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  1. Grand Forks Sales Tax Vote

    As long as Brown is the mayor I will not vote for a tax increase. I don't trust that Guy at all. Trim all the wants from the budget and pay for roads. Raising taxes is taking the easy way out.
  2. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    BWW is still free.
  3. October 2017 Announcement

    Don't want to Rehash, but I've always thought Kelly and him were equally to blame. I think they could have worked with the Standing Rock tribe a little more to get approval. A lot of other school were able to get approval (granted from only the closest tribe which is BS). As we have seen no doesn't mean no and just means not now.
  4. October 2017 Announcement

    how much of the loss of the the Sioux nickname is on him. Personally I think a good chunk of the blame can be placed on him.
  5. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Just because you have the right to do something does mean it is the right thing to do. I have never paid attention to the solders in those seats to see if they yell Sioux at the end of the anthem. Not sure it really matters. The examples given I don't think were from the solders that are in the seats. There is so much division in this country and the one thing everyone it this country should be able to agree upon is they are lucky to be living in this country and should show the flag/anthem the proper respect.
  6. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Fair enough. I think it is a little different.
  7. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Huh, this doesn't even make since. I'm pretty sure someone against yelling during the national anthem is against what Kaepernick started.. I would love to see him in a packer uniform, too bad he is suing the NFL.
  8. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Not at all I just thought it was funny the posts claiming that their Sioux Fan Father, Grand Fathers etc. says it is ok so there are no issues. I stated my opinion. I'm guessing if you asked Vet's from other fan bases or non sports fan's you would get a mix. Some would say I fight for the right for Americans for be free and express themselves however they please. You would also have some that would feel disrespected. You have the right to your opinion and I'm not going to be able to change it.
  9. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Ok, not I get it. So as long as a Vet that is also a Sioux fan thinks it is ok, than there are no issues.
  10. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Never is a long time, but I don't see anything changing for a very long time. I'm not offended, very little offends me. Like a stated before I'm more embarrassed for our university.
  11. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    You don't know me. For the record I think the PC stuff going on in the country is crap. I don't see this as a PC issue. To me it is more of a respect for the country. It is a free country, you can do what you want. I just think it make us look bad. Just like NFL players can do what they want during the anthem, it sheds a bad light on the NFL.
  12. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    I would love to see this on a sign in the student section this weekend.
  13. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    You can't be serious? I sure the first couple shift after they hear Sioux are tough. Feeling are not hurt one bit. I'm embarrassed for our fan base. I attended the game Saturday night hear the traditional Sioux at the end. Then 5 minutes into the game they announce the seats for solders and everyone stands up and claps. I laughed to myself, what a butch of hypocrites we are.
  14. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Prepare to rip me, but in light of the anthem protests the "Sioux" at the end of the anthem needs to go. It is disrespectful and very embarrassing.
  15. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    I have never heard anyone sing the anthem better than he has. I does not make the song about him, it doesn't take him forever to sign the song. You sings every word clearly. I don't care to have anyone ever sing at the Ralph as long is he is available.