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  1. Would be sort of funny to have Notre Dame win and then have Big Ten fans claim it as a Big Ten title next year.
  2. Just so I'm sure I know the rules correctly, puck on the blue line is considered in the zone, and skate on the blue line is considered out, right?
  3. That's ok. I won't be able to get to Bloomington in time today. All I need is a drink in my hand, UND hockey on the tv, and Clay Matvick telling me what's going on on that tv.
  4. My buddy just called Pourhouse, and they said they'd put it on the big screen. He forgot to ask about the audio, but I'd imagine it'd be fine.
  5. I think it's just on ESPN2 and watchESPN online.
  6. But how are you a jinx if you never pick your own team?
  7. Sure seems like Cole Smith has been volunteering himself for that role.
  8. Never really thought I'd see the day, but if it plays out, I would be a BU fan if they played Duluth.
  9. Fargo would be killer if it were DU-UW & UND-UMtc.
  10. 2-2!
  11. Ohio St up 2-0 5:44 into the first.
  12. Ohio State up 1-0 on Michigan State early first period.
  13. Same here! Can't make it to the game, but I'll be walking to the Pourhouse for a couple after work.
  14. Yes, I was curious about this too! I downloaded the CBS Sports app and it's trash. Nothing live, just videos about fantasy football.
  15. This always sounds awesome, but I won't be able to come to this. I thought the people who are going may be able to make use of this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $19 for $30 worth of pub food and drinks $39 for $60 worth of pub food and drinks