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  1. Thanks! That is tacky AF. Not even kids get a break.
  2. I haven't seen anything official, or that single game ticket prices have even been discussed, let alone finalized. Keeping the two-tier pricing structure (three, if you count the bargain basement, non-conference over holiday break games) is the classy thing to do. At some point, you risk alienating fans, you lose sight of entertainment value, and you put an inordinate amount of pressure on your boys to perform. Can you imagine literally doubling the prices for a single opponent and then stinking up the joint? I'd rather UND leave money on the table at the box office, keep the fans' good will intact, and then put on a good show. Screw Gordon Gekko.
  3. Is there anyone alive who will admit to either voting against the Columbia overpass or thinking it wasn't a no-brainer? Can anyone enlighten us newcomers to what life was like before? I cannot imagine a more pathetic existence...a growing community completely separated from its primary job base by a two-mile-long rail yard. The word cowtown comes to mind.
  4. Looks like tire treads...were they run over on the way to the gym?
  5. I do not disapprove.
  6. Adidas leaving quite the eye-stain in Omaha right now.
  7. USA Hockey eliminates shorthanded icing for 14U and younger.
  8. I can only imagine what goes into such a decision, but do we know where he is taking it? He could have been a freaking legend down there, though. Maybe Archibald will stop up?
  9. Lot of air time for talking heads to fill, and ND just isn't that interesting. Kind of like everyone still associating downtown Dallas with JFK, or NYC with 9/11. It will forever be a conversation starter/ice breaker, sure, but only as a historical point of reference or trivia soundbite. Doesn't mean what I think you think it means.
  10. Step 1: Learn how to skate...
  11. Word has it, the heat in there was Siouxeltering.
  12. I say bring 'em on...Green Mill was getting stale.
  13. Writing was on the wall when, after they re-opened, management made no effort to reach out to the community. Would have required one heck of an apology and a crap-ton of coupons.
  14. Green Mill is toast.
  15. Don't know about you all, but this MacGyver-stuff is EXACTLY how I like to settle in and watch TV. One step removed from straining to see blurry green boobs on an old-school satellite dish.