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  1. voter intimidation anyone?????
  2. if sledsters and or urban stampede turned off their free wifi there would be ZERO human beings in arbor park 99% of the time 100% of the time.
  3. wasn't assigning blame at all...just stating the fact these recent happenings might cost jones some cash in his very lengthy negtiations with his bossman
  4. recent happenings might be costing jonesy some $$$$$$$$$$
  5. is there any reason for any student to get a dui with uber and lyft around....for five dollars you can go from on side of town to the other...unbelievable..!!!!!!
  6. maybe hadju saw my post and instantly went in and switched the men's coach to a freshman too to throw off the title IX people?? if so he owes me.
  7. at least they are consistent...
  8. think the ocr will use links like this to prove that und isn't serious about women's sports....have a hard time believing that brady berry will listed as a junior next year? i'm sure hadju will have this fixed by noon tomorrow.
  9. i do think part of the problem with coordinating tailgating from year to year is the turnover at the alerus...there is no continutity out there at all...seems like each year there is a new company in charge out there.
  10. any news from tempe still? asu gonna go another year as an indy?
  11. lack of imagination...which is the reason why SOME people like arbor park...they actually thought outside the box a little and did a great job with it...the one by urban s...boring...the one by the old that a loon or a nuclear missle...boring.
  12. the other pocket parks are junk...
  13. is there any chance that jj isn't the clear cut starter after the non-conf schedule...if not week one? i don't think so
  14. my two cents is the condo designs aren't tall enough...they are gonna run out of space soon dtown...brady martz needs new digs, jlg needs new digs, and evergreen is out of space at the cloud nine buidling and says it might build just north of its existing buidling....
  15. two things they need/should do on the south side of the hpc...plants some trees near the rr trax and fix that gravel road in front of the hpc...the new grass will be nice and it looks like they might have inground water system buried in there too....