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  1. Usually come up with a name new to all involved.
  2. He just got sent down today.
  3. He is playing with the Providence Bruins.
  4. Looks like Dillon Simpson was recalled this morning by the Oilers.
  5. Bochenski?
  6. Tucker Poolman back per Schloss
  7. Media coverage yes... Bigger deal no
  8. I would say Darrin Erstad going #1 overall in the MLB draft is a bigger deal at this point.
  9. I could be wrong but I think I remember hearing that he had a head start on his studies before he came to UND while he was playing junior.
  10. Tazer with a natural hatty thru 2.
  11. Will they be doing Brad Miller time again this year? Hope so, look forward to watching each week!