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  1. Here's an off-the-wall thought... What about Omaha? They have Creighton's market and the best RPI in the Summit. Didn't you (Sioux Volley) say that Belmont would be a front-runner if the MVC had an opening?
  2. Shouldn't head coach compensation also be reflective of the staff and team's community and campus involvement? It seems that football has raised the bar on this since Coach Schweigert has lead the program. How does the bb staff and team stack up in involvement, both in the community and on campus, including support of the other UND athletic teams? Asking cuz I don't know.
  3. Since Jones & Co earned a substantial raise following the success of the MBB team (at least according to the current sentiment on this forum), the budget cuts should go beyond the original amount. Say at least an extra $100K, making it prudent to cut $1.4 to 1.5 MM. Another thought after reading the article... conference considerations and bringing a Title IX consultant in probably means that S & D will survive. Does the Title IX concern mean that another men's team is being considered, since UND is already over-weighted toward women's sports? Or is it to insure that dropping WIH does not bring Title IX scrutiny?
  4. If UND can abandon the Big Sky, they can certainly justify dropping WIH.
  5. Would think that the cheerleaders would make the trip... It's their opportunity to be on national tv, as well.
  6. Living southeast of Tucson, our 'local' news coverage is the Tucson market. Brian Jones may have met his match in Sean Miller. He gets some of the nation's best talent but can't win the big games. The Wildcats have really struggled in the NCAA tournament since Miller took over. Have not been a Jones fan in the past, but he has put it together this year and I do think he can out coach Miller. Arizona may have too much talent for the Hawks to overcome, but I think Jones can keep the Hawks in the game.
  7. One win in the NCAA and he will get another offer and a huge raise to go with it
  8. Especially considering his piece of the AD budget
  9. Don't need a coch if there isn't a team...
  10. Don't think it was the Summit that took so long. They would have taken UND anytime over that last 5 years. It was the lack of a football home in the MVFC that took so long.
  11. Thank you for your insights jacksfan29
  12. Would you say the same about SDSU?
  13. So this is a stupid question, but I gotta ask... does UND joining the Summit/MVFC make NDSU more or less likely to seek FBS status?
  14. Well, there was the year that U Florida won both FBS and men's basketball notional championships (2006-2007?) Don't know how their women's teams did, though.
  15. You are technically correct. should have said during 2016-17 school year