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  1. Yeah, that worked out real well for them didn't it!!
  2. I get your passion. I was there with you. But when it came to a point where keeping the name was going to hurt UND athletics (not hosting playoff games, conference affiliation, non conference teams not scheduling us, etc) then I accepted reality and had no other choice but to get on board with UND dropping the Fighting Sioux name. Yes, the nickname process for selecting a new one was a gong show. But it is what it is. And I am glad it is over. The Fighting Hawks is our name and the logo is here to stay. If you don't like it, that's fine. You have the right to your opinion. But just be prepared to get used to it if you live in Grand Forks. The Fighting Hawks name and logo are the official name and symbol of UND. And they should not be afraid to use it. And you don't need to be afraid to accept it.
  3. Don't even think about starting a hockey gameday thread unless you are prepared to feel the wrath of AZSIOUX!!!
  4. This thread is always the best and worst thread to click on throughout the day!!
  5. Call me sexist, but I would rather win a conference title in football and the MBB team make the tournament than the WHKY team winning a National Championship is hockey. I am sure I am not alone.
  6. Starting!!!
  7. Lucky enough to be at the game today!! Boeser wearing #6!!
  8. I get the reason they wanted to put UND v BU as the first game to get a big crowd showcased on ESPN2. But looking at the UMD/Ohio St game.....yikes!! They should try to put the host team in the second game if the make it as much as possibly to avoid crowds like this......
  9. Win the next 5 minutes and get a goal. Then do the same thing the last 5 minutes!!
  10. Games not over yet!! This team has a lot of fight in them. They scored 2 in 5 minutes. So can we!!
  11. When the league went on strike and the Sentinels needed a quarterback, did Shane Falco turn down the opportunity? Hell no!!! And neither should these girls!!
  12. Defensemen playing inspired without Tucker. Looking good so far. Keep it up!!
  13. I guess Berry thought it would be best to rest Tucker for a couple weeks before the semi final game in Chicago!!
  14. If UND WHKY was consistently winning conference/tournament championships and making trips to the NCAA tournament, you could at least make a case for them. But 0 regular season or conference tournament championships and 2 NCAA tournament appearances in 13 years (0 wins) is definitely not justifying taking a 1.5 million dollar hit every year to keep the program around.
  15. If we score the first 2 goals, it's over. Crowd is gonna be delusional!!!