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  1. Post of the year!
  2. The Legislature getting involved in something it probably shouldn't, possibly without adequate information and perhaps with a questionable motive? Say it ain't so!
  3. Most complaints to the ORC come from either Gandalf, Legolas, or Boromir.
  4. Spud Webb will be crushed.
  5. Not sure about Title IX, but I'm guessing UND would get licked in a Title LXIX lawsuit.
  6. Anybody else receive the e-mailed fan survey from UND/REA? Mine arrived Tuesday afternoon, and showed up as coming from The survey was quick and straightforward enough; it covered MH, M/WBB, VB and FB and hit on everything from in-game experience to concessions to parking. My only beef is that it never asked me to provide contact information for the raffle.
  7. I've been to both as well, and I will say that having a little elbow room in certain sections of the Alerus back in the day was nothing compared to crickets in the Ralph. If WH had gotten HALF the lowest FB totals, we might not be having this conversation.
  8. I had to double-check the thread. Perhaps we should all stop and ponder this: maybe, just maybe, it's the CHANGE that is "dumb," and we all place waaaaay too much blame on the result. Because, you know...sports.
  9. Fairweather fans can be the source of many ills, to be sure. But at some point, we can no longer simply blame fan apathy. An empty arena week in, week out (year in, year out) means that one has to look at the product itself.
  10. Fixed.
  11. Liked the sax solo, though.
  12. Trump bombs Syria >> Oil goes through the roof >> WH is reinstated
  13. Rink was made with holy water.
  14. They use this guy to start the races. I hear he charges a million a shot.
  15. World Championship. Semifinal. USA at home. Online only, no live TV...replay is on NHL at 10:00 AM (AM!) tomorrow (a Friday!). And these gals want $$$.