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  1. Speaking of GCU http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/gcu/2017/06/23/grand-canyon-university-wac-dan-majerle/421875001/
  2. Come on Douple, go get the Montana schools. We can make the football work out later. A league with the Montana and Dakota schools as the linchpin and Sioux Falls for the tourney. A person can dream, but somehow they might just setting with the UNC, UMKC options.... maybe NMSU. Say no to GCU, I don't care how improve that basketball program is, although I am a big fan of the coach. They can stay in the land of WACky toys.
  3. So the Horizon reportedly make a move to add a school that doesn't have baseball... Cue Vince Lombardi If this does go down... well the Summit is about to get interesting
  4. This is the time of the year where I attempt to piece the conference schedule together based off of whatever conference team schedule (men's or women's) is up. Found the first 6 games so far 1/4 @ Montana 1/6 @ MSU 2/1 MSU 2/3 Montana 2/15 SUU 2/17 NAU That likely mean Weber and ISU will be on the road since we only get them once this year, and everyone else we get home and homes (EWU, Idaho, PSU, SAC, UNC)
  5. I don't know which one is more ridiculous in these realignments rumors. Omaha or GCU
  6. They will find a way to complain. How dare they give $$$ to a MEN's sport. That could have saved the program!
  7. I could take a guess why... Still scared about blowback with the WIH cuts is all.
  8. This has just been a brutal off-season... can we get to November already?
  9. http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4285817-und-chief-diversity-officer-leaves-post-cites-differences-strategic-plan Another VP gone. They are just dropping like flies over the past year and a half
  10. I think they can win 30 (regular + postseason) who's with me?
  11. I think the OCR and US DoE have biggest issues to deal with than looking for that small minuscule of an issue
  12. Anybody have an inkling on which way this is going to go?
  13. The trash talk is going to epic. The fight... well Connor has a punchers chance. What does he have to lose, gets knocked out and makes more $$$ and he did in UFC. Does better than expected and could lead to more fights and $$$.... won't hurt to throw $20 down on the underdog...
  14. Just announced his verbal commitment to the Bison. They got their QB and now their WR (2 guys I really wanted to see in Green and White )