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  1. NORTH DAKOTA @ Miami

    With Saturday nights game on FCS, anyway to watch having Midco Cable. (and not NCHC.TV). I know FCS is no longer on the sports package. Any other options? Fox Sports Go?
  2. Olympic Hockey

    Well said.
  3. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    I far as I could tell up until this point he had kept quiet on the whole thing. Now that he is blaming the victims, he is part of the problem. I can now say the guy that wrote the editorial about losing respect for Wentz is correct.
  4. 2018 UND Recruiting

    new Postion? What Position is he moving to?
  5. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Article states only 3 QB's on the Roster. Did we someone leave are move to another postion?
  6. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Vikes would need to win out and Philly loose 2 of 3. Very unlikly. With Min losing to Carolina and Philly beating Carolina, they now own the tie breaker. Hopfully Philly loses in the 2nd round and Min takes care of business. They MIn would host the NFC playoff game.
  7. The Betty

    The old Ralph had more than enough seating for most hockey games. Didn't stop Ralph from building a arena twice the size. I would hope a nicer facility would increase attendance as will as get better recruits.
  8. The Betty

    Are you seriously comparing the Ralph and the Betty? I don't have the time to go over all the reason to like the Ralph more, but here are 3 off the top of my head 1. Ralph has a concourse. Everyone doesn't need to filter toward the court. 2. Ralph has concession stands instead of pop-out stands behind temporary bleachers 3. You get the feeling you are at an event when you walk into the Ralph.
  9. The Betty

    Fair point on the 2 big Screens. Nice recent addition. The Bar and Leather Seats do nothing for me.
  10. The Betty

    lame is a D1 school playing in a high school arena.
  11. The Betty

    No chance. The area behind the bleachers have courts behind them used for practice and camps.
  12. The Betty

    I crowd will also be a smaller with Hockey on TV. Many people including me flipping between Hockey and BB on TV at home. I'll be at the Women's game however. Would be nice to play all home game in the Ralph. Should be able block section's off and use curtains to create a better atmosphere.
  13. Would You Rather

    James Madison didn't wait for NDSU to slip to pass them. I don't get why they need to slip for UND to become the better team.
  14. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Why is everyone saying 8-3. 9-2 in Regular season and 0-1 in post season. They were 9-3.
  15. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    This is the first season since Bubba has been here that he has not moved the program in the right direction. Until proven otherwise I'm going to assume Bubba is the right man for the job. Bring back the either coach staff was Bubba's decision and if the Offence and Special Teams fail again next year that is on him. As will as if we are not in the playoffs again next year. If we have another season next year like this year is is time to look for a replacement.