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  1. Kinda thought UND should pay homage to the Flickertails and go with Prairie Dawgs. Could have been some good logo ideas there.
  2. Now how did you know that I was a Burro? always enjoyed the old district bb tournament at the Lewy Lee in Mayville with you guys.
  3. Yeppers
  4. R u sure?
  5. The old Red River Valley Conference Central Valley Valiants Cooperstown Lynx Finley Wildcats Hatton Flyers Hillsboro Burros Mayville Lions Portland Pirates Northwood Trojans added Oak Grove Grovers in the late 60's and Larimore Polar Bears in the early 70's (not sure about the dates)
  6. They should form a committee to come up with a new rainbow-friendly nickname that is unique, like Robins or Sparrows or Hawks so all districts, including the proposed Norman County West co-op, can rally behind it.
  7. For those of you in the know... who initiates campus visits? in other words, did Omaha apply to the MVC or is the MVC looking at Omaha unsolicited to return to Omaha after losing Creighton? Another example would be Sioux Volley has said the MVC was interested in Belmont the last time around, but they are not scheduled for a campus visit (at least there is not one being reported). Is the MVC not visiting Belmont because they are not interested in being turned down or are they not invited to Belmont? iirc, UND had applied to the Summit (and abruptly cancelled a campus visit by Douple) before they were accepted in the Big Sky, but there was really no press about the Big Sky making a campus visit to UND before the Sioux were accepted into the BSC. Was Faison working behind the scenes soliciting the Big Sky or was Fullerton working behind the scenes to rescue UND from football irrelevance?
  8. Post deleted... Not sure what I thought I was reading.
  9. If the MVC invites Murray St and their football goes MVFC, does Youngstown football go to the Ohio Valley Conference?
  10. Will be hard to get NMSU on board without FBS. Sioux Volley's new WAC?
  11. If Murray State is invited, will it include football to the MVFC? Valpo likely to stay non-scholarship in Patriot Pioneer with Drake?
  12. Northern Iowa?
  13. Or trade names with the MVC, since almost all their teams are east of the Mississippi and nowhere near the Missouri.