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  1. No they haven't and I don't even think it's that debatable.
  2. Are you trolling? Did you go to the NDSU UND game in Fargo? I guarantee you the rivalry is not dead and probably never will be. I knew people of all ages from both sides going to fargo to experience it. Just wait until the first NDSU UND game in Grand Forks it will be packed to the rafters. And yes the students do care because they have been the ones calling for it for a long time. Remember the first basketball game against NDSU at the Ralph when chants started out to renew the rivalry from the NDSU and UND students. So yea you are grossly misinformed here.
  3. UND Denver for the title get some popcorn because It's gonna be a blast.
  4. DuluthOhio State 3/24 6:30 ET ESPNU BostonNorth Dakota 3/24 3 ET ESPN 2 UMD/OSUBU/UND 3/25 6 ET ESPNU
  5. UND on ESPN 2 @ 2PM Friday
  6. Northeast Regional Minnesota vs Notre Dame Cornell vs Umass Lowell
  7. Midwest Regional Denver vs Michigan Tech Penn State vs Union
  8. East Regional Harvard vs Providence Air Force vs W. Michigan
  9. West Regional UMD vs Ohio State UND vs Boston U
  10. It is going to be Holy Cross loud in Fargo
  11. Duluth to Fargo, Denver to Cinci, Minnesota to New Hampshire, Harvard to Providence
  12. Congrats on your first game loss Duluth XD
  13. UMD is such a dirty team.
  14. First win in the nchc tournament I believe couldn't have been sweeter
  15. Maybe we can do the reverse of what happened to us lately. Denver is going to be lethargic and we are going to be energized. UND pulls off the upset.