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  1. geaux_sioux

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Sweet, let’s !@#$ on the recruits before they even make it to campus. Great idea.
  2. geaux_sioux

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Some big boys in this class. Beefing up for The Valley.
  3. geaux_sioux

    2018-19 Season

    I wish Jones would stay in Iowa next time.
  4. geaux_sioux

    2019 UND Recruiting

    results based?
  5. geaux_sioux

    2019 UND Recruiting

  6. geaux_sioux

    Impressive Pothole development

    Or..... wait for it..... do both
  7. geaux_sioux

    2019 UND Recruiting

    See you in 50lbs Mr Lennon.
  8. geaux_sioux

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    I wanted to pick some DL but I need to see what kind of weight they put on from last season first.
  9. geaux_sioux

    Former Players

    If it was the Reyes we saw last year I’m good thanks. If it’s him from his junior year when he played inspired football then count me in. Too bad.
  10. geaux_sioux

    Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Foles is the consummate professional from what I hear.
  11. geaux_sioux

    Former Players

    Prove you’re not made of glass by taking a medical hardship and staying at UND for one more year.
  12. geaux_sioux

    Former Players

    Should’ve listened to the scouts.
  13. geaux_sioux

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    We need Cloyd to put it all together this year. He’s got an NFL body and can run. Rudy needs to feed the beast. im also not so sure that Nelson won’t start for us at either safety or corner. Sounds like the coaches really like him back there and he’s got the flexibility to do both.
  14. geaux_sioux

    Things to do in GF

    So under things to do in GF one of them is get mauled by a bear?
  15. There is going to be a ton of opportunity for guys who haven't been main contributors to break onto the scene this coming year. Pick you 5 and say why for each. 1. Nate Ketteringham - I just have a feeling that he is going to win the competition. That, plus the hope the Rudy flips over to page two which may include some TE passes and screen passes, makes me think he could have a pretty nice year stats wise. He's got a much stronger arm than Studsrud also so that means he can keep the defense honest with some throws that Keaton was never capable of making. 2. Jaxon Turner - There were flashes of game-changing ability last season. There were also flashes of inexperience. My hope is that he put on around 15 good pounds and kept his speed and flexibility. At 220 I see him as an all-conference level guy, yea, I know, we're independent for now. Eventually, if he can get up to 230lbs he could be a problem for other teams in all phases, the sky is the limit because this guy can move. 3. Jordan Canaday - We saw a little of him last year and he looked pretty good but not quite ready to be the guy on the back end. Good length and good movement. I think he'll be a solid player for us this year. 4. Noah Larson - This is an easy pick. Probably would have started last year had his knee not gotten dinged in fall camp. He had time really get in the playbook get bigger faster and stronger. I can't wait to see him this year. I have very high expectations even though he's "just a fr". 5. Hayden Galvin - This is a risky pick on my part and it's based on his HUDL film and the fact that he will have put on good weight since last season. I just like the way he plays. He seems to have a knack for being around the ball. He's got nice feet and good eyes when the ball is in the air. I hope he proves me right.