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  1. siouxfanofcourse


    My wife and I go out Friday and Saturday nights for a couple drinks and food. We have eventually transitioned over to the craft beers now. I will gladly order my MGD and her a BL if nothing else is an option. But we have noticed more and more local bars are starting to carry a few more craft beers. IMHO the craft beers and local brews are getting good traction in the GF area.
  2. siouxfanofcourse

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    i think it's cool to have possession of the nickel trophy here in Grand Forks. However, no one really sees it much. I work on campus and I don't even recall running across it anywhere. Just my personal opinion; but I would like to see it retired and brought out to the state capitol in Bismarck and put on display there. It could include information about the series as well as all the scores. Then it could be shared with many people all across the state.
  3. siouxfanofcourse

    College Hockey Expansion

  4. siouxfanofcourse

    Local WDAZ news broadcasts

    I think forum communications already owns the Herald.
  5. siouxfanofcourse

    Local WDAZ news broadcasts

    We were wondering that same thing.
  6. siouxfanofcourse

    So after the MSG game

    There are no "Fighting Hawks" chants/cheers at the football games.
  7. siouxfanofcourse

    Some type of spam

    I have the same problem too except mine say's it's from my carrier ATT. Fortunately it does not occur every time I visit SS.com. I'll try to make sure I don't leave my browser open. Good suggestion.
  8. siouxfanofcourse

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Mind if I share this on my facebook?
  9. siouxfanofcourse

    Grand Forks Bars

  10. siouxfanofcourse

    Past use of logos at UND

    I remember several years ago some college friends of mine were in town for their kids graduation from UND. It was the first time they had seen the Brien logo. They had a preference for the old Blackhawks emblem. That's just what they were familiar with. They were much more disappointed in the loss of the name.
  11. siouxfanofcourse

    Faison Press Conference 4PM

    Men's golf and baseball
  12. siouxfanofcourse

    4 NCHC 1st Round tickets vs. CC

    12 tickets for $130?
  13. siouxfanofcourse

    MSU UND Rivalry aka Bakken/Power Bowl

    I think this could be a good rivalry. It's a long drive but it can be done in 1 day.
  14. siouxfanofcourse

    Next UND President

    When I received my undergraduate degree Tom Clifford was still the president. He was a very personable individual. All the staff liked him. While I worked on campus the local custodians told me that he know all of their names and what buildings they worked in. When the University started having to make difficult financial decisions in the 1990's he was already gone. I have no idea how well he would have been during that time and the times following as research became a more important focus of the University. What I do dare say though is that he would have handled the name issue better. I honestly believe he would gone to the Standing Rock Reservation and made a pitch to them for approving the use of the name. Not sure if it would have made any difference but he would have put forth the effort. That is just my 2 cents worth.
  15. siouxfanofcourse


    Personally I would not want to travel right back to GB and play them again next week. That's what would have happened if the Vikes lost.