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  1. Univ. of West Florida

    Looks like they actually have a pretty nice set up there. They are averaging about 5,000 a game.
  2. The Betty

    This. Not to mention the difference in noise and intensity. A sold out betty is electric.
  3. The Betty

    It would be really easy to add a basic practice court or two north of the Betty, in the parking lot.
  4. The Betty

    They Betty has potential. Double the size of the end bleachers and seating will grow by 500 to 3,800. UND should be playing their games at they Betty. If they played only one or two games at the Ralph, those would be the only games casual fans would ever go to, and I think it could actually hurt Betty attendance.
  5. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    ...and I jynxed them. Wichita scores five within like ten seconds of me flipping the game on. Were up 8, now 2.
  6. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    Wow upset alert. Sdsu up on #6 wichita with 8:00 to go on espn3.
  7. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    That guy is dead to me.
  8. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    Avants is an absolute stud. Wish we had another big(ish) like him.
  9. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    Yes. Might find a decent stream here - also might get a virus.
  10. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Funny how you say that, but ... "The academic success of NCAA Division I men’s hockey players continues to set the standard across college sports, with hockey leading all men’s sports with at least 50 teams in the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate (APR) for the fourth straight year. Men’s hockey’s four-year average APR score of 986 from 2012-16 is five points above the NCAA average and edged golf (984) and tennis (981) among Division I sports with at least 50 teams nationwide. Men’s hockey’s single-year APR score for 2015-16 of 984 also led all men’s sports with 50 or more programs." http://collegehockeyinc.com/articles/2017/05/mens-hockey-leads-ncaas-apr-again.php
  11. North Dakota Colleges and UNIVERSITY?

    Wasn't there a bison fan on siouxsports recently that was saying UND did this to his friend? How ironic.
  12. 2017 Season

    I disagree - the exposure of playing MN in Minneapolis during the NCAA tourney is huge for recruiting. Tons of talent coming out of the Twin Cities.
  13. 2017 Season

    I think und was just worn out down the last stretch of the season. Did we play more games than anyone in the country? After a full week (or two?) of rest, the girls will look good and play with energy tonight! I hope.
  14. Basically I think it would be helpful if UND Academics and UND Athletics (overall AD issues) were somehow included in the titles of "Community" and "NCAA News", or if they had a dedicated topic. Edit: General AD issues are also discussed in "other sports", but logically, other sports means sports that don't have dedicated topics, such as track and field and softball. Maybe it could be "Other Sports and Athletic Department" or something. There isn't a logical place to put this stuff right now.