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  1. Rotoworld has them taking Oscar Lindberg from the Rangers.
  2. Why would anyone buy these? I'm not a billboard for you, Black Clover. Shouldn't the brand logo be smaller than the team logo? WTF?
  3. But he tried really hard
  4. That's a new low I think. From the article: “It is incredibly insulting for any African American to have to attend to a school that honors confederate [sic] militantism,” the petition reads. “It is already hard enough to be black at LSU, and these symbols must be changed.” one HAS to attend LSU.
  5. When is Crosby just going to hang 'em up? He can't continue to play too much longer with the rate he has been sustaining head injuries.
  6. This was the first relevant thread I came across, so I thought I'd post here. After the tough Wild loss, today, I was going to put on the title game from 2016 only to find out it was removed from Youtube??? Anyone have any idea why? The Northeastern game is still up. I just want to be brought back down memory lane a bit.
  7. Sounds like a good plan. Especially now that there's no more Blackhawks to get in Yeo's way.
  8. Oh ok, on the spreadsheet I'm keeping, I missed a Crosby point somewhere along the way. Thanks!
  9. Unless I'm off, I think I should have 28. I had 25 on 4/20 and got one point each from Crosby, Toews, and Kane last night.
  10. Ovechkin Oshie Kane Getzlaf Toews Crosby Keith Brian Campbell John Carlson Kevin Shattenkirk
  11. Plus, being outside on a nice summer afternoon/evening is a far better proposal to a casual or less than casual sports fan than trekking through a ND winter to sit a cold arena watching a boring sport.
  12. Not sure if you knew, but Esposito is the nephew of Mark Messier. Just a fun fact I learned today. Can't remember where I heard it though...
  13. That's sexist!
  14. From the letter: Young girls cannot become what they cannot see. -So how did they become what they are today? They didn't grow up with UND women's hockey How rare is it to be able to turn on your TV every four years and watch Olympic athletes compete that also represent your University? -Not all that rare. Parise, Toews, Oshie.....potentially Brock, Jost, Boeser, Schmaltz
  15. I see Jordan Schmaltz is playing for the Blues against Jost and the Avalanche.