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  1. Each step away from totally hand held is supposedly .1 second slower. Electronic start and finish is obviously the slowest.
  2. Izzy has some decent wheels
  3. What can be done at the Alerus to make it more of a home until football gets back on campus? fwhenever that will be) The new video boards were a massive upgrade. They made a huge difference and look great when UND scores and they all light up in unison with green and white. The concourse needs to be UND'd. The mural along the sidelines and the mural of Danny Freund and co at the main entrance are great, but they need to be replicated in the main concourse. When walking around to grab a beer or some dip n dots you couldn't tell who you were there to watch if not for other people wearing the gear. Each column can have a mural of a former great player with their stats. Sound familiar? It's one of the best features of the Englestad. It would put a stamp of the building and mark the territory. UND pennants or something hanging from the ceiling with years of conference championships and the national championship? Cheap and easy. Tailgating. There has been some effort put towards tailgating and I realize that without great teams brining great crowds tailgating will never be great, but it can be better. A great tailgate starts things off on the right foot for the team. They walk through an amped up crowd and get pumped to give them their money's worth. As apposed to the instant buzz kill that happens when the players walk through 40 enthusiastic but lonely fans on the way in. Tailgating needs to become an event, hopefully winning will help but some tweaks are in order to take it to the next level. New speakers in the stadium. The current system sounds like crap. No bass at all. Revamp that with whatever they have in the Englestad and get the Alerus really bumbing on third downs. Turf. The new surface is great. But. There is still that concrete gap between the stands and the turf..... It's fugly, looks like a joke, and is dangerous to players. A roll of turf is needed to fill those gaps. It will look a million times more legit and also will be 100x safer for players when they score a TD and are trying to stop. I've seen way too many guys sliding on that crap with their cleats. I don't want to wait for a star player to break their wrist for this to be fixed.
  4. The Alerus had maybe 6000 for the first playoff game ever. It was not always packed. It was great for some games but the tales of the good old days are often stretched a little.
  5. Ndsu fans would have so many jokes if he committed to us.
  6. And he's just scratching the surface of his ability.
  7. So what do you think?
  8. Great news! We needed this. Now our QB depth chart looks ok.
  9. Rodgers isn't ready to make calls?
  10. Dream scenario is he comes in and starts and Jake can slide back outside.
  11. SFI mentioned they've heard rumors of an all sports Adidas deal. This would be huge. It's another step in the direction of legitimacy. Also Adidias makes the best shoes and unis in the business. This is also huge for the football budget. Now the money they would spend on a new green jersey can be spent on other things like strength training equipment and other behind the scenes things that make a difference. All around this is long overdue.
  12. They said a plate with white powder on it. Never said how much from what I've seen.
  13. Unless the ammount in the article was wrong 4-5 grams is not much at all.
  14. It has no relevance to the situation of kids coming from a state where it is legal to North Dakota.
  15. What an animal. That is very impressive.
  16. Hopefully this can be an actual thread due to the success of our former players. Here's a start.
  17. Teams stop considering players after they get waived a few times. Each counts as a strike against them. I feel like he wasted one.
  18. Still don't understand why he went there. That's the toughest group to crack in the league.
  19. I doubt it. It's better to have a smallish lb with excess speed than a slowish safety with excess weight.
  20. If you're asking about the "natural habitat" ones I'd assume colorado. And yes, his friends in those pics are clearly stoners.
  21. Im assuming you know all about the withdrawls from other drugs that are considered addictive and how different they are from "pot wothdrawls". Withdrawls from alcohol our nations beloved drug often kills, yet one of the main sponsors of the Super Bowl is a beer company and nobody seems to mind. There are rampant double standards and ignorance with drugs. It sounds like you are falling behind on the legit medical research that is being done with weed. Check out the studies coming out of Isreal.
  22. The biggest drug dealer in the nation? UPS.