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  1. about a 100 years of kicking the asses of ndac, sdac, and the teachers college of vermillion might lead me to believe the next 100 are gonna be a bitch for those schools. again.
  2. if we keep wih you would think that maybe just maybe we crack the that wiki list sometime soon...first thing we had to do was get rid of hak on the mens side...check...if wih lives this week brian has to go!
  3. so says the average fan but it will be interesting which way pres kennedy leans...we will probably find out in next 72 hours
  4. houston has 17 and 16 are from mens golf...but they are on the list.
  5. wiki stops at 16 (duke)...i want und on this list soon and keeping womens hockey is the only way on this list in my lifetime but its time for wih to go away
  6. there is something to said for being the best in the country at something whether it's bowling, or alpine skiing, or track and field...i would've taken a d1 womens hockey title this year over the womens bball team winning the bsc.
  7. at certain schools...but some including the two in the nchc realize that d1 trophies are hard to get but in hockey they are attainable...
  8. and the only thing that will keep wih from being cut at und this week is the chance that they can will national championships (hasn't happened with brian and probably won't) but they have a legitimate shot at winning titles at the highest level.
  9. as much as i hate the name the logo is ours...we won't be confused again with other schools...espn just showed the three schools that are in the frozen four so far and according to the logos they appear to be.. harvard ferris state and The University of North Dakota!!??
  10. same thing will happen at miami too...the mac is a glorified fcs best.
  11. with the new p5 or g5 stuff going on the hockey will overtake football there soon especially if they get their first natty (which will never ever happen in football before or after the split of the havenots and haves)
  12. und could've tied all three names into one.... The University of North Dakota Fighting Flickertails...instead of a little white dove profile over the nd they could've put a profile of of a squirrel or whatever the hell a flickertail is and everyone from 1896 on would have felt "included"? Tails for short.
  13. no arean=no chance and they are a ways away from getting that completed and if they do it seems like the nchc will only take "hockey first" schools that pioritize hockey and that aint ASU i guess?
  15. three hundred short of a sellout on friday and a sellout on saturday night?? maths don't add up