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  1. If we didn't have Zimmerman I'd say this would be a good get. I doubt we have any scholly money for him though.
  2. I would like to point out one thing here. I had friends on the team when UND dropped the wrestling program in the late 90's. Wrestling was cut for the simple reason that there was too many male athletes by a compared ratio to females. The budget if I remember right was $70,000. The coach was considered part time no benefits and made around $25,000. The wrestling team wasn't asking for equal budgets to other sports or equal exposure to the other sports just the opportunity to compete. The program was well aware of its fiscal restraints and operated within its means. The women's team might have done them selves a huge favor had they recognized the economic burden they were putting on the university. This I know falls on the AD as well. Thier total compensation for their coaching staff was $424,000. Would cutting that in half saved the program? Maybe not but you should be atleast attempting to pull the bottom line up. With all this said the attention is going to women's hockey and from the information I've received the real victim here is the swimming and diving programs. In short what I'm saying is if it weren't for title 9 we'd still have wrestling and probably swimming and diving at UND. Also if it weren't for the massive budget salaries etc. Women's hockey still might be around.
  3. As far as players that could've competed with the likes of an Arizona team. A starting lineup of Jackson, Hooker, Beasley, Gulseth and Huff. That team would of kept pace with Arizona. Not saying they beat Arizona but they could stick with them. I'm sure I'm not thinking of someone else that could've made a difference, but that starting lineup would be tough.
  4. Who are you thinking? Is Heidlebaugh playing a different position? Is Zimmerman going to be the backup and starter in waiting? Or are we going to have to hope for Boltman to step up and become the man early? If Heidlebaugh isn't going to be the man going forward, there is a lot of concern for this position. I don't expect any of us to have the answer to any of these questions but it is concerning?
  5. Anyone here believe Bolinske enters the fall as number 2 QB? I'm gathering that some on here are thinking that but don't want to say it. Obviously, everyone wants Heidlebaugh to come around or Zimmerman to catch on. From what I'm reading it sounds as if the coaching staff had to put out a depth chart Bolinske would be #2. Anybody want to touch this one that's been to practice this spring?
  6. The only way a person should be in Minneapolis During St Pattys weekend is if you got so drunk you got lost and ended up there.
  7. I'd love to see the tournament go back to or rather go to St. Paul. I rarely missed a WCHA final five but I've yet to attend the NCHC tournament.
  8. Hopefully this doesn't become a North Korean incident where Bubba has Lowell taking out by some of his groupies with foreign substance on a rag. Just kidding of course, I know this is inappropriate. I had to say it though.
  9. The Gopher backers will not be happy with that nor should they. Like siouxperfan stated lots of recruits out there to choose from. If memory serves correctly NDSU thrived in the mid 2000's on cleaning up what Brewster should've grabbed.
  10. God damn this made me laugh.
  11. You're right this list should be done in 2020 to know who actually has the best 2017 recruiting class. Anything before that his pure and utter speculation. Typically, (not always) these lists are thrown together by morons with a monetary goal in mind.
  12. That was the part that was so reminiscent.
  13. Did anybody get a weird feeling of Dejavu when Matt Ryan took that sack along with the hold in the fourth quarter to put them out of field goal range. I felt like I just watched a reverse in the Alerus.
  14. For those of you talking about the the crappy destinations in the MVFC. I've been to few different places over the years. I usually get there Friday afternoon and I'm gone first thing Sunday morning. Do people plan longer trips than this? To me as long as the atmosphere is good at the restaurant/bar and in the parking lot/stadium I don't care what kind of dump the town is. I've been to Vermillion not for a game but on business. The whole town had coyote garb everywhere. I'm sure it's a great place for a gameday experience. To me that's what matters on these trips. One thing I must add is if flying an airport in the city is an obvious must. That ruined my idea of going to the Wyoming game last year. Nobody other than myself was willing to do the plains trains and automobiles to get there.
  15. I'm sure Stiegelmeier has given him a talking too. You just don't say that stuff about another team in your conference. Especially, if you haven't even joined the team yet. Look for that article to be hung in the NDSU locker room for the next 4 years.