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  1. Anyone know when we can pick up our tickets from Duluth in Fargo? I didn't ask!
  2. Just called and got two more. They only asked if I was a bulldog fan.
  3. Tickets still available right now.
  4. Do you still have these?  PM me if you do.  

  5. Two tickets for tonight vs UNO. Section 303 row l seats 1-2. $50 for the pair.
  6. Time to put the regional tickets up for sale
  7. As of now yes. But i am sure someone will back out by game day.
  8. Yeah But i am on the bottom of the list. Didn't think i would even get a chance. I found a guy at work that wasn't going and got his code.
  9. I was just able to pick up 8 tickets no problem!!!
  10. 303 m 1-2. $50 OBO for both
  11. Two for tonight 303 1-2. $40 for both.
  12. I missed most of the 3rd as did my buddy.
  13. Need to tweet to nchc tv that the feed went out. They think it was fine. bull$%!#.
  14. These will be in stores soon. Orders already sent in. Not saying its what the team will wear but for whatever reason this is what is on order.
  15. This is coming up for sale.