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  1. There is mutual interest in Ketteringham, who would have to redshirt this season and then would have 2 years of eligibility remaining. Scholarships are the issue and he may have to pay his own way for a year until Studsrud graduates because we have no money left at QB this year. This would be very smart of the staff to do and if they could pull it off, would have Zimmerman and Ketteringham as juniors, and Heidlebaugh, Bolinske and Boltmann behind them in fall of 2018. A much more quality depth chart at QB that UND has never seen. Landing Ketteringham would be huge. I really like that kid, especially if he's running our offense with a solid running game to take the pressure off. He's got tools.
  2. They have been talking about that for a couple years now in Illinois, as I posted about back in this thread in December of 2015. I thought it would have happened by now actually. Just waiting for the shoe to officially drop.
  3. But there is more to comply with for Title IX than just 1 prong of the 1st component is my point.
  4. It's my understanding there are 3 "components" to Title IX that must be met for compliance. The "3 prong test" only applies to the 1st "component" for Title IX compliance - "Participation". You need to comply with only 1 of 3 prongs to satisfy the 1st component. The 3 prongs of the 1stParticipation "component" are: 1. Proportionality 2. History and Continuing Practice 3. Accommodate Interests and Abilities After that... The 2nd "component" (proportional financial assistance) must also be met. And then... The 3rd "component" (benefit and opportunity equivalence) must also be met. There are 11 criteria here. This is where facilities requirements are met.
  5. The Title IX "gray area" can be construed both ways and plausibly in this case, in favor of UND.
  6. Currently, Prong 3 is debatable at best in the facilities criteria. However, once UND Womens Soccer moves into The Engelstad, the facilities argument is dead. There are 11 criteria in Prong 3 regarding "treatment" that are otherwise also covered by UND. UND currently already has Prongs 1 (Participation) and 2 (Athletic Financial Assistance) lock, stock and barrel. Furthermore, if I'm UND I would file a counter-lawsuit to recover the University's costs of counsel after the frivolous Title IX lawsuit gets thrown out by any judge with common sense. OK, your turn for rebuttal...
  7. I have said this for at least 2 years on here and in conversation with many people, but I will ask it again.... On which grounds is a Title IX lawsuit against UND going to be even be considered by a judge? Which criteria and what would their argument be? Any law firm looking to file suit has to look at it and say "we have no chance". It would be bad publicity for any firm to even take it up - and a complete waste of time and money. I have been researching Title IX for a couple years now, specifically in relation to UND's situation. They literally have no grounds. I'm no judge or legal expert, but common sense and the numbers and facts would reveal it to be a frivolous lawsuit at best and it would be thrown out by any competent judge (I know, I know). I'm open to any argument on this to make a lawsuit plausible. Someone set me straight please and we can debate it from there...
  8. Please explain...
  9. If you want to use that accounting method for football, then you can add some more debt to the women's hockey deficit as well...Pushing it closer to 2.1 million. Not 1.9 million. I'm not sure you want to do that right now. It won't help the cause.
  10. Got it. My mistake, my bad. My apologies.
  11. LOL.... Let's close the doors on college campuses in our state so we can have Womens (European)Hockey at UND.... LOL, the self-righteous arrogance and complete lack of respect and understanding for their surroundings....it is so self-centered and selfish. I still can't believe someone wrote that. Awful.
  12. So you want to compare the 2 huh?,,,,100 student-athletes vs 25....just start there...
  13. You also said a number of times that UND wasnt going to the Summit/MVFC...
  14. Those look like last FY numbers, correct? EDIT: Yes, those are fall 2014/spring 2015 FY numbers.