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  1. What I always think it is funny that USD thinks just because they play in the Valley that it makes them a premier team. I hope we beat the snot out of them.
  2. Anyone the downplays what the Lamoureux twins did for the women’s program is an idiot. The program was garbage before they got here. They were the sole reason the program was relevant in women hockey. Idalski failed to get the program to the next level. UND made the right call by dropping the program and the Twins should either come up with a realistic solution or stop the complaining.
  3. I'm not a fan of the new name or logo, but would say 95% of names and logos suck. They just have been around so long that they are accepted by fan's. Problem is we went from what might be the greatest name and logo on all of sports (of course I'm a little bias). I was one of the fans chanted Sioux Forever after the National championship game last year. To me it was meant to be an FU to the NCAA. While at the banner ceremony earlier this season and hear the Sioux Forever Chant I thought what I bunch of idiots. I know that makes me a hypocrite, but I think the Sioux Forever chant is embarrassing and needs to stop. I’m so sick of the Facebook posts questioning who are the Fighting Hawks, they are the fighting Sioux. Questioning why the hockey team would put the new logo on their jerseys. It is the logo of the university and should be used in place of the interlocking ND. I wear Sioux stuff almost all the time on the weekend. Don't feel the need to repurchase a new wardrobe just because of the name change, but plan of purchasing a fighting hawk’s polo and hat before football season.
  4. Simplle. Very similar to game times this year. WEST REGION Group A #1 v #4 - Friday 1PM Group A Championship - Saturday 8:30PM #2 v #3 - Friday 4:30PM Group B #1 v #4 - Saturday Noon Group B Championship - Sunday 5pm #2 v #3 - Saturaday 3:30pm EAST REGION Group A #1 v #4 - Friday 3PM Group A Championship - Saturay 6pm #2 v #3 - Friday 6:30PM Group B #1 v #4 - Saturaday 11am Group B Championship - Sunday 2:30pm #2 v #3 - Saturday 2:30 PM
  5. I was with you until this part. If you are a #1 then you should get the right to host. Either at your home rink or a rink of your choice. Almost always assured of a great atmosphere and the lost revenue of drop in attendance would probably be made up in saving of travel cost of the host team.
  6. I'll be interested to see how ticket sales are for this. I'm not sold on the fact that this will be a tough ticket to get. With Frozen Faceoff in Mpls the weekend before and frozen four in St Paul 2 weeks after. I’m not sure how many people are going to be excited to travel down for this. Without a guarantee of UND making the NCAA tournament I know I won’t be purchasing until I’m positive UND will be there. If I don't get tickets so be it.
  7. So it sounds like others bid to host in their home rink. Guess UND did what they should do.
  8. If no one else bids for West Regionals, UND should be puting in a bid to host at the Ralph and nowhere else. NCAA would have not choice, but to give to UND.
  9. Jost with first nhl goal tonight. Was hoping he would score tonight, but at frozen four. Almost like boeser and Jost planned it. Both against wild same day as big college games
  10. My response would be to inform him we are only 60mil short of an endowment to save women hockey. How much can we put the German Ice Hockey Federation down for?
  11. I'd like to know the cost and time to switch the Ralph between Basketball and Hockey. Is it possible to have a 1pm Basketball game and an 8pm Hockey game on the same day? I would either play all games at the REA or Betty, don't like the idea of only some games at the Ralph. Need to decide which arena is our home court and play all games there. I think we lose a little home court advantage switching back and forth. I hate the Betty for Men's Basketball. The Betty was a step down from the Hyslop IMO. I remember being excited to go there for the first time and being very disappointed. I thought it would be similar to the Ralph. Boy, was I wrong, it is closer to a HS gym. If we are going to make the next step in Men’s basketball we need a better arena then the Betty.
  12. I wish the REA would pull their shirts off the shelves. I think if they are going to bad mouth the university then cut them off.
  13. Get the team and coach out in the Community. I see bubba out all the time. Always visiting with people . He sends tweets out all the time.
  14. No more money needed to be spent. Other ways to promote product
  15. They would only get a couple hundred fans in the 80' for WBB. Not sure on exact year as I was young. Less than w. Hockey gets now