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  1. Kooshnitz


    Same talent at last year? Have another one. Ya I guess losing Boeser (NHL rookie of the year until he got injured) and Jost is just average talent....Not to mention Poolman among others...
  2. Kooshnitz


    Sioux 5-3! #hang9 its almost happy hour eh?
  3. Kooshnitz

    NCHC 1st round-vs Omaha

    35 for the weekend or per game?
  4. I have 2 tickets to the west regional in Sioux falls this year in March 24th weekend. I have another obligation I need to attend that weekend and wont be able to attend. Section 105, good seats and hard tickets in hand. Tickets located in NE MN/Duluth area. Message or text me 218-341-5299, like to give to another sioux fan first. GO Sioux!
  5. Kooshnitz

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Denver

    Well at least on the plus side we have...good goal tending? good PP? good PK? good forwards? Backbone defense? Deep at center?....oh wait. I think center position is our strength beyond that the rest are average at best. This team is average at best. They need to start winning more than a game every other weekend.
  6. Kooshnitz

    Boo Berry

  7. Kooshnitz

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Denver

    Well if they throw them both out id call that a win. I remember back in the day they use to have some grit and teams were scared of them. They need to start hitting. Of course that when they could kill a PP a game. I also was at the game both nights, cam should have had a couple of those back. Wish throme wasn't injured, if hes better throw him in Friday night. They need to be more physical. At time they looked good once they got the puck in the offensive zone, but had issues with neutral zone attacks. Get the crowd into it right away with a good old school hockey fight from the old days!!
  8. Kooshnitz

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Denver

    We need someone to drop the gloves right away and make a statement. Could use a ben blood about now or mcWilliam...
  9. Kooshnitz


    Always a good showing at grandmas sports garden before, crappy food but close lots of UMD fans to heckle. They usually have a buffet and I thought the UND SIoux club has a pregame social there Sat usually before? I think I won a XXS shirt one year, fits my dog nicely. Sioux need to bring it with the black jerseys, I'm bringing the broom this weekend!
  10. Kooshnitz


    Always a good series and time in Duluth. I was at the game in Bemidji last Friday, Sioux looked great at time and outworked at other times. Need to play 2 60 minunte games, easier said than done. I say we sweep them!
  11. I have a 4 tickets for both nights for the UND Sioux @ UMD Bulldogs hockey games for the Jan 19th and 20th series in Duluth, MN. Seats are lower bowl, section 103 Friday (Row 2) and 122 Saturday (Row 5). Ends Sioux shoot twice both nights. Willing to split up in pairs if needed. Want to try to get these to Sioux fans and fill the stadium in green. Id like to sell in package if possible. 218-341-5299 call or text with fair offer. I have hard tickets in hand. Thanks!
  12. Kooshnitz

    Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    Yes I got mine without many problems in premium seating. I actually love the atmosphere of the regionals, likely my favorite weekend (minus the no beer...ncaa rules). Last year was insane to say the least. Hopefully this year they realize was an onsides is. I'm in section 105, hopefully the Sioux get a high seed. Looks like most of the lower bowl is sold out, upper is pretty much wide open. I am sure once the other 3 teams get selected it will go fast. Need to keep on piling up the winds especially this weekend would be huge! #hang9
  13. Kooshnitz

    NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    Great! Must have been ice fishing during that one....thanks!
  14. Kooshnitz

    NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    10-4. SCSU usually shows one of those down there. Should be a good series. Would be a nice sweep if we could but I don;t remember the last time we swept SCSU down there. Seems like every time we win friday but cant close sat
  15. Kooshnitz

    NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    I believe Fridays game is on FSN Plus and Saturdays game on FSN it looks like form their website. GO SIOUX!!