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  1. May I add a few things to this: -Included in step 2, we need someone who has an expect opinion on coming up with trophies. You bring in an outside consultant who uses amazing resources such as Urban Dictionary. -You also need to include an option that you know won't work but is popular, but instead of removing it right away you tease both fan bases until the final cut where you get rid of it. -Of course at the end you will need to replace your key leadership because at some point during the process he/she got forced out.. I mean retired -Oh, did I mention spending as much $$$ as possible in a budget crisis and dragging this out and long as possible...
  2. I posted this a month ago in a different thread http://ndsuspectrum.com/calling-the-herd-design-a-new-ndsu-und-trophy/ http://dakotastudent.com/10106/sports/old-tradition-new-trophy/ Don't know what came of it though....
  3. Houston to UMD. 7th player to find a new home.
  4. So how soon will the formal offers come after they get done visiting these schools?
  5. http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/university-of-idaho/article146151029.html Idaho Guard Vic Sanders declares for NBA draft but did not hire an agent. More than likely that he will return back to school, but on the off chance he doesn't that will open up the race a little bit.
  6. 6 players have found new homes and right now none of them are going to the same place at this point.
  7. Upon further review, it seems to be OCR. I don't know where I saw ORC from... Between this and the grammar is been a rough week for me on this board. It might be time for a vacation
  8. So anybody hear/figure out who filed the complaint to the ORC?
  9. I really am surprised about Omaha even getting a visit.
  10. As for the Lammy's: Do I understand their anger? Yes Do I agree with their methods in approaching this: Not really Will I still support them in 2018 in Korea? Hell yes.
  11. I don't see FB being dropped anytime soon at those 3. If anywhere was the closest its SCSU. Mankato if perhaps they never replace their stadium anytime soon
  12. So it would have been better to cut the program during the season? Before? I don't get the logic in some of these articles.
  13. It will be a long, long, long time before any of the MNSCU schools even think of D-1. It would be hard to see Mankato and Duluth give up FB. SCSU is always in a budget crunch. If there are 2 spots in the Summit for whatever reason, it wouldn't hurt to throw a feeler to the Montana schools.
  14. 4th player found a new home: Stanley to BU.
  15. I'd put my $$$ on that. I don't think either of the teams would do it but who knows (plus if they did, I think someone/somewhere would leak it by now that they did it)