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  1. The UMD ticket office told me 1pm . I wonder what they will say when I show up with my Sioux jersey on
  2. Interesting thing is when Ohio State releases their allotment it will basically go back to UND fans to purchase on Thursday.
  3. Yesterday afternoon around 3pm
  4. I was able to get 2 tickets going the Duluth ticket office route. I don't know if they have any left.
  5. UMD seats are in section 103 or 104. Just got my call back from Duluth ticket office.
  6. I have 2 tickets in section 130 row S for today's game Reasonable offers accepted. Please PM or text 320-905-4965
  7. Put MN_Sioux +1 on the list.
  8. I am interested in all 4 please PM Me. Thanks
  9. Would you be willing to sell 2? Thank you
  10. Any word on why Boeser was out on Friday?
  11. Interesting that single seats were not available... Something fishy is going on.
  12. We have 2 tickets in hand for sale for each night of the 1/6 and 1/7 Omaha vs Sioux hockey games. Friday x2 = section 208 row J 3,4 Saturday x2 =section 220 row J 13,14 $20 eating ticket or offers. PM me or text to 320.905.4965 Thanks
  13. I would love to be at the game.. Was at the last big game at Alerus vs. Cal Ploy. Purchased tix for the MSG game in April and non refundable airline tickets.
  14. This is the first time this year with the nchc feed... It seems to be very choppy tonight... Any one else having problems?
  15. Looking for 4 seats for the Oct 7 hockey game. PM or text, call three two zero 905.4965. Thanks