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  1. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    This is not a totally insignificant concession. I still think REA has no business getting its grubby little hands on FB revenue, since FB doesn't play in either arena.
  2. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Where should we build KEM's throne room? Down the hall from Kennedy's office so he can run any and all decisions by her first? (sarcasm) Hope all you REA brown-nosers are happy.
  3. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Wonder if REA is getting more of the FB revenues too? #whenitrainsitpours (sarcasm)
  4. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Sounds like the same old crap to me. All hail Queen KEM.
  5. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Agreed 1000% That arena is one gigantic cash machine. The idea that UND is getting all there is to get simply does not make sense.
  6. 2018-19 Season

    Oh, okay. Sorry about the mix-up. I do think Jones is coaching for his job right now, but an immediate change is not in the cards.
  7. 2018-19 Season

    I don't think I was calling for heads in my post. I was pointing out the acceptance of mediocrity that has crept into the culture of the athletic department. Last year, with the exception of Volleyball, was dismal across the board. I am hoping Chaves doesn't give contract extensions like candy on Halloween the way Faison did. Also.......I cannot help it if facts are sometimes negative.
  8. 2018-19 Season

    Be careful, you'll be accused of "spending other people's money" (sarcasm) While NDSU makes waves, UND makes excuses. Sad, very sad.
  9. 2018-19 Season

  10. 2018-19 Season

    And you think we shouldn't feel that way about every UND sport? The minimum expectation should be to win conference titles. For MH and FB, the maximum expectations are to compete for, and win, NCAA titles. Either we shoot for the stars or we should move back down to Division II.
  11. 2018-19 Season

    I think he was talking about guys that left UND for Major Juniors, while whining about "lack of playing time". Derrick Byfuglien and Adam Tambellini immediately come to mind.
  12. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    Saw this piece in today's Heraldo regarding the future renovation of Hyslop into a STEM science facility and the future of HPC Phase II: http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4391024-proposal-would-convert-unds-hyslop-stem-facility Well, that was encouraging. (sarcasm)
  13. Alerus Center Events

  14. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Nope, not even close.
  15. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Totally separate issue, although I would argue they are loosely related. We have been running this department like a Division II program since we moved up. And look where it has gotten us.
  16. UND doesn’t have a female head coach now

    Didn't you get the memo? UND is Division I in name only. Our mentality is Division II. That is why we waste time with crap like this (sarcasm).
  17. 2018 Season

    Building our other programs will not "short" men's hockey. Having a successful athletic department across the board will lift up everybody. And if you don't invest in programs, they will never have sustained success. That is what is wrong with your thinking; it virtually guarantees a hockey-only doctrine on campus. While NDSU runs their athletic department like a high-level D-I school, UND runs theirs like a D-II school (and sometimes, even a high school). And I am sick and tired of it. We are becoming "that other school in North Dakota". That is unacceptable.
  18. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Great points. Exactly what I am thinking about this.
  19. 2018 Season

    If you under-fund a sport, it will never be able to "earn a bigger budget". Your thinking is self-defeating and not practical for an intercollegiate athletics program of our size and scope. Most schools have one big revenue sport to help fund the others. Hockey is ours. If we don't use the windfall from hockey to build our other programs, they will never achieve anything. If we are going to continue clinging to this hockey-only doctrine, we might as well drop back down to Division II.
  20. 2018 Season

    Which means it is all that matters, right? If that is how we are going to look at it, we should just move back down to Division II.
  21. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    This is what I have been saying too. But don't expect the hockey-only people to understand it.
  22. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Why can't people separate the high school and the college? I think BYU has the same thing in their town. I don't think I would have a problem yelling "Go Riders" at a UND sporting event. Now at a high school game involving GFRR and a certain other high school.....that is a little different.
  23. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    That is just my opinion based on what I know. I am sure Kennedy is better versed in the fine art of diplomacy than I (and most people on here) am. The fact that she ran to the Heraldo and lied about not being offered meeting dates tells you that KEM is not an honest broker.
  24. Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Envy? Why would I want to grow up to be a spoiled rotten entitled brat who thinks the world should just give her what she wants? Apparently, dad's lessons on how to treat people didn't sink in.
  25. 2018 Season

    And the fun starts early again this year. I am sick of "starting over" with the O-line every single year. When is this crap going to stop?