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  1. I vote everyone put bigskybear on ignore mode.
  2. We just need to pound the Griz into the ground this year.
  3. So does missing the "17 season make him ineligible for the NFL draft taking place next Spring?
  4. I agree and don't miss the aspect of the controversy you refer to. But the one thing the controversy did do in a sense was to engender an "us against the world" mentality which to some extent persists today.
  5. The logo is ok considering what a lame name choice the logo has as its basis.
  6. Gordon will be needed at RB and will see his share of playing time. Guaranteed.
  7. Achilles tear and minor injury aren't often heard in the same sentence.
  8. Many USD fans also think they are going to exact some sort of revenge on us this year, referring to last year's 4th qtr comeback by UND as a fluke.
  9. Amen.
  10. Nevermind, I just looked at eversport/big sky. Looks like they are still going to carry the games too.
  11. So if the Big Sky football games will be on Pluto TV, will they not be shown on Big Sky TV? Pluto is known for its frequent advertising, hopefully not to the extent that some content will be skipped.
  12. No, I am saying let them assume they only need show up like Wyoming did. With that said, the fans in Laramie treated me better than any fan base I've ever visited at that game.
  13. Let the Utes look in the mirror and tell themselves how wonderful they are. That is what Wyoming did two years ago.
  14. With Grady back on the OL I see huge numbers for Santiago.
  15. We will not be flying under the radar this year as we were last year. We will be targeted.