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  1. "A crowd wound around a downtown block in Grand Forks Friday morning for a sale by a local boutique" More people stood in line for this boutique store than stood in line to attend games of that aforementioned "boutique sport."
  2. "In fact, ever since Jocelyne and her twin sister Monique Lamoureux came to UND in 2010, UND has established itself as one of the premier women’s hockey programs" Premier = 0 National titles, 0 Conference titles, 2 NCAA playoff appearances, 0 NCAA playoff wins, and finishing 8th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, and 4th in the WCHA since the Lammy's arrived on campus. I guess "Premier" is a relative term!!
  3. Duke and North Carolina play for the Victory Bell Trophy. The bell sits on a platform that they whell it out on. The winner of the game then pains the base to the color blue that matches their school. Since both UND and NDSU have green, something similar to this could be good.
  4. I think we can all agree that the new jerseys need to not have so many stripes. Especially the home ones!!
  5. This is the statement all UND fans need to live by. Well said.
  6. Probably the right thing to do. They won't play for in 2020, so send it to Bismarck so their will be no debate about possibly playing for it again.
  7. This statement is probably true for most people who have decided to accept the name and logo for what it is and embrace it. We all can agree the name was generic and the logo could have been better. But once you make that decision to but all that behind, including the process and the debacle of the nickname issue since 2005, you can begin to accept the Fighting Hawks name and support it as you support UND. Many people don't want to make that decision. In time, hopefully more and more do.
  8. Well I suppose they could round out the top and bottom to make it similar to the current jersey. I'd much rather see it like the basketball and create a consistent look across multiple sports.
  9. I am guessing the front of the jersey will be much like the current mens basketball jerseys.
  10. UND just cut 3.1 Million dollars from their athletic budget. What makes you think they can afford FBS?!!
  11. Brad E. Schlossman‏ @SchlossmanGF 19m19 minutes ago More Brad E. Schlossman Retweeted Lauren Boyle Charly Dahlquist, who had a breakout sophomore season, is off to Ohio State, it appears.
  12. The one thing that these "Sioux Forever" fans have to realize is it's not going to be forever. Obviously right now the name is new so there is not a lot of history with it. But eventually it will. There will be a time where every current UND student weren't even alive when UND was known as the Fighting Sioux. Do you think they will be joining in with the "old people" that are chanting "Sioux Forever" at games? No. They will be die hard Fighting Hawks fans because that is the name they grew up with. Sure they will know the history of the Fighting Sioux name, but they won't have any attachment to it. Fans now may be, lie you said, "sticking it to the NCAA" but that is eventually going to dwindle. The more time passes, the less and less you will hear that chant, and the more you will see Fighting Hawks clothing and hear Fighting HAwks cheers at games (Yes even hockey games).
  13. FOCC (Fly Over Country Conference)
  14. Also a problem that arises is it leaves the Big Sky only 8 schools (PSU, ISU, UC-Davis, Cal Poly, Sac St, SUU, NAU, and WSU) and only 6 for all other sports besides football. But I guess that wouldn't be the Summit Leagues problem!!
  15. I like option 2. Looking at the map, it doesn't look that bad. Good travel partners available.