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  1. Pretty sure they just air the power trip morning show and paul allen. I've tried to listen to it before.
  2. That's all I've been able to find. Very frustrating. Here is a recent clip of Studsrud on with Jack Michaels talking about the Manning Passing Acadamy. Maybe it would be a could idea to get a podcast section up on the media page here, since UND audio is so rare. It would be great to be able to keep track of everything that does trickle out.
  3. Does this stream anywhere? I've been trying to find a stream for it since I left Grand Forks and have had no such luck.
  4. This award is meaningless if Sac came in at 2nd place.
  5. Should Ketteringham be on the current public roster? Because he's not.
  6. Thank god.
  7. It's a shame his show can't be streamed
  8. At this point in the year, when other teams start getting commits, I always start to feel like we won't get anyone that we want. Feelsbadman
  9. Don't think that would be possible as his contract would still have a no trade clause?
  10. That thing is awesome! haha
  11. I started a thread on the Utah message board. Let's get some football talk going.
  12. Isn't his half brother at Gonzaga? I wonder if they would take him for a season. Otherwise I just don't get it, unless he knows Jones is leaving.
  13. For those looking for more FCS football talk, the link above is to an active facebook group called FCS Football Fans Nation. It has more than 1000 members and they are currently doing a poll to see which fan bases are the most active.
  14. Is Santiago too small to get a fair chance? Similar to Ratelle? Maybe he's just to young for people to be talking about his draft potential?