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  1. Looks like a dive? But there was some knee contact too...
  2. Apologize if already posted, but an awesome recap of Boeser's debut! Best to watch while cutting onions.
  3. Who set the longest streak?
  4. I don't care who we play. Home game in Fargo, we have no excuses.
  5. Bring on BU!
  6. Lucia will be excited to play Notre Dame
  7. Was it 2009 where lacrosse cut off a chunk of the first period during regionals?
  8. Penalties and suspensions is the way to go. Head injuries are not a joke and fighting only raises the chances even higher. Reviewing games each weekend to hand out suspensions seems like an easy route to crack down on it.
  9. Especially since UMD played so dirty last night.
  10. Can only imagine how few for the final.
  11. Guess everyone can relax now.
  12. Yeah, the other D were really good.
  13. I sent an angry email to today that it's ridiculous the conference tournament games are not streaming. Only got a generic response that told me the third place game is streaming and they don't have the rights to the other games. I think I'm done after this year.