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  1. Well we know two things for sure. 1. There will be a new champion. 2. The Gophers won't be there either.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if Jost, Pogo, Cam and of course Poolman and Boeser all leave early. With that said we really need to improve upon our power play. It was probably the single most thing that caused us to lose last night and some losses this year, outside of guys not being able to finish and injuries to key players. For all the hype that this BU team had or has, our guys went toe-to-toe with them and actually outplayed them for most of the game. To me it felt like that Michigan game back in 2011, albeit we weren't as far into the tournament. It will be interesting to see how UMD matches up with them as both teams like to use sticks and hold and block a ton of shots. Will it be a parade to the box like the NCHC championship game?
  3. I am still just pissed UND didn't win. It makes it so much worse that we dominated pretty much the whole game.
  4. BU got so super lucky. They were throughly dominated in all of maybe one period. Add this one to the Michigan game and this is how it goes for UND. Dominate a game and have the goalie win it.
  5. Wow, that game was certainly UNDs to win and they just couldn't bury the puck at the end. Unreal. Thank you Jost and Boeser for coming to UND. I look forward to watching your NHL careers.
  6. Was certainly a winnable game, I think our defense fell asleep a few times and we paid for it.
  7. Man, that really stinks.
  8. Need one here. Lets go with Boeser.
  9. UND needs to make the adjustments.
  10. Yeah, that was a bad one to give up.
  11. Is Trucker Poolman in warm ups ?
  12. I don't think that surprises anyone Schloss is going with BU and then UMD to win the regional.
  13. I for one would not like to see this event go to places like Sioux Falls. I don't want to get in my car and drive that far to go to Sioux Falls. I would much rather go to the Twin Cities or Denver. Don't think I would want to go to Omaha either.