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  1. Just guessing ....for the AVS to get him to sign ....there is an agreement that he has already made the team and will be there the entire season, next year.
  2. I think someone else also mentioned that the ice was still in #alwaysaconspiracy
  3. The ice is still on the main arena.
  4. Move on from those who haven't moved on. Your constant preaching doesn't seem to be swaying them over to the new nickname. Eventually most will come to terms with the new name/logo. ***Not directed at anyone, but everyone.***
  5. I've been waiting for them having to review if the puck came out of the offensive zone or they know if they can review the potential offsides.
  6. There is. Once the puck leaves the offensive zone.....the play cannot be reviewed.
  7. I'm taking it as he is coming back.
  8. Looks like a Boeser jersey.
  9. Boeser is in the lineup again against the Jets.