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  1. former players

    Matt Greene becomes a scout for the Kings. A great UND hockey representative. https://www.nhl.com/kings/video/nhl-tonight-matt-greene/t-277437410/c-52478103
  2. Congratulations, Carter Rowney!

    Way to go Carter:!!! I enjoyed watching you and your team win The CUP. Loved the photo of your son in The CUP. Bring it to North Dakota if there is a flight between Sexsmith and anywhere here.
  3. former players

    Drake with a fight in tonight's game against Anaheim. Looked like he worked the guy a bit.
  4. former players

    Another good Stecher story: http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/jason-botchford-stechers-stature-rises-as-blue-liner-brings-tenacity-to-canucks
  5. 2016-17 UND Hockey Team

    Wow, that hurt. You guys accomplished a lot when you are such a young team. Bye to Gage and Matt. Thanks for playing UND hockey. I hope all of you stay and give it another shot next year. You are a fun team to watch and cheer for. Thanks again for playing.
  6. former players

    Nice article on Nick Schmaltz and Chicago: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/hockey/blackhawks/ct-nick-schmaltz-ryan-hartman-thriving-spt-0309-20170308-story.html
  7. former players

    Stecher has the mumps. Defeat it Troy.
  8. former players

    Another nice story on Stecher. http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/jeff-paterson-not-a-stretch-to-say-canucks-rookie-troy-stecher-is-standing-tall
  9. former players

    The LA Kings have this listed for Paul LaDue: 38 R 6' 1" 186 Sep 6, 1992 Grand Forks, MN, USA Close, but not really. Matt Greene put on IR.
  10. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Miami - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Perhaps a fitness issue, since Miami started dominating late in the second and continued for the rest of the game? They did a couple of lucky bounces that could have been averted with some hustle. The 5 was not a five. Wasn't even a head hit.
  11. former players

    A couple of positive Troy Stecher stories. http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/stechers-extra-gear-gives-rookie-canucks-d-man-edge-for-road-trip http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/stechers-extra-gear-gives-rookie-canucks-d-man-edge-for-road-trip
  12. Impressive weekend from the boyz.
  13. former players

    Drake has a hip injury, still with big club. Stecher got sent down, but the Vancouver Sun said this about it: The Canucks are choosing not to go with their best six defencemen, or to ride one of their youngest, and most promising, players. In Montreal, this week, Desjardins admitted that Troy Stecher has been better than Philip Larsen at even strength. But the Canucks still sent Stecher back to Utica, and continued to keep Larsen in the lineup.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA @ UMD - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Sound sucks on FSN.
  15. former players

    More hometown love for Stech. http://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/the-best-thing-we-found-troy-in-a-hopeless-place