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  1. What do you think of the logo now??

    Well look. at. that.. These guys are unbiased... just do rankings on a bunch of stuff. Ranked UND second best logo in NCHC.
  2. 2018 Season

    That's a great question. Hopefully it's as simple as he wanted a fresh start. Not sure I'd want to go back to a place that I bailed on. That's also surprising because he played well here and the coaches kept giving him chances and they seemed to believe in him.
  3. 2018 Season

    I'm completely ignorant of everything to do with our assistant coaches, but I'm calling for our O-line coaches head if there isn't improvement this year. I expect zero improvement this year.
  4. TIL logo on the side of a chair is equivalent to center ice/field logo. I wonder why they even bother putting anything at center ice if there is a chair logo?
  5. Their logo has a cauliflour coming out of the buffalo's nose.
  6. Yeah.. was just saying. Sorry! Yes, I know the difference. I connected the dots using.... logic. 1. People are/were infatuated with the Fighting Sioux logo. 2. The nickname finalists were released before the fan vote. 3. A handful of "potential" Sioux-like hawks logos were released for the Fighting Hawks nickname. 4. Social media was abuzz with thousands of people liking and sharing said logos, ignorantly thinking that UND could use a similar design. 5. Uneducated fans picked the fighting hawks nickname due to reason 4 above. 6. Uneducated fans were disappointed when a generic logo was released, even though hundreds of other schools across the country have hawks or other birds for their nickname and logo. 7. You realllllly think UND fans would choose a generic bird nickname if they knew the head dress hawk was not going to be an option? People didn't wan't the runner up, Roughriders, because there was one high school with the same nickname. Instead they voted for a bird logo, just like every other school, because why exactly?
  7. People who keep posting these head dress hawk logos (which would be against ncaa guidelines and are not an option) are the reason we got stuck with the generic hawks nickname.
  8. Yes it will. Atmosphere has been a huge issue at the Alerus, and what have they been doing to fix that issue? PUT MORE LOGOS UP! The one glaring omission is the center of the field, you know, the place that we actually look at while we are at the game or watching it on tv. The Alerus Center doesn't truly feel like OUR home field. The lack of a logo has bothered me ever since I stepped foot in the building, and that was before any of this logo business was in the news. Give me a break... might as well put the Alerus text in the end zones as well, right? Never mind the Alerus text on the field stretches for 40 years and it's their outdated logo.
  9. College Hockey Expansion

    SiouxVolley, I AGREE WITH YOU!!!! wow
  10. UND has never had a logo at the 50 because Alerus's naming rights contract mandates that their name is at the 50. This would have to be re negotiated, or Alerus would have to voluntarily give up this stipulation for UND to place any logo at the 50. A hawks logo at the 50 would definetly help a ton with improving the atmosphere. My buddy complains about it every time we go to a game. The situation is pathetic, and allowing the Alerus to have the sole logo at the 50 was nothing but incompetnce at its finest.
  11. Well. This whole shitshow goes to show that the IAC should be dissolved. What was part of their recommendation for keeping all sports and womens hockey again? Renegotiate the contract with the Ralph? L.O.L....
  12. Have you seen the football locker rooms and meeting rooms?
  13. Completely disagree. It's because its too hard to get drunk in the student section now days.
  14. Admittedly, I never had the privilege to see a game there. Just looked through the glass to the lobby after it was closed.