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  1. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Didn't NDSU's freshman class size grow considerably vs UND during the past decade or so?
  2. For one last time

    Yeah pretty sure some of them filed a lawsuit, but it was thrown out due to a lack of standing.
  3. 2018 attendance

    Technically, the majority of attendance is going to be there regardless. UND draws 7k - 8k with bottom of the barrel teams. Bandwagon fans can only reach about 5k before the stadium sells out. I agree with your sentiment, though. I would say the number 1 factor of increased attendance beyond 7k - 8k baseline is wins. Sorry for the nitpicking
  4. Former Players

    Jake Landry is the new interim OC at UW Whitewater. That will be some good experience. Would be cool for him to make it back to UND some day, maybe as a QB coach. http://lacrossetribune.com/sports/local/college/uw-la-crosse-football-offensive-coordinator-jake-landry-leaving-for/article_eacc441a-2a6f-5fb8-b33d-2a91f9732630.html
  5. Alerus Center Events

    White Bear Lake does this too. Huge hit with the local community. Every Thursday there is a different theme. http://www.marketfest.org https://m.facebook.com/Marketfest?_rdr
  6. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Doubt it.
  7. College Hockey Expansion

    ASU? Pac 12 but 83% acceptance rate.
  8. College Hockey Expansion

    Yeah, that's why Omaha had the MVC come tour campus. Wait! That doesn't make sense... Please tell us how UNO taking the time and resources to host a MVC tour really means that they would rather be in the Summit.
  9. College Hockey Expansion

    WRONG!!!!! Your "Big Sky to FBS via the WAC" theory has a better chance of happening than UND leaving SCSU and UMD to join any conference other than the Big Ten. That's not saying much.
  10. College Hockey Expansion

    Mankato scares me. I think if Mankato left the wcha, it would really hurt bemidji and the stability of that league, which would be bad for college hockey. Hope the nchc stays at 8 - if its not broken dont fix it. That said, Mankato would be a great fit. Not sure if BG is still looking into upgrading their rink, but jlg did a rendering for them. http://jlgarchitects.com/projects/bowling-green-ice-arena?category=hockey BG should probably go the Michigan Tech route and add suits and club seating on the end, given their poor attendance. Looks like the jlg plan would turn bg's seating into a full bowl. Can't see that happening.
  11. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    My mistake. Being a choosing beggar is bad. JLG, Icon, whoever... I just want to see a rendering.
  12. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    They did a good job on the locker room - If the football locker rooms are anywhere near that quality, I would be very happy. I think JLG get's credit for doing the actual arena, though. Icon did the Betty - no concourse. Current practice facility - underwhelming for 20 million. It's a 20 million dollar building with 4 windows and zero creativity.
  13. College Hockey Expansion

    How big can the WCHA get? Apparently Mexican schools can apply to join NCAA DII now. https://www.athleticbusiness.com/college/ncaa-division-ii-to-allow-mexican-colleges-to-seek-membership.html Which Mexican college will add hockey and play in the same conference as Alaska?!