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  1. I'd rather be in this league than the MVC.
  2. Maybe we have extra money for Brewster now.
  3. Anyone know how to use Utah's message board? so confused...
  4. I win! What do I get?
  5. North Dakota is the host. Not the Summit League.
  6. So what qualifies as Midwest? Were there no other regional bids in the west, either? Taking an arena that wasn't selected for a West regional and giving them the Midwest regional would make a lot more sense than Allen Town. There must not have been any other West regional..
  7. Maybe this is the week that there is national outrage.
  8. Would rather get a big. Wrong position anyway
  9. Can somebody please write a letter to the Herald about how all of the aspiring women's hockey players in ND can play at NDSU if there is such a demand for it? All they need to do is fill out a survey.
  10. Maybe it was in reference to the Big Sky phone app.
  11. Doubtful, but might as well add it to the list. The PPL center is a brand new 8,400 seat AHL arena that was just built in downtown, Allentown, PA. This is 20 minutes from Lehigh University. Brad said that the PPL center put in a bid to host a regional - not sure who the host team is yet. Lehigh has a D1 ACHA team Lehigh plays in the Patriot League with BU, Colgate, Holy Cross, and Army Lehigh has 1.1 Billion Dollar endowment.
  12. You are the only person that would take a quote like that and use it as evidence for the contrary. Unbelievable.
  13. It is if schools are forced to abide by government mandated title 9.