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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Gophers - SATURDAY Gameday

    http://undhockey.areavoices.com/?p=108464 "Lucia said that Casey Mittelstadt was injured on a cross-check to the back on Friday and seemingly was held out for precautionary reasons. He said he didn’t want to risk Mittelstadt aggravating his injury and wanted him back for next weekend’s series against Clarkson." Lucia tries to put the blame on a cheap shot. Gonna call bs on that. Mittelstadt was simply too weak to hang in a game as physical as this series was.

    Rudolph can take Knauf, Baukol, and Kostich with him.

    Welcome to the board!
  4. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Another Mercer drop and und is punting from its end zone.
  5. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

  6. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Zimmerman is our best eligible qb.
  7. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Zimmerman in.
  8. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Strip sack TD. And studs is hurt. Soon to be 24-10.
  9. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Sac turns 3rd and 8 into a 55 yard td pass. Coverage was there but didn't turn head around and then didn't make tackle. 17-10
  10. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Yeah. Wanzek had it pulled out of his hands as he was coming down with it.
  11. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Nice throw by studs to wanzek, who is stripped of ball for an int. Halftime. 10-10
  12. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    D holds after giving up big play. Sac misses about a 40 yard FG. Still 10-10
  13. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    UND FG attempt blocked after the offense was set up on the sac 20 yard line. That's one way to give the momentum back.
  14. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Santiago! Followed by the Moose! 10-10
  15. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Poor tackling and the d line getting pushed around.
  16. Gameday: Da Sacs at UND

    Of course we snap the ball 20 yards over Studsrud's head on 3rd down. Team can't get out of its own way.
  17. October 2017 Announcement

    This is not the site for politics. As for what good leaders care about, its their legacy, whether they explicitly state it or not.
  18. October 2017 Announcement

    Am I missing something? Kennedy's legacy is directly tied to the success of what he does at UND.
  19. October 2017 Announcement

    It's somewhat common in higher education, more so in the last 2 years in ND as they've been trying to get people to retire early in order to avoid larger layoffs. For the rest of state government it would be much smaller or nothing at all. Kelley retired "on his own" before the state budget cuts so no, he didn't receive a buyout.
  20. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    $1.50 while I was there. I believe the building was torn down. Drinkin for a Lincoln at the Cuckoo's Nest anyone?
  21. Future Schedules

    If we made a Venn diagram, I believe the "bison fan" circle would be entirely within the "crazy person" circle, but the "crazy person" circle would be larger than the "bison fan" circle, as not all crazy people are bison fans.
  22. Future Schedules

    I don't think he's a bison fan. Just a crazy person.
  23. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    WTF gopher fans?!?
  24. October 2017 Announcement

    Again, when putting a horse out to pasture, do you give it a little pat on the butt or do you slap it across the face? Tom is upset because Kennedy did what literally every leader does when a long-term employee "resigns" or "retires." It's nonsensical.