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  1. Ticket Trade: UM/UMD

    Whataver it takes! LOL thanks!
  2. Ticket Trade: UM/UMD

    Yes I am aware just thinking maybe someone out there really wants to go to Duluth series. I'd even be willing to throw down some $$ depending on where the seats are.
  3. Just saw they released the schedule for next year. I am a sioux fan working in duluth and I usually get tickets at box office for UND/UMD series here before they go on sale to general public in the fall. 2 years ago I got first row for us and friends. I would like to get out for the UM series in grand forks. Was wondering if anyone would be willling to trade that weekend for a weekend in Duluth? Not sure on prices and all as I am guessing the gophers series will be tough to get in addition to the UMD ones. Let me know I know once we get closer to fall they usually go on sale in sept or oct here. Go Sioux! #hang9
  4. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    I agree. I always liked olson hes one of my favorites. Good choice with pogo and perhaps gersich A
  5. NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    They would need to qualify first...true I forgot about them
  6. NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    I still cant find a video of the call...
  7. NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    I think I would drive the extra few hours still. I drove 4 and left at 530 am to get out there. If UND wasn't there I wouldn't. I still think the arena would fill up as long as one of local schools made it. Interesting, SCSU fans dont travel well. I can only see UMD or UM or maybe Denver tricking in a few fans or a few omaha. Interesting question for sure.
  8. Welcoming myself + Tips

    Know what CBS, Pony Express Means, 0.6 and 8>5 mean and the timeout.
  9. NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    Bi can't find a link to the offsides anywhere does anyone have a link to the video on YouTube or anywhere please ?
  10. NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    anyone have some video of the offside? Post that !@#$
  11. NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    Anyone have a video of the offsides ? Least we have fan fest!!! Great game though.
  12. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    Picked up my UMD tickets yesterday from the Duluth box office. Section 104. Its 6 am and just leaving! Go Sioux
  13. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    I'll let you know I'm picking my tickets up from the box office in Duluth tomorrow.
  14. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    Yes I did I was selected on Monday and was charged yesterday so 2 days?
  15. WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    Thats awesome! I usually just watch the early streams on my other monitor. Dont get as much done but makes friday go by fast!