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  1. If we're concerned about "equality," why don't we talk real equality? Why don't we eliminate "men's" and "women's" sports and just have sports. We could get rid of Title IX completely and athletes like the Twins could make NHL salaries, not the "pittance" they're getting now. Or could they? Would that be unfair? Or by having women's sports the way they are now, do we just essentially have affirmative action for women? I know I will be labeled a sexist for these remarks, but we only have "equality" now in the ways the Twins, and others like them, want it. They want "equal" pay, which, as has been pointed out, is actually far more than equal, for playing a sport that has no fans; for playing a sport that raises no revenue; and for playing a sport that a high school male player could dominate. I'll go back to my cave now.
  2. Agree 100% Only someone in the ivory tower with a jaundiced view of the world, like Kelley, would have seen that as anything but a positive.
  3. Love this! Unfortunately, for the rest of us, it appears that the twins have discovered the power of political correctness and how to harness, or at least point, the liberal press. The twins seem to feel very entitled and self-important. If our elected officials (state legislature) and our state employees hired to handle our public institutions (Kennedy & Faison) have to bow to the twins and social media morons, God help us all!
  4. Gophers’ linebacker recruit Bryson Jackson flipped his oral commitment to Baylor on Sunday, he said on Twitter. Does this late change affect Ott's situation with UM at all? Were they looking at him as a LB?
  5. posable? than? Did you mean possible? Then? I wonder if you even graduated from Moo U. Wait, it wouldn't make any difference!
  6. We've always been more than equal--that's why your fanbase is so obsessed with all things UND. There is the time period since both teams turned D-1. But, there's also all the rest of the 100+ years, where UND's record vs Moo U is 62-45-3. That must be the reason for all the buffalo fan hypersensitivity about UND---they just can't stand that the flagship university has basically owned them in head to head competition!
  7. I always love those people that chide me for not rooting for SU because it's another ND team. Like they would ever root for us! I always like to remind SU fans that the head to head matchup record over the last 100 or so years is about 60/40 in favor of the good guys. They hate that! I'm not sure they're good enough yet to be considered a rival for us.
  8. They're very good, but my rankings would be 1) Speedway 2) JL Beers 3) Sickies 4) 5 Guys
  9. Let's lobby for the 8 seed. (You can lobby, right? The NCAA is at least as corrupt as Congress so it should be okay.) We want SU as soon as possible to end their season!! Go Hawks/Sioux---SU has an inappropriate T-shirt for both.
  10. Rumor is out that Obama is going to take the shackles off the corps and let this pipeline get finished since the writing's on the wall anyway. Protestors might as well go home now!
  11. Hey, if the rest of us could afford to take off work for an unlimited time, like the protesters, we'd be there counter protesting. You do have the support of a majority of the rest of us in this state. Good luck and thanks!
  12. Could we maybe start a different forum every week for the problems you guys have with the feed so this one could just be about the game?
  13. Very well stated and right on point. The tribes are very often their own worst enemy. There are few jobs on the reservation because of what you said. Yet there is constant complaining about high unemployment. If there are no jobs there, the unemployed need to go where there are jobs, much like the great influx ND had during the boom. Too bad the tribe doesn't realize it's being exploited by the very people who are assisting the tribe in protesting its exploitment..
  14. Resembled Groucho Marx? Dr. Poochigian.
  15. Sykes