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  1. northdakota18

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Yep no Sioux shirts or flags to be seen #DividingTheFanbase
  2. northdakota18

    Improving the game day experience

    UND with the big win! Nothing to complain about! Very impressed!
  3. northdakota18

    What do you think of the logo now??

    "A" must now be defined as "multiple." Couldn't hear any hawk chants from the student section. Multiple let's go Sioux/Sioux forever chants..
  4. northdakota18

    2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    You may be referring to a different moment I didn't see, but I noticed when Murray had his feet outside the trapezoid area, but the puck was within the trapezoid. This is allowed as the puck is the determining factor for playing it outside the trapezoid, not his body. http://www.nhlofficials.com/es3519/cat127/rule-situation-of-the-week-series-goalkeepers-restricted-area
  5. northdakota18

    What do you think of the logo now??

    After the logo comes out UND football, volleyball, basketball, and hockey all go one & done in the tourney. Just sayin'
  6. northdakota18


    Will cbs sports network have a stream online or just through nchc.tv?
  7. northdakota18

    Standing Rock Protests

    Never said anything about the safety of trains but 176,000 gallons of oil is nothing to sneeze at either. Just found the bias remarkable that there was no mention of a 176,000 gallon pipeline spill in our community but multiple posts on an individual protester from a no-name website and posters cheering snow and cold weather putting protesters at risk. What effect would 176,000 of gallons have if it were to bust near the Missouri rather than the middle of no where?
  8. northdakota18

    Standing Rock Protests

    No comments about the two pipelines in North Dakota that have busted recently?
  9. northdakota18

    So after the MSG game

    If you're upset about people using/referring to the Sioux name you're going to be angry for a very long time
  10. northdakota18

    2017 Season

    Looking at next years schedule, initial gut feeling is that the Eastern Washington game will be for the sole right to the big sky championship. Feel like the team as a whole will take another step forward as they have every year with Bubba, and start putting some teams away rather than nearly every game coming down to the wire. Yesterday sucked but remember that in our 3 losses we lost by a combined 8 points.. Mussman's last season we went 3-8 and lost by a combined 174 points (over 3 TD's per loss) - really puts into perspective how far we've come. The future is bright
  11. northdakota18

    2016 Attendance

    As others have said, thanks to everyone who has donated tickets. FWIW there's a good buzz around campus about the game, I've had more people ask if I'm going in the past 3 1/2 days than I had all year previously..
  12. northdakota18

    2016 Attendance

    The 500+ free student tickets purchased by Nodak Nation and donors are already gone.. friends I had a tough time getting to a game this year seem pretty hyped for this playoff game
  13. northdakota18


    I realize that, I'm saying since they've been releasing weekly rankings and everyone knows we'd be the 9 seed in that situation, would they set us up with a team we would outbid like Western Illinois, rather than someone like Montana who would outbid us to avoid sending the #9 team in their rankings on the road?
  14. northdakota18


    I'm confident we'll get the 8 seed, but say we don't, with this year being the first year the committee came out with weekly lists at the end of the year; does anyone else think we would be set up with a home game since it would basically be public knowledge that we are the 9 seed and it would look bad on the committee to send us on the road? Maybe I'm giving the committee too much credit but that's my thought process.