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  1. Pm or text me an offer 651:261-0334
  2. Shouldn't you be talking about the game? Not tickets/venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If we got tickets from UMD, I'm assuming we get separate tickets for both nights, right? (no such thing as a dub question)
  4. I gave them my credit card info yesterday. Haven't seen anything yet, but I called just before I saw your post and they told me it went through. Gave me the last for numbers on the card as well. Hope they don't still have the whole thing. FYI, I also called Scheels Arena, and they said that Duluth will be bringing their own ticket people and they will have a separate table with the tickets. Scheels told me, today, that the Duluth ticket booth would be open around 9:00 AM on Friday, and Duluth told me, yesterday, that the booth wouldn't be open until 1:00. Does anyone know the correct info?
  5. That's a good question. It is important to note that the football team should be more visible than basketball, simply because there are so many players and staff on the roster. Take a look at the football players at the basketball games. Basketball doesn't have enough participants to make an equivalent impact, as a whole, when it comes to supporting other teams.
  6. UND sports update: "Wide receivers coach Danny Freund is in charge of the clinic and the staff is expecting a record turnout for the event that will take place at the Alerus Center."
  7. Same here. I will wear the Sioux jersey over the current replica jerseys, but the Sioux Forever chant is somewhat embarrassing, IMO. We aren't the Sioux anymore, as much as I hate to say it.
  8. I got a couple tickets from UMD as well. Should I expect to get heckled if I wear green?
  9. Such a great deal. Montanas get to play on a regional network, so no fox college sports games for anyone in the conference. Makes sense.
  10. It's amazing how much they've changed the game. I don't think that would even be a penalty 10 years ago.
  11. Can I stream this if I don't have midco?
  12. Do the teams in the play in games get any money for the conference if they win?
  13. Betty would seem way more legit. Bleachers currently hold 700 combined. If we doubled the height, the betty capacity would get up to 4,000. Don't even have to do both in the same year.