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  1. Olympic Hockey

  2. Olympic Hockey

    Canucks remind me of watching Bayern Munich soccer team. Just a methodical machine.
  3. Olympic Hockey

    Maybe U.S. can get a shorty or something. Need a spark.
  4. Olympic Hockey

    I said they haven't gotten a call. Not one, good or bad. And they are still winning. The stripes haven't "missed" one for Canada.
  5. Olympic Hockey

    Canada hasn't gotten one call all night and it's 2-1.
  6. Olympic Hockey

    Canada is getting fuked
  7. Olympic Hockey

    Plenty of good seats still available!
  8. Olympic Hockey

    That Czech goalie didn't even look worried. Guy is a machine. Plus our attempts were lame.
  9. Olympic Hockey

    Plenty of good seats still available....
  10. Olympic Hockey

    Nobody wants to play Finland.
  11. Olympic Hockey

    Blatant knee to knee hit. That was bad.
  12. NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    He is from Winnipeg, however.
  13. Olympic Hockey

    Majority rules, bro. They don't want to be associated with UND any longer. Our loss.
  14. Olympic Hockey

    Umm, all former WH players and fans would appreciate it you would stop referring to them as "former UND players". The school doesn't deserve the notoriety. Thank you.

    No coaching in the world can cover up for mediocre players. Best teams have the best players. UND 2016, for example.