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  1. Your assonance is asinine
  2. I agree with you, however, they are not the demigods that some make them to be.
  3. He could bring Northern back to prominence. I hope he has great success.
  4. We're talking the twins since they've been eating their own feet for lunch lately.
  5. Why are you looking at his D?
  6. I'm not sure about anyone else on here but I have more titles under my belt than they do.
  7. It's not the size of the endowment that matters it's all about how you use it.... Right?
  8. FYP
  9. On the ice via Twitter I assume
  10. Der Nähe, aber kein Bier.
  11. If you're talking Casey they aren't brothers.
  12. Couldn't resist
  13. As the son of an English teacher I salute you
  14. Even in the Mussman days the defense would be ahead of the offense at the LOS in spring.