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  1. Yes, it may have been the right decision at the time and under the circumstances, but it still stings that it happened. Also would have preferred not having the best nickname in athletics replaced by such a bland, generic adjective/bird one like almost every other former Native American nicknamed school has done.
  2. Where, at this point in time, would Jones go? Is it possible, in the negotiations, that both Jones and Faison think they are in the power seat with Jones making larger demands and Faison thinking Jones has no other option?
  3. Yeah. Thanks. Fixed it. (Cherokees are down here in AZ)
  4. And enrolled Cherokee Chippewa members who hate the honoring of the Sioux Nation.
  5. Like that one a lot! Well done Bin!
  6. If we are dreaming... UND NDSU USD SDSU Montana Montana State Idaho Idaho State Wyoming Denver 9 football / 10 basketball
  7. Gonna miss the Big Sky Fun to watch those venues
  8. MVC is looking more and more like a one bid conference. Replacing Creighton with Loyola and Wichita with Valpo will not make their profile better and intraconference games will not help them get a second bid. Horizon is in the same boat. The possibility of the Summit getting two bids may be as good as either of those two at this point. Will depend on pre-conference scheduling more than anything.
  9. If the length of this thread is an indication, it is back stronger than ever. More activity in this thread than there was in all the WIH threads for the previous 4 years total!
  10. New Mexico State?
  11. Or Omaha without UNC. 8 football/10 olympic
  12. You mean like Minnesota State University instead of Minnesota State University - Moorhead? oh wait... that one's already taken. It was just plain Moorhead State University not that long ago.
  13. If the Horizon League takes IPFW with or without IUPUI out of the Summit, baseball will only have 5 teams. Would the Summit, for baseball, add either Northern Colorado (WAC affiliate) or go after Dallas Baptist (MVC affiliate) to get back to 6? Would UMKC return (no baseball)? UND not in a position to add baseball, but Summit League's auto bid would be in danger if Ft Wayne leaves. Just another reason to question the move to the Summit. on another note... Since UND is not eligible to win conference titles next season in the Big Sky - if UND would happen to win either MBB or WBB, is there any chance the Hawks would get an at-large bid?
  14. In this day of so many single parent families, I can't fathom how some of the posters on this board can take a position that it is wrong to be a father to your child. It just makes no freaking sense that some people think football is more important than being a complete person and choosing your priorities wisely. Thank you for being a good role model for a young man who will obviously be a good role model, not only for his child, but also for people in your home town and the young people who are fans of UND who will be able to see that some choices are difficult, but the right decision will benefit the important people in the long run. Here's hoping Mr Grady has a great career at UND followed by a successful pro career and some great opportunities in elementary education (eventually )
  15. Not a fan of Sundogs, but at least it wouldn't have been the 44th iteration of a Hawk or the 250th bird