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  1. That is very true and shouldn't have happened.
  2. Just curious, how much money would that actually save? I honestly don't know, is the big expense with WIH the scholarships or is it the travel and everything else?
  3. I think Women's hockey, M/W S/D are cut. They better not cut hockey budget...
  4. Let's Go Sioux!! We need this one!
  5. Plain and simple, we just aren't that good right now. Chalk it up to age of you want but the truth is we aren't that good. Oh it would have been fun to play then last year though.
  6. Super excited that is finally Goofer-Sioux week again!! Always a great week leading up to the games. After this weekend Duluth exposed some of our weaknesses. Now Berry gets to earn that paycheck and correct the issues. I think he does somewhat, as fixing them all will take more time, and we win Friday (we'll be pissed) and tie on Saturday.
  7. Was referring to Drake
  8. Sioux fan not just a hockey fan!!
  9. This game was a let down. My question is when are we going to stop reverting over the summer? Bad first game last year, bad first game this year. I would think we should have been able to build on last year and be better out first game this year.. Maybe I'm wrong?
  10. What does the Fargodome seat in the basketball configuration?
  11. Awesome!! Thank you!!
  12. This tournament isn't on TV in ND anywhere? Anyone please help?
  13. The 14U team in Bismarck, with 19 players on it, is comprised of only 8th and 9th graders. Anyone else younger is on a 12U team. I believe the problem in Bismarck from what I've heard is that the growth there has mostly been north, making one team have a much larger number base than the other (South). They didn't want to entertain drafting teams each year and wanted to keep it boundary driven. That causes a problem when you may have 26 girls up north and only 8 or 9 down south. They deemed that NOT SUSTAINABLE because you can't field a team with 8 girls. Total overall numbers, it sounds like they have enough. If they were interested in 2 teams they would've been creative and tried to make co-op teams or something. I honestly believe that the only way Bismarck will have 2 teams is if we in other communities force it somehow.
  14. I believe in order for the Sioux to win tonight with all the scoring that will be in stands is going to lie with Chyz and LJ. They both need to start burying the puck, they are both too good. Would also love to see Gersich get going as well.
  15. It will be interesting to see how St. Clair does with so much time off. Hope he is game ready!! Go Sioux!