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  1. 2017 Attendance

    Jeremiah Johnson!
  2. 2017 Season

    So STATS has UND 8th in the national poll behind #4 EWU, but has UND winning the league ahead of EWU. Gotta love preseason polls.
  3. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Nice comparison. Real smart.
  4. UND Football 360

  5. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Manke and Freund are UND's all-time leaders in completion percentage, and Freund is the only QB in UND history to be at 70% in a season. Manke had a 68.7% completion rate in 2006, which is incredible. 2 QBs in all of FCS threw for 70% last season. 2 QBs in all of FBS threw for 70% last season. 2 QBs in the NFL threw for 70% last season. Those are statistical anomalies. Easton Stick threw at 58% last season. The #2 overall draft pick Carson Wentz threw at 62% his senior season. Brock Jensen threw at 66% his senior season. Not sure who compared Brock Jensen to Keaton Studsrud like you stated or where that came from. Gage Gubrud passed for 66% last season. Keaton Studsrud isnt ANY of those guys. We need Keaton to be Keaton. He's not going to complete 70% in this offense and system. He is who he is. Nobody is making any excuses for Studsrud because of the O-line or receivers. My original point in my post was that he needs to improve his completion percentage, which I stated. When Studsrud is healthy, he is the unquestioned leader and catalyst of the team. We all agree that without him UND is not the same. Yes, Studsrud's play will have a huge bearing on the success of the team. If he throws for 65% this season, we are laughing.
  6. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    65% is realistic and would be fantastic. 70% is unrealistic. How many QBs throw for 70%?
  7. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    70% huh? Wow.
  8. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    In Studsrud's last 2 seasons, he's thrown 26 TDs against 5 ints. He completed 60% of his passes as a sophomore and 56% as a junior. While I agree he hopefully needs to be back around 60% again this year, his stats in our offense and philosophy are pretty impressive. He's a leader and does what is asked of him in this system. Just needs to get off to a better start out the gate this season.
  9. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    On the intangible side of things, Studsrud is a PROVEN leader. He's tougher than nails. The guys gravitate to him and follow him. I think sometimes that gets lost in the equation. He's been starting since he was a freshman. He's a battle tested veteran. Is he Gage Gubrud as far as passing the ball? No. But he doesn't have to be either in our offense. When called upon last year, he showed he can air it out when necessary in a few games when coming from behind. I agree, 99% positive that Studsrud is our guy. And he should be barring anything out of the ordinary. So I think we can stop any QB controversy discussion right now.
  10. 2017 Attendance

    Purchased my season tickets today!
  11. Top FR 2017

    Randolph is at safety I believe, not corner.
  12. 2017 Season

    Blair still hasn't put on the weight he needed to. Disappointing.
  13. Greetings from Salt Lake

  14. 2017 Home Schedule

    I'm actually glad that we have people complaining about start times. Shows where we are at. But, in the big scheme of things......really?...
  15. CB Depth Chart

    Little Nate will do. Sorry I have dyslexia.