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  1. 108498

    Fighting Hawks vs Bears prediction

    I call a playoff like victory today. UND knows what needs to get done to make the playoffs, and I think they walk through the door of the playoffs today.
  2. 108498

    UND vs NDSU Watch Parties

    Is there anyone who may have streaming in Casper Wyoming? Maybe Sioux sports even?
  3. 108498

    GDT: Drake

    Wyoming is losing 14-38 at half time.It makes me wonder if last week's win was that big. It will be interesting to see what happens in a few weeks.
  4. 108498

    Casper Wyoming Alumni

    Hey everyone, Is there anyone living in Casper Wyoming? I recently graduated and would love to watch games if possible in town with others this year.
  5. 108498

    Yard Signs

    Is there any way I can get a few yard signs and this years posters mailed to Wyoming? Recent graduate of UND.
  6. 108498

    2015 season

    While I would like to see a 8-3 record as possible, I simply do not see it. I see us losing big to both Wyoming and NDSU and at least two maybe even three other games.
  7. 108498

    Predict the New Nickname

    News update: https://www.facebook.com/thesiouxweresilenced?fref=nf
  8. 108498

    Submitted Nicknames

    Flood waters
  9. 108498

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Is that in all sports or just football? It seems like our women's basketball and volleyball teams have each held their own in the conference. The men's basketball team also made it close to March Madness the past two seasons, despite the road losses.
  10. 108498

    New Nickname

    I like that idea, but in order so people do not have to choose something they do not want they would need an option for try again or no mascot.
  11. 108498

    North Dakota @ NDSU

    Well spoken shep. The team found ways to finish the job.
  12. 108498

    North Dakota @ NDSU

    In reaction to the game, I am unsure I am happy with the win in overtime. Considering the team was up with just over three minutes left, I would have much rather had seen them hold off NDSU in regulation.
  13. 108498

    EWU Predictions

    Is our defense that banged up? Why such a high score for EWU?
  14. 108498

    Big Sky Scores & News

    Students have a lot more on their plate then a few years ago. Many students find they are better off in the long run working, studying, or being apart of UND programs such as Chi Alpha, Studio One, Club sports, or student gov then spending all day at a game. Also when people do have off time, they want to attend a party like event to cool off such as at the Ralph.
  15. 108498

    New Nickname

    Does it matter what you say on here since it is the committee that will bring the ideas to Kelly?