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  1. I noticed that Gubrud was EWU's leading rusher last season with 606 yards. The grass isn't always greener, Coach Maurice.
  2. Northwestern was the only power5 school that had never made the tournament before
  3. Probably a few errors on this... I noticed Reyes listed at 205 (was on '16 roster at 215) Seibel listed as a Jr. (should be a Sr.), probably a few others that are incorrect.
  4. *Burgum
  5. I'm interested to see that "3 headed monster" at RB. Will be interesting to see how far Johannesson moves up the depth chart this spring session... Is there a new role or packages for Santiago? I know the coaches hinted during the signing day chat of Santiago playing in the slot more. Like to see how this all plays out during spring ball.
  6. Mike Timm, LB from Kettle Moraine HS is Wisc. was on-campus this weekend. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/4405770/58922f82041d6d28d80c8afb
  7. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology ESPN Bracketology that was released today has UND as a #16 seed (play-in game vs. Mount St. Mary - Winner facing Villanova)
  8. From twitter last night, juco S JoJo Henderson will have an official visit to UND March 4th
  9. So... this twitter poll has to be real legit right? I imagine most of Goon's followers are hockey fans... Not biased at all, right??? This is the equivalent of the guys at Sioux Football Insider starting a poll saying "should UND cut the Football Program??? Yes or No"... I think we'd know what the overwhelming answer would be. Sorry, Prez Kennedy - women's hockey can't be cut cuz Goon took a twitter poll... I notice the poll said "to help fix the budgetary problems"... well then, put some budget facts out there so your followers can make an "informed" decision....
  10. Not lobbying for Women's Hockey in anyway (I think it should be the first to go) but.... the 3rd prong of Title IX deals with equal treatment... It states for facilities... Being REA provides a word-class facility for the men's program w/ state-of-the-art locker room, training rooms, team lounges, meeting rooms, weight rooms, etc. etc. Does eliminating women's hockey mean there is are no women's programs with access to "comparable facilities"??? Is that a reason that women's hockey hasn't been discussed as a possible cut at this point? Just asking a question... If any Title IX "experts" can provide info on this???
  11. Well Danny boy, the playoff committee certainly respected UND's resume & body of work over your BFF SDSU to put them each at the #7 & #8 spots. One could say the #1 ranking was a joke as well... JMU sure proved that.
  12. I didn't say making the big dance is not a bid deal... I said they each have 3 appearances. Not at all impossible for UND to "catch up" to... We're not chasing Kentucky, Kansas & UCLA. UND was #7 in 2016 FCS Playoff seedings, SDSU was #8... how are we behind???
  13. 3 appearances each. 1-6 tourney record... We're not exactly talking about the "blue bloods" of NCAA basketball history. UND basketball will compete just fine w/ ndsu, SDSU & USD in the Summit. SDSU got a little head-start with the earlier move-up. UND will again compete just fine with SDSU & all others in the MVFC. Historically, UND has owned the SD schools in the NCC during head-to-head competition & playoff success. We'll be okay, trust me.
  14. Just my opinion. but.... Noah Larson - fits the mold of UND's "tough as nails" ILB. Zeke Ott - like Larson at ILB, fits the mold of UND's ideal DE. Mikey Greibel - speed, shiftiness & toughness at slot wr & punt returner... Dynamic playmaker. great fit for the current team & Rudolph's Offense. Jalen Morrison - Compared to Mark Callahan. I'm sold. Hayden Blubaugh - Highly-touted Safety @ UND's most important defensive position. Brock Boltmann - athletic, smart QB. Potential 2-3 (or even 4) year starter. Hope those OL recruits have a great 4 years... Nice size coming in.
  15. Insane asylum... the AC... not much difference between the two anyways.