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  1. We all know who was the King of the Big Sky last year!!
  2. I actually like that it doesn't go all the way around. The contrast of the stripe and the Wild logo workd on the front. Wht the stripe and the numbers on the back being the same color, it wouldn't look good at all. Of all the NHL jerseys, the Wild definitely made the most drastic change. And it looks awesome!
  3. or on second thought.....don't!!!
  4. If you are going to provide travel subsidies of the Alaska schools, you have to do it for Arizona St. Probably not as much considering Arizna State is in the lover 48, but you would think the WCHA would offer up a little assistance considering their location with the rest of the league.
  5. Arizona State Withdraws From WCHA Talks The BTHC didn't want them. The NCHC didn't want them. And now they don't want to be in the WCHA. Seems to me Arizona St is satisfied playing as an independent in a crappy arena. Not the start they had probably hoped for when making the move to D1.
  6. Eight newcomers to join Fighting Hawks in 2017-18
  7. One year ago today.
  8. or these
  9. Conference Rings are pretty common. Gonna be a lot of rings to be handed out this year.....
  10. Considering this will be our first year in the MVFC, another cupcake home game wouldn't be a bad thing. I doubt UND is going to want to schedule Eastern Washington or Montana given our new brutal conference schedule. Especially the first year in the new conference.
  11. Tuch and Haula to Vegas in exchange for Vegas not taking Dumba, Scandella, or Staal!!
  12. Neither are his fault. Not sure how you can put Drick deciding to transfer and Geno getting a DUI on Jones.
  13. There is a reason that people with large setups like having a reserves spot(s) tailgating. They don't have to worry about finding a 6 spot space for their rig. Those people that have those large setups are there every week and are not the ones that are creating large gaps in the tailgate lots. Those people are the ones with 1 or 2 spots in the back half of the tailgate lot that may or may not show. I say they issue reserved tailgate spots to those want to reserve 3 or more spots together. That way they don't have to worry about making sure they have enough space for their setup. You can still sell season tailgating passes to those with 1 or 2 spots. Those people would get a pass they can show every week and their spaces are first come first serve. This ensures the big rigs and large setup tailgaters have their spot each week, and it eliminates open areas for season tailgate owners when they are not there. *Bonus idea - eliminate the "Student tailgate lot" and mix them in with the rest of the tailgaters.