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  1. Eric is cultured.
  2. No sushi chef again?? As in there was a sushi chef? My boy Eric P Nelson knows what's up. That's a baller move. I want to party with you, cowboy.
  3. That would be news to me that ndsu allows post-game tailgating. Never heard of that before.
  4. He's not going to outbox him... he's gonna try and knock him tf out
  5. Miller Lite.
  6. It was hockey. Let's not get carried away.
  7. I have come out of hiding now that I can go to bed without having nightmares of the Irish getting thumped by Denver.
  8. You comparing a multiple time BCS bowl winning program to Wyoming?
  9. Playing time. Feel bad for him. Big fan of his.
  10. I'm about 100% sure the Nazi comments have nothing to do with his stance on Natives and 100% to do with... the birthday parties.
  11. Even good quarterbacks have bad days.
  12. I'd trade UNO for Valpo every day of the week. People around the country have at least heard of Valpo.
  13. If you want to bribe young women to hang out with you for a couple hours, there are websites for that.
  14. I would assume so.
  15. If Minnesota was behind it, why did they continue to schedule FCS teams after losing to NDSU? They played another four FCS teams after losing that game as recently as last year. I would bet that the B1G Network had something to do with it. The B1G is now playing 9 conference games, plus an additional game against a P5, leaving 2 games for G5 teams. What games are going to look better for TV/strength of schedule, games against Navy and SMU, or Navy and Indiana St? I don't think losing games to NDSU made them happy though, no doubt.