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  1. Olympic Hockey

    Well, USA did make the semifinals in men’s curling!!
  2. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    That’s pretty neat!!
  3. Olympic Hockey

    Drag Mike Richter out there and put him in between the pipes!!!
  4. Olympic Hockey

  5. Olympic Hockey

    And she was probably thinking: "Really? You gonna try that s#!t against me in the Olympics?!! Don't you know who I am and what team I play for?"
  6. Olympic Hockey

    In the Olympics, against Canada, down two goals, is probably not the best time to pull out that move. Granted if she made it, we would be seeing it everywhere. But that is just a low percentage shot that is not going to work against a goalie as good as Canada has.
  7. Olympic Hockey

    As a Wild fan, I'd take Greenway right now!! Need a big bodied forward to move guys around down low and score some goals.
  8. Olympic Hockey

    FYP But...Olympians......"one of the best womens college programs in the country". (beating a dead horse I know, but if that guy wants to keep resurrecting it, I'm gonna keep beating it down till the issue is dead!!
  9. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Bradford - to many injuries Teddy - Who knows how good he is after his injury (was he that great before it?) Keenum - Filled in nicely, but is he able to win a game when you need him to? I would like to see the Vikings go after Cousins. sure he is probably going to want a 4 year deal worth 20M+, but if you ditch at least 2 of those QB's, that opens up cap space in a year where we already have a lot of cap space. sure there are some guys after next year we need to make room to sign, but the window is small and out time to win is right now. Vikings have one of the best defenses in the league and an explosive running back coming back next year. Having a proven QB like Cousins come in here is only going to make guys like Thielen, Diggs, and Rudolph only better. I say go get Cousins. he will be worth it.
  10. Nick Foles taking Philly by Storm

    Eagles would be smart to trade Foles in the offseason. Obviously the Eagles more than any other team (close 2nd the Vikings) realize the inportance of a backup QB. But they would be trade Foles while his stock is at an all time high. Getting a legit starter at a key position or a high first round pick is definitely not our of the question as far as compensation is concerned. Will be interesting to see what happens. Foles has obviously said that this is Carson's team. But after out dueling Brady and winning the Super Bowl MVP, his tune may have changed now and he probably is right to think he should be a starter. Probably not in Philly, but definitely somewhere.
  11. Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    People who complained about UND having to change the name (even knowing the consequences for doing so) are they same people that complained about the Fighting Hawks name, are the same people who will complain about the Fighting Hawks logo, and will be the the same people that complain about the new Fighting Hawks mascot. You know what? Nobody cares about you anymore. Nothing will please you. This new mascot is going to be for kids. Not for 40 year old "adults" who complain about everything that doesn't make them happy.
  12. Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Whatever they come up with, the have to pay homage to our old mascot. My suggestion.....The Bleacher Screecher!!
  13. 2018 Season

    Off topic and also not sure if this has been addressed here yet, but what is UND's official classification in regards to the Big Sky in football for the next 2 years? We are playing a conference schedule, but can't win the autobid for winning the Big Sky. Can we claim a Big Sky Championship if we go say 8-0 in "conference games"? So we count as conference games for our opponents? Also, are we considered a Big Sky team or are we technically an independent for 2 years. Just wondering.
  14. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    Phase II needs to get done so we can move on to Phase III.
  15. College Hockey Expansion

    The coaching issue is not really an issue in regards to ASU joining the NCHC. 3-4 years of finishing at the bottom of the league and the problem will sove iteself and new/better coaches will be brought in.