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  1. I am surprised Denver or CC never throw their hat into the ring to host a regional
  2. The NCAA loves money and a sold out regional is great for that. Also doesn't hurt showing a packed arena on ESPN 2.
  3. Damn that is terrible at least we won't have to deal with it XD
  4. Mike McMahon‏ @MikeMcMahonCHN I’ll have more in a column on CHN later. But they believe a program would be successful there. It’s not on the radar b/c of finances. Mike McMahon‏ @MikeMcMahonCHN Spoke to Illinois Assoc. AD Kent Brown on possibility of UI going D1. Essentially, UI would need a donation similar to PSU for M&W programs. Illinois is not creating a D1 Men's Hockey Program anytime soon.
  5. Nice sounds like a pretty good venue
  6. So I saw this today. Anybody have any information on the arena if this were to happen? How does it compare to Fargo?
  7. damn I like when they have the double header like last year. It's alot of fun to watch a football and hockey game in one day.
  8. I hope the make homecoming the same weekend as the Minnesota series.
  9. Because UND=$$$$. UND travels better than any fanbase. UND also puts tons of eyeballs onto the big ten network. Have you seen some of the Big Ten games they look like ghost towns. UND would pack the seats. Iowa or Illinois would bring in some fans but they would nowhere close what you could get with UND. Nebraska can't start a hockey team because they made an agreement with Omaha.
  10. The Big Ten would pay it ideally.
  11. Already hyped for the Minnesota game
  12. Nothing much has happened with it. This was the last thing mentioned about it. This is from last saturday. Patrick Reusse on ESPN1500 said this morning Big Ten is recruiting North Dakota for Hockey. This is true...this is what we broke on Feb 14th on this very thread. But to be more precise....Big Ten AD's of the HCKY schools are recruiting internally in the Big Ten for North Dakota to become the 8th member. Stay close. Stay TUNED.
  13. Yea I will always have the videos of last years run to keep me happy for another off-season. The Denver game still gives me anxiety though
  14. I heard they have this really awesome goaltender in College Hockey somewhere I wonder when they will call him up
  15. I would puke my guts out if Hak went to Michigan