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  1. I'll let you know I'm picking my tickets up from the box office in Duluth tomorrow.
  2. Yes I did I was selected on Monday and was charged yesterday so 2 days?
  3. Thats awesome! I usually just watch the early streams on my other monitor. Dont get as much done but makes friday go by fast!
  4. 10-4 to that! Not my most productive week. Honestly my favorite weekend of hockey! So many games and all spread out starting at 2!
  5. Great thanks for the info. I guess I should buy mine as well!
  6. Yeah I completely forgot about that! I figured the bud light lounge would have beer, but it's a ncaa event. Is the fan fest connected? Could one go to first game then to fan fest then back in ? Yeah perhaps before the game!
  7. Illl be there to let me know if you wanna grab a beer! GO SIOUX!
  8. Yes that is the funniest part of this all....LOL!
  9. I will be willing to bet its at least 1/3 Sioux...thanks to the help of SS
  10. They have no dedication, I was at the UMD and Sioux games every year in amsoil, they barely can fill it half up on a weekend. When gophers and UMD play there it looks somewhat fool, but ND travels the best. Last year there was prob more UND fans than dog fans at their own arena how sad is that. Good keep buying them. From what I heard they have just section 103. I assume the other 2 teams each got a section. Pretty sad....
  11. From UMD! Hoping for more sioux fans there than dogs!
  12. Good idea. 715 for Superior, WI
  13. I already secured a pair of tickets, I could get another pair if someone needs them and call from my work number in duluth here (218)? hahah
  14. They called me yesterday afternoon back around 330. I called right away in the morning around 930am to get added. Heard a lot of sioux fans got tickets there!