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  1. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    I would rather be a top tier FCS program than mediocre at best at football.
  2. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    FBS would be a huge mistake.
  3. Improving the game day experience

    This is just one of those things where the rules can't be all things to all people. Tailgating is supposed to be conducive for bringing a huge group of people together for a good time not about getting a parking spot. Life happens obviously so when people arrive close to kickoff they just have to be realistic about not being able to drive through the tailgate area.
  4. Improving the game day experience

    He won't need to. Others are aware of it already.
  5. Improving the game day experience

    Absolutely. I totally agree. Team walk through needs to be an event and we can't have cars just showing up any time and rolling through the crowds of people.
  6. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    It's Tom's blog and I'm pretty sure he's just making fun of himself and the glamorous of a sports writer.
  7. 2017 Attendance

    Not sure if this happened last year but this is a good thing for sure.
  8. Fall Camp Updates 2017

  9. 2017 Season

  10. Former Players

    Hopefully Will gets some PT tonight and makes it count.
  11. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    It's been in the schedule along with all of the other practices since media day.
  12. Former Players

    Higher quality vid of his first TD.
  13. Former Players

  14. Former Players

    Kenny G is making an impact today for the Lions.
  15. 2018 UND Recruiting

    That's a big boy. Instantly nicknamed the mountain? I really like that he finishes every block and if I guy try's to get back up he burries them in the dirt. That's not something everyone has in them.