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  1. I can't cheer for a hockey east team or Big Ten School over an NCHC school. Luck for the UMD haters I don't have tickets so I'll for cheering from my couch.
  2. Af bc harvard penn st tech sioux
  3. I would sayN the Big Ten is to blame. They could have left things the way they were, but had to get greedy and look what happened. Hard to blame a college for creating a hockey team. We want the game to grow Right? NCHC Reg season> WCHA Reg Season
  4. i wonder how the UND Band members fill about the fact that they didn't get the change to go. I love that the administration give the opportunity to a HS band to play on live TV and we had a live band please the school song rather than piped in music. Thought it was a great story.
  5. As much as I HATE the pig ten. Low attendance is bad for the health of the game.
  6. I don't like the idea of having to play them for the 2nd week in a row. If we win Friday don't the idea of a rematch 1 week later, seems to favor the team that lost the week before.
  7. Shots were 12-2 in 1st period in Minn Favor. I'm not sure what game you were at.
  8. I don't by the conspriacy, but if they don't like it than maybe their fans should show up for the touneyment. UND fans will once again outnumber all the other fan's combined. Duluth is closer to Mpls than GF is. Also Duluth is the better team this year. No excuses.
  9. I also think there is an assumtion that you can't get hockey tickets unless you know someone. Poor advertising by UND this week..
  10. Anyone else having issues with the lack of volume in Watch Big Sky?
  11. First time they wore black at home was late 90's vs Denver I believe .
  12. Dulth, because I could not stomach losing to Denver and seeing them advance to Frozen 4. Besides it is tough to beat a team 5 times in a year (LOL).
  13. He is usually correct, but I don't think they put the number #1 overall seed in Fargo to play either the host team or #5 overall seed in Regiional Final. Not much of a reward.
  14. Which is better for und sports watching roku or fire stick? Can you get watch big sky or on either? Or both. Thanks for your help?
  15. I'm afraid no one will make the tough decision and will keep all sports and trim the budgets of all sports. They have not shown the ability to make the tough design before. I'm in favor of keeping Women Hockey and cutting as many of the non-spectator sports as possible. But if the powers to be cut women’s hockey to balance the budget I'm fine with it. Just don’t cut the Budgets of Men's Hockey, either BB's, Volleyball or Football. I know no one watches Women's hockey no need to point that out. I think with the right coach and success the fans will come..