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  1. Get some new material you unimaginative mook.
  2. So who do we have and are they ready to get tossed in without a life jacket?
  3. Palmborg is an LB now.
  4. Remember the show A Thousand Ways To Die?
  5. That is correct.
  6. Yea, who in the hell is the player in that picture?
  7. Whoever ends up in the lineup we need to be able to go 4 deep with quality at corner if we want to do anything this season.
  8. Harris - assuming he's toast this year, hoping he's not. Holm - great potential, blazing speed got some experience last year Hunt - potential star Carter - coming off of a shoulder injury after he was playing really well last year Randolph - is he at CB now? Any true fr coming in that can make it happen in an emergency situation? I suppose the best case is that Carter steps in and is a stud and replaces Harris' production. We can't replace his size though....
  9. Next men up I suppose...... !@#$
  10. I feel the same way but it seems like a necessary evil with how schedules are these days. I know when i had to do morning lifts I would be a good 40lbs weaker than later in the day workouts.
  11. I read this as not Torrey. If it is Deion it will be tragic for him but the silver lining would be the playing time Hunt and Holm got last year. Let's hope it's not that serious even though it sounds bad.
  12. USD NAU and Poly could have been losses.
  13. If he's that bad the Gophers can have him.
  14. Obviously not Val Kilmer though.
  15. Are we talking Christian Bale or Ben Affleck level?
  16. Watching this video actually changed my vote to being in favor of this development. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Just watch the video and it answers alot of questions.
  17. SFI mentioned they've heard rumors of an all sports Adidas deal. This would be huge. It's another step in the direction of legitimacy. Also Adidias makes the best shoes and unis in the business. This is also huge for the football budget. Now the money they would spend on a new green jersey can be spent on other things like strength training equipment and other behind the scenes things that make a difference. All around this is long overdue.
  18. It's obvious the horse latitudes of the off season right now and the discussion from the 2017 Season thread about gaining weight was giving me flash backs to stuffing my self in order to get those gains I needed in the weight room. So for those that played sports and needed to gain weight let's hear about those legendary meals. I'll start. My go to at the Pepper was: 1 whole everything 2 beef and been combo tostadas 3 hard shell schneiders 2 cheese tostadas 2 cups of Mountain Dew
  19. Also, nutrition is very important but at a certain point you just need the calories to burn so you can use the nutrients to build. Look at Michael Phelps' infamous diet for example. He ate a ton of food that isn't considered healthy by anyone. His body just needed the fuel with how much he was training. JJ Watt is another example. He was actually eating too healthy at the beginning of his career and found his tank running empty too often. The solution was to eat way more than he ever thought to. Ironically he wasn't consuming enough fats so he had to add that to his diet. Point is, nutrition for athletes is very different just because of the ammount of calaries being burned and needing to give your engine enough fuel to burn every day.
  20. Funny you should say burrito..... 6 scoops of meat at qdoba.....
  21. That's what you would think but to eat like a circus freak at restaurants is not only very expensive but also laborious. It gets old real fast.
  22. I wonder how much he's eating. I had a really hard time gaining much weight for my first few year until I figured out just how much I had to consume to overcome my metabolism. FYI it was obscene how much I had to eat, but it worked.
  23. What about Blair? Still too light?
  24. Cox is a liability at OT. He can't hang out there.