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  1. Agreed. Being nationally ranked in sports like badminton, billiards and ping-pong may help you on lists like this, but it sure doesn't do much for the fan base and alums. I know Gopher fans like to point to lists like this when they are struggling in MBB, WBB, MH and FB.
  2. What happened in 2016? Nuff said.
  3. Really? Complaining that the margin of victory wasn't big enough isn't being a snowflake? Whatever floats your boat.
  4. I for one would not live downtown. Too much noise on Friday and Saturday nights.
  5. That doesn't matter if they don't eliminate the position entirely.
  6. I wonder how many of the "no" voters are willing to put their money where their mouths are and buy one of these condos, since it is such a great idea?
  7. You won. Quit b!tching about the margin.
  8. Food poisoning is horrible. You think you'll never eat anything ever again. And it will cause aversions to the type of food that made you sick.
  9. I have been in Arbor Park, as it is close to Urban Stampede, which I have been to frequently. And there are people who live and work downtown who want Arbor Park to stay there.
  10. If Arbor Park was the only open piece of land downtown, I would agree with you. But it isn't, so I don't.
  11. I think downtown Grand Forks is more resilient than you think it is. I don't go there often, but I always appreciate how clean and professional it looks compared to what it looked like when I was growing up.
  12. I simply do not believe this. Whether or not we build condos on the Arbor Park site, downtown will continue attracting businesses and people. It is a much more vibrant place than it was pre-1997 flood. I am voting "yes" tomorrow, but either way, we'll be fine.
  13. Well, we opened the Alerus Center in 2001 with a bunch of night games before hockey started and they were quite popular. But then Dale Lennon started b!tching about not liking night games, so they pretty much stopped after that. I agree with you.
  14. I also used to watch some Beaver games on one of the PBS channels I get from Midco.
  15. Careful, or jdub27 will accuse you of "hyperbole". I don't have a personal stake in this at all. I just wanted to make an alternative argument to the ones being made on here.
  16. The people that have come out publicly in favor of development would benefit the most from such development. The Downtown Development Association and The Grand Forks Herald are two examples. And I don't think building condos would have saved Amazing Grains; they were done in by having that new organic food grocery store at the corner of 32nd Ave S and S 20th Street.
  17. Why does New York City need Central Park? The city could make mad money selling it off to developers and make money for years to come via property taxes, but they don't. It's a quality of life issue, which is just as important as growing the tax base. And please note, most (if not all) of the people actively pushing to develop Arbor Park are the same people that stand to directly benefit from having condos there. I don't hear too many people outside of those circles forcefully lobbying to build condos there. I think they are hoping for a small voter turnout, which would make it easier for them to win, which is probably why this is being voted on in June in a non-election year.
  18. Check out Marhula's letter in the Heraldo today, the development crowd is hinting at economic decline if we don't develop Arbor Park. If you are going to attack me for "hyperbole", then you better include the pro-development people as well.
  19. I don't always agree with C.T. Marhula, but he is spot-on here: Here is one example of the misleading claims being made by the pro-development lobby: He closes the letter with this gem:
  20. Downtown is doing good right now. It will continue doing good with or without these condos. Green space, on the other hand, is finite and once it is gone, it is gone forever (unless we have another flood and/or fire, and we don't want that). People that saw downtown before the 1997 flood will remember it as a run-down slum with empty department stores and that God-awful City Center Mall. The development crowd is trying to sell the fiction that not developing Arbor Park will spell doom for downtown. That is reason alone to vote yes.
  21. I honestly don't believe that not developing Arbor Park will result in a depressed Downtown. I am convinced that the people who want the condos will push to develop every single open space there is downtown. Leave Arbor Park alone. Build your condos someplace else.
  22. I was just commenting in general. But thanks for the clarification.
  23. Too early to head to the lifeboats over one or two kids turning us down. Bubba will get some good athletes in here (already has). #keepyourchinup
  24. I know MVSU is an FCS team. My point was playing them is better than playing a Division II team.