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  1. Agreed, he wasn't working with the normal pairs though. And his responses made it sound like he's a long shot. We'll find out a tomorrow.
  2. So it sounds like poolman is pretty iffy
  3. Yup. Sounds like they have more.
  4. Haha i just picked up an extra pair too. Don't need the tickets but Im guessing ill find a buddy who'll need them. They sure grill you!
  5. I never realized that UND was 3rd in the country EV corsi....our squad had some bad luck during the season. The top two teams (PSU and MTU) had much easier schedules than us too. UND is #2 in SF% in the country. Our advanced stats all say we should have a much better record than we do right now. Given our injuries, that's incredible. FYI, Mike McMahon is posting this stuff.
  6. True....but this BU team is slightly different than most teams (in a given year). Their talent is through the roof. They'd have a good shot at beating any team in the country anywhere.
  7. Actually UMD scored 3 goals quick once he was hury (or at least 2). I think the boys were shook up initially and settled down a bit.
  8. I was initially thinking he was done done.....judging by his reaction. But this explanation also makes sense to me as well.
  9. Depends how often it happens and how much damage is done while it pops out. I popped my AC joint (multiple times) and there was no way I could play the next week. The first time it was a 3-4 week injury and the second time it was a 2-3 month injury. I'm a wuss though.
  10. You may be right. Knowing he has shoulder problems his reaction seemed bad.
  11. Lots of individuals on that team. Hopefully they're more focused on who they will be finishing this season with.
  12. Haha yup. If they're firing we have no chance (given Poolman's injury). But they're young and consistency can be an issue sometimes with younger players. I'm hoping we play good and they don't.
  13. BU beat union w/o any of those top guys, I believe JFK did all the damage that game. They were also missing their starter....who was also on the u20 team.
  14. Those boys have played in some tough environments...hopefully their youth costs them this one.