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  1. 2017 Season

    Our D is just as lousy if not worse than our O. We're just not a good team.
  2. Gameday vs USD

  3. Gameday vs USD

    I get it. Sometimes well timed sarcasm can get lost in print. He also is admittedly on here to annoy us. I've never met anyone on here but sometimes I wonder what they're like in person.
  4. Gameday vs USD

    I hate to lug that guy in with any group of people. All generations have these types of people.
  5. Gameday vs USD

    Millennials, they're like herpes. You can't get rid of them.
  6. Gameday vs USD

    Gino, that prick he's gotta go.
  7. Gameday vs USD

    Why in the hell do you come on here then? Not a Bison fan or Sioux fan. What's the connection?
  8. Gameday vs USD

    Debatable, but you asked a question of how he feels. He answered how he fealt, doesn't mean he's going to act it out.
  9. Gameday vs USD

    I vaguely remember the game. It was fucking cold. They made some first half adjustments on defense and offense. I agree they took our lb's out of it. You would know better than I on how they did that. If I remember right we were up 10-0 in that game. We stayed til the end of the game that day and I'll stay til the end of every game UND plays no matter the outcome. How about you Johnboy? How much of a fair weather fan are you?
  10. FCS Football Polls

    After that ass kicking I expect us to fall out of the top 25. Not saying we won't make it back in by the end of the season.
  11. Gameday vs USD

    Awesome comment.
  12. Gameday vs USD

    That's low
  13. Gameday vs USD

    Iowa vs North Texas is turning out to be a good one so far.
  14. Gameday vs USD

    I'm scared to get more updates the way we're playing.
  15. Gameday vs USD

    I'm locked out of my iheart radio account and ESPN3 so I'm reading your guys dialogue of the game. It's heartbreaking and hilarious. Hoping for a turnaround obviously.