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  1. 2018 schedule /team

    Partially, of course he's in charge of that group so he should take most of the burden, but..... Are we recruiting players that he can succeed with? As a leader you always need to put your subordinates in a position to achieve the goals you set out for them. We've gotten too many undersized players that end up not cutting it or switching positions. The blue chippers we do get are not showing up, leaving the program or coming with injuries that they never recover from. Offensive line I think is the toughest position to recruit for and UND has been striking out. Not sure who to blame for that. I think recruiting is the whole staff's responsibility not just one coach. Sure there is a recruiting coordinator and coaches have different areas but I really believe its a team effort for all of them to put together the best collection of players to make them a great team.
  2. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I saw this kid play last year. He was very impressive. Short but he ran thru, around and by everything on the field.
  3. 2018 Season

    Big problem I have with this is that you have two studs (JJ, Manitoba Moose) on the bench. Aplin on the bench gives us some depth on the line. A bit suprised to see Pinke starting at FB on this list.
  4. 2018 Season

    I believe he's referencing the Blubaugh. Maybe even Blubaugh and Holm. I felt Blubaugh really struggled this year. Holm was good for a true freshmen but some improvement is needed to be what I would call a solid FCS CB. With all that said I would never conclude that you don't know much about football. You may have seen something in those two that I didn't. I respect that.

    It depends if you’re referring to Muss as on OC or HC.
  6. Fire Hakstol's Replacement

    No, it’s the NHL. They fire coaches at an equal rate of Weinstein assault allegations.

    At the time I thought he must of been. Ira was up and arms about the situation. I figured the staff knew something. As it turns out our staff was in love with mediocre QB play. Studsrud is not a bad QB but I think if Mollberg was given the same opportunity and put into a system he could flourish under, the sky was the limit with him. Opportunity squandered by our staff. I think the Montana game this year proves the theory of our staffs inability to evaluate our QB’s. I’ve always been one of the guys that say I’m not in practice everyday watching the players and evaluating. In this case I think there’s been enough game time evidence to prove our QB evaluations have been off. Its not just the evaluations of the QB’s we have in camp but the ones we recruit and how we do it. Look at the predicament we’re in for next year. Obviously, after a three and a half year starter graduates you’re on uneasy ground, but you should be able to have at least an apparent QB in waiting. This is not the case. I will say that one of our transfers may step up and totally redeem the staff. I’m not sold to this point that will happen. It will be interesting in spring camp this year what the depth chart looks like. All the QBs have been in the program thru fall. They should have a handle on who’s number 1. I think given past info that they start Boltman and attempt to make him a four year starter. If Heidlebaugh is even at QB I’m going to lose my mind. Anybody else want to take a stab at that one?

    I just wanted to throw this out there. In 2014, Mollberg gets hurt and Bartles also goes down. With 4 games left win what seemed like a lost season we bring in Studsrud. Could’ve had Hanson bring us into the end of the season but played for the future and turned to Studsrud. They opt not to bring Mollberg in to start in 2015. They stick with Studsrud baffling most of us. The season goes ok with Wyoming win and the emergence of Santiago. Not great QB play but not terrible. That winter we bring in 0 Scholarship QB’s. 2016 we have SR QB’s as backups and one project QB with throwing motion similar to discus throwers. D plays great, Offense plays ok. Season ends in the third quarter of a playoff game after a dum ass reverse play. Sr. QB’s are gone, with one of them ending his career as a TE. We finally recruit a QB. This !@#!$ year happens and here we are. We either have one of our two transfers start at QB next year or our RS FR. Of course we could force Heidlebaugh out there but I think even he would ridicule the coaching staff for that. Does anybody find it odd that Heidlebaugh was given way more of a chance at QB than our programs most highly touted Recruit ever. What I’m really trying to point out here is WTF was the plan with our QB’s? We haven’t had injuries or bad luck. The QB’s this staff has recruited have turned out to be exactly what they were when they came here. Heidlebaugh great athlete not a QB, Studsrud game manager not a deep ball threat or playmaker. What’s wrong with a QB that can throw deep and stretch the field? Zimmerman might be something but heaven forbid we put in a game. If Boltman turns out to be a Studsrud and we don’t put a Oline in front of him. We’re screwed.

    Goon played college football?
  10. 2017 Season

    I thought about that after I posted it. I was thinking both Reyes and Harris were Bubba’s but I was wrong.
  11. 2017 Season

    On offense he was close. D, Bubba has got him by a country mile.
  12. 2017 Season

    My first issue with Bubba this year started in the Utah game. We were down I think by 14, 8 minutes or so left in the game at midfield and he punted. I was seriously disappointed. We were playing to keep it close and I hate that way of thinking. It was kind of a sign of what was to come this year.
  13. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    Doubtful, he’s making good money doing medical sales and I think his daughter is still in high school. He’s pretty jaded on how his last job ended and I doubt he wants to get back into coaching. I could be wrong though.
  14. Game Day at PSU

    Although, I know what you’re saying and the productiveness that would come of it. I agree with Geaux, it would hurt the culture and possible future recruiting. Stick around for 4-5 years work hard and we’ll reward you with watching our underclassmen develop the last two games of your senior year. Like everything it’s a balance. You need to evaluate for the future while rewarding for the past. It’s part of why these coaches jobs are so tough.
  15. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    Most of us agree Rudy needs to go. Who replaces him? Is there any other coaches you guys think are on the hot seat?