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  1. Outdoor ain't gonna happen up here. There's a reason they're called fair weather fans.
  2. Maybe they aren't on campus yet?
  3. Dan Patrick Show every morning for me.
  4. I'm very envious of NDSU fans and the Insiders radio show every day at 11 am.
  5. Thanks, is that the only option other than the Sit Down and Cheer podcasts?
  6. What station and at what time can I find UND sports talk on the radio during the work day?
  7. Everyone loves Manvel
  8. First of many this week I hope
  9. I've had this pic attached to me many times over on bisonville...
  10. You never go full Bison Dan
  11. This makes me laugh every time.
  12. Precisely
  13. SCSU? The Muss Bowl?
  14. Literally nobody complained about the margin of victory. They were surprised it was so close, there's a pretty big difference from "complaining".