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  1. I was being dead serious. I would pick watching a game in the Hyslop over the Betty any day of the week. From what I was told the price tag of renovating (removing asbestos) was outrageous.
  2. Bring basketball back to the Hyslop!
  3. Holy sh*t....this makes me even more mad. A change of possession should be a reset. If that's the case you could go back to multiple possessions before a goal to find a "missed call".
  4. Is there any way if someone could upload a snippet of the part of the game when they entered the zone with the puck up until the goal was scored. Would be nice to see of how much time was actually spent in the zone up until Dixon scored the goal. Obviously there wasn't any change in possession of the puck, right?
  5. We will never have to hear that monotone voice ever again....
  6. If someone isn't willing to help you find one on SiouxSports eBay usually is the next best option. Sometimes you will find someone on here willing to part with some authentic/replica Sioux jerseys.
  7. While spelling everything correctly.
  8. Next tip for fitting in here is to not mention buying a jersey off the aliexpress.com site.
  9. Sent you a pm
  10. I also have 2 SRO tickets for all games for sale if anyone is looking. PM me if you are interested.
  11. Man, I miss those jerseys.
  12. Looking to buy 2 tix to Saturday night game vs St Cloud. No preference on upper or lower bowl seats. Send me a message if you have any available.
  13. All it takes is a hot goalie on the other end of the rink and anybody has a chance.
  14. Have you seen Eastern Michigan's turf? Gray with Green Endzones....
  15. Get rid of the black endzones and make them bright Kelly Green!