hearing when he came to GF for his visit. Boy would that have been cool if he would have played here. He receives a ton of criticism on this forum however I think folks should just sit back and appreciate the player we are watching. He's generational for sure.
  9. Again wasn't criticizing the team, I'm just saying the league is extremely thin on talent. The NA is making leaps and bounds every year. I wouldn't recruit in either the AJ or NA (other than goalies) unless there were some special kid there. The BC has proven to be the deepest junior A league in Canada. Also the bc and aj are tier 2 because the CHL is tier 1 there. i like that we stick mostly with pushing our recruits up through the USHL model, which is bar none the greatest junior A league in NA. I like what the BC has been doing recently as well. Top to bottom the USHL is the best league but obviously you can find decent kids in the BC as well.
  10. I've heard they will be reloading nicely. Losing those three (plus Bellows as a soph) should sting pretty bad however keeping Greenway as a junior, Fabbro as a soph, bringing in Bowers, and having the rest of their young team age another year should help. Also, their goalie is a stud. Hank Crone, David Farrance, Logan Cockerill, Brady Tkachuk, Ty Amonte, Kasper Kotkansalo, Shane Bowers, and Cam Crotty are comming in next year (found it off some website). That's really good.
  11. Denver plucked another one. They have a good thing going right now.
  12. He's 5"11 190 and he could only bench 150 once. I think that's more shocking.
  13. All in all the AJHL is a very thin league top to bottom. Now I am aware that the Brooks Bandits were a very good team last year, due in large part to Makar and Phoo (mostly Makar) however it isn't a great league. NAHL: 16% of Div. 1 freshman; AJHL: 7% of Div 1 freshman. NAHL has over 2x the amount of NCAA Div 1 commits. That's comparing the NAHL (tier 2 league) vs the AJHL. But to my initial point, shocked Makar wasn't recruited by UND in '16.
  14. Barring injury he'll definitely be there. Top 6. I laughed when I read he couldn't do a pull up. I think he may have only done one rep on the bench press as well. Either way, he's elite though.
  15. I just read that the other schools recruiting Cale Makar were Vermont, Denver, Bemidji St., and Quinnipiac. If he were to have went to Denver they would have had next year's season pretty much wrapped up. I wonder why UND never recruited this kid? Canadian, right handed, 1-2 dman prospected on the planet.