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  1. Throw Pryor and company in that discussion as well
  2. Its been awesome no doubt and its not over yet. Potential for next year to be just as good.
  3. The more I reflect back on this entire name transition issue, the more I realize how many chances UND had to stop the bleeding and whiffed. It didn't have to be this painful and long. People rip Schafer for not having a vote on the logo but ask yourself, after how the vote was handled on the name could you really do it again?
  4. Ironically, it could Miles he replaces if he has another bad year in Nebraska.
  5. not so fast my friend
  6. Just doing what 99.9% of other universities are doing. Some people I tell ya
  7. Nebraska if Miles gets the heave ho
  8. UND actually promoting school spirit on campus. Its about damn time
  9. I really don't think they would go through this exercise just to cut Softball. I am more than convicted they are going for something big either in multiple program or they are going after Women's Hockey.
  10. I don't think they did last time or it wasn't publicized.
  11. http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4238309-und-expects-announce-athletics-cuts-next-week After reading this, it makes me think they are going after something big.
  12. If UND gets by BU on Friday, they are coming out of the regional. Its either one and done or Frozen 4. I don't see a middle ground
  13. Sure it gets done sooner rather than later. Question is will it be done before or after the athletics budgetary decisions.
  14. If not UND, Tech or bust.
  15. It was indeed, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat