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  1. portland.. much bigger city way better fb stadium more students way bigger endowment way better logo too ill take portland over ewu any day.
  2. all this "big North" conference stuff...i hope ewu isn't included in it at all..i would take portland and or sac town over them
  3. winnipeg?
  4. i know it's easier said than done but southern indiana uni will be a pretty nice "get" for the horizen or ovc or someone else when they get a nice bball arena...up and coming school that would compete directly with evansville of the now declining mvc... ( looks like the ford center is city owned and they could play there too just like the purple aces do) kinda like northern kentucky uni was.
  5. SO TRUE!! media doesn't report this sounds radical but legalize all drugs! don't condone it but don't criminalize it.
  6. and i know they spent a lot of each individual ncc banner hanging on the west roof but those should be condensed to one "banner" with each year on it and have it face the students and now only have d1 banners hang individually....and don't block the big screen.
  7. who knows..maybe they leave jake outside instead of inside...with obrien not there i think a few versatile (jake) guys could go either way leading up to utah.
  8. i don't think there is any way that palmborg sees more playing time than chance....jake is gonna have a monster year...same for dranka, deion, greely, cole, tank...ill stop now
  9. how about portland state?
  10. how was drake not on the ice in those last two minutes or so? stupid.
  11. he's a mouth breather and mouth breathers don't winny natty's
  12. seems like mankato won the pissing match to be referred to as minnesota state over all the other hyphen schools in the minny system?
  13. agreed...not sure why more hyphen schools don't rebrand of buffalo....sounds much cleaner than state university of new york-buffalo? university of omaha...clean and simple
  14. uno>valpo....kinda funny that the horizon takes the school that the mvc passed on for on....for valpo? if true are the happy with omaha being a little west by itself or do they pickup a travel partner....usd or umkc?