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  1. Early departures 2017

    Sounds like BGSU junior goalie Chris Nell signed with the Rangers.
  2. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    I think we found our mantra for this playoff season!
  3. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Target Center

    Looks audio only to me for our game. I'm also surprised CBS "All Access" doesn't include their sports network. The CBS Sports app will let you watch CBSSN if you have a cable subscription with a provider I listed before.
  4. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Target Center

    As far as I know, it's not possible. I'd love to be proven wrong though. YouTubeTV is a new live TV streaming service, and one of its included channels is CBS Sports Network, BUT it's not available for trial/purchase yet. No other streaming service carries it, and it doesn't appear possible with "TV Everywhere" with cable providers. Really hamstrung as a cord-cutter, lol. Edit: These cable providers allow you access to stream the channel live via the app: Cox, Buckeye, Frontier, Optimum, WOW
  5. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Target Center

    Now that we're talking about DU, I saw this in one of the recent GFH articles... "Denver has only allowed more than three goals one time this season—and it won that game." That's a crazy impressive stat in my mind!

    Yep, against CC if memory serves. I think it was Vande.
  7. PairWise Rankings

    I'm sure Denver would love playing und for a chance at revenge, but not so sure they'd love doing it in a small, packed-to-the-gills Scheels Arena.
  8. PairWise Rankings

    Throw out conferences and 05 had two of the top five rivalries in all of college hockey! And maybe three if you rank UND/DU that high. That's exciting, just a bad final outcome for the good guys.
  9. PairWise Rankings

    I love the interest this would generate! But in your hypothetical, after four convincing wins I'd think Sandy would go to Fargo to have a few fans in the stands after beating UND again. Jerry York: I'll go to Fargo as the #2... I've secretly always loved plane rides, it's always been the NC$$ trying to keep us at home.
  10. NORTH DAKOTA @ CC - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Wilkie is dressed. Must be a change. Edit: or he's just an extra skater...
  11. NORTH DAKOTA @ CC - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Totally missed that... Interesting. Also Hoff on top line?
  12. NORTH DAKOTA @ CC - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Not from what I've seen, but he plays with energy. Might play the body every now and then. Just not imposing.
  13. NORTH DAKOTA @ CC - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Gornall with Bowen and Yon...I like it. Not going to scare anyone physically, but fast and creative.

    At least with Wilkie we're seeing effort and some chances. With our lack of depth, he does need to bury them, but he's working hard out there. He had a few at the end of last season, so that gives me hope. Speaking of working hard out there, I'd like to see more of Gornall. He's got some energy and skill. Maybe it's his defensive play keeping him out, but with injuries he could see the ice more.
  15. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Wolanin and Shaw will be fine. Both are highly talented. Wasn't Shaw USHL D of the year? They're having some struggles, which is very normal. At least from my view, the coaches seem to allow freshmen to just go out and play, keep their games simple, and capitalize on teachable moments. The coaches give them opportunity to succeed, but don't usually pile too much on. Going into 2nd and 3rd years is where they get more responsibility and tougher situations. Even last year's team was giving up tons of grade A chances late in the season. Supposedly there was a flu going around during the DU series, but you could see breakdowns in quite a few games. They need to start playing as a team, pick up for each other, and don't get too high or low.