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  1. Then he should pass it at the net.
  2. Brock needs the get the puck off the stick memo. Everyone else has started throwing it in there and it's working. The cycle is like a boa constrictor right now. Get it deep and crush their will.
  3. Peski is one of our best ayers tonight. He's been all over the place.
  4. And the fans are back. Nobody is gonna sit til it's over.
  5. Crowd was electric to start but has been slowly going flat even though it's a great game.
  6. Crowd is going flat...
  7. Taking way too long to get shots off. Shoot the ---- puck quickly.
  8. Where are these refs from? And why does my phone work in here?
  9. I would like to thank UMD for these prime row 5 corner seats where UND shoots twice.
  10. Went with Barbacoa for pre game food and tequilla. Hopefully BU went with the cranberry juice.
  11. !@#$
  12. I've yet to see this team live yet this year. That's unusual for me in a year. I hope to see Jost live twice this weekend.
  13. Hopefully they eat the fish