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  1. IMO, if he is leaving Sac State at this age he isn't looking to go to UND. He is a spread, shotgun QB. Plus, he may be looking higher.
  2. Why is hockey different?
  3. "close to Fairbanks"...... I like her already.
  4. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/other/2017/04/19/womens-world-hockey-championships-flopped-gate/100678690/ 20,000 in attendance. For 22 matches.
  5. Get what?
  6. Well, they motherf'd*cked the hell out of UND, the AD, and the President incessantly over the past month. So they can take their two titles and go pound sand. We were just fine before they got to UND and this past year showed we're still doing pretty damn good after them. Vamoose.
  7. You're a warrior.
  8. OK, Ace. The way they slandered UND, Kennedy, and Faison makes them fair game. They made it personal and then tried to starting using "sexism" and "title ix" when they realized the merits of the program were not nearly enough. UND was just fine before them and will be just fine without them, now and into the future. They made their feelings clear.
  9. Gotcha. I have never been described as having that, either.
  10. But Schlossman tweeted that it wasn't endowed? Is the 32 million technically not an endowment for the hockey program?
  11. I thought the article said that ASU has a 32 million dollar endowment to run the program, for now?
  12. Spring stuff from SFI
  13. I am still amazed at the faux outrage over UND dropping WH. Every day I find myself wondering why these random people suddenly care. Not a word about Swimming and Diving ever, though. The program that actually won something.
  14. Was told that as now Chipman doesn't donate to UND. Doesn't mean he wouldn't in the future but he does not currently.
  15. No. Where was it said that was the plan? If it happened, it happened.