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  1. Big Green

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Couldn't agree more.
  2. Big Green

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    IMO the NCHC had it right. Rarely did it affect the end of the year standings. I thought it was good entertainment to see a 3x3 or shootout. I always hated leaving the game after a tie, seemed like a waste of time. NHL uses 3x3 and shootout, if it is good enough for the top league in the world it should be good enough for college hockey. Interesting no one on the committee is from leagues that use the 3x3 or shoot out.
  3. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Bubba is wearing a head set. Buck stops with him. He can over rule any coach at anytime and he hired these guys.. Overall I like what Bubba has done, but can't let him off the hook for any issues with Football team.
  4. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Top of the Hill for Hockey and Football are National Championships. With BB and VB the most they are going to achieve are conference championships,. I think that is the difference. I don't think Hockey should be receiving Conference Championship rings, and I not sure Football should either. Do other FCS Teams give out Rings for Conference championships? More expensive for FB to give out rings that the others 4 combined based on number of players on the teams.
  5. Big Green

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Just goes to show there is no such thing as a free Gift. There is always strings attached. I think Kennedy is correct in most if not all that he is saying, but he needs to learn to play nice as other donors are watching and most uninformed are going to take the side of the Engelstads after all that they have given to UND. 1. F'n Hawks logo should be at center court at the Betty. Seems most VB, MBB & WBB Fans have all embraced the new name and logo. 2. Leave just North Dakota at the Ralph. No need to piss Hockey fans off at this point.
  6. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Maybe, but article says all 5 home game are broadcast on Midco. Pretty sure it is because Hockey is in town that weekend.
  7. Big Green

    Hotel Recommendation for Grand Forks

    For what its worth the Ramada recently renovated or so I heard. Might be worth a 2nd look if the price is right.
  8. Big Green

    2017-18 Season

    Maybe I'm throwing in the towel for next year already, but I don't see them being a very good team next year. With the number of Juniors to be Seniors on this team I wouldn't mind a few more transferring. i would like to see some younger players getting more playing time next year, make them better in future years.
  9. Big Green

    2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    No Big Deal. If any of the Big Ten teams win we will hear how great the Big Ten is for the next year. If it makes you fill better point out 8>2. I guess I just Hate the Big Ten more than I hate Duluth. The reason UND fans hate Duluth is because when they take cheap shots there is nothing we can do about it. Our PP sucks, and we are no longer a tough team. Either make they pay for it with PP goal or kick their ass. If we get in a special teams battle with Duluth we will lose every time.
  10. Big Green

    2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    I guess I don't see them as a passionate rival. They are more like a little brother. When competing head to head I want to beat them, but I hope they beat they beat everyone else.
  11. Big Green

    2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    4-Michigan- 3-OSU-Whole THE thing is annoying 2-Notre Dame-Boring Hockey, but one of best teams all year. They Deserve it. 1-UMD-NCHC team, only 1 title.
  12. Big Green

    2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    Wow. I meant Former conference mate. Sure hope Tech is not a future conference mate. Mankato Maybe.
  13. Big Green

    2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    16. Michigan--can't get to 10 ahead of us 15. Denver--can't have Denver get to 9 ahead of us 13-14. Penn State & Ohio St-Hate Big 10 Hockey 12. Notre Dame--Hate Big 10 Hockey, but they are most deserving of Big Ten Teams 9-11. Providence, Northeastern, BU-hate Hockey East 6-8. Cornell, Princeton, Clarkson ECHC, Meh 5. Michigan Tech--future conference mate, want WCHA to succeed. I know the grandpa of one of the players. 4. Air Force--USA, USA 3. Minnesota St.-Mankato--future conference mate, want WCHA to succeed. 2. UMD--NCHC Team. No problem with Style of Play, UND was this type of team not that long ago. 1. SCSU--NCHC Team. Never won a title. Best team this year. They deserve it. Besides will drive Mn Fan's Crazy.
  14. Big Green

    Tournament Run

    LOL. That is my brother in-law. Lives out in CO. I remember watching the regional and thinking they are focusing on him a lot.
  15. Big Green

    Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    Sure you might have a team with an Arena with seating of around 2K, but there a several arenas much bigger that will offset that. Looking at last year as an example. Average Attendance per Regional was 4870. If you take the average capacity of the #1 seeds that made the tournament it is 6472. That is with Harvard that only have capacity of 2776. I'd have to believe most years total attendance is going to be greater having #1 seeds host. Besides the fact they are not paying travel expenses for the #1 seed to travel.