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  1. Did it work...you get tickets?
  2. Looks like the Fighting Hawks logo will be on the ice at Scheels Arena.
  3. An educated guess: most NDSU fans didn't see UND play this year. Some saw them play in Fargo once. Probably same ones watched the game at UND. But they still told everyone (prior to NCAA Tourney) how UND sucked, from a bad conference, will not win a game in the Summit, and so forth.
  4. A rebounding, defensive big man would be nice. 6'6"-6'8" range. Seems like they are one body short down low.
  5. The exact opposite of last night's basketball game with Arizona. Those two couldn't stop scoring.
  6. Hooker, Guldseth, Vonesh, Jackson
  7. Will the band/part of the band really be in Minneapolis or is that a rumor?
  8. Don't need 7 footers. Need 6'8"-240. Would be just fine with a couple of those.
  9. They are completely out of it. Mentally checked out before tipoff.
  10. They look really excited to have driven 5 hours for an end of the year semi-meaningless game.
  11. 46 points from the Jacks. Yeesh. That is 31 points below their season average. Let's hope we look better than that on the offensive end.
  12. I should have stated "hockey jobs", like pro hockey athletes have. I still don't understand why they think they should be paid a year round wage by USA Hockey. Does the curling team get paid year round, every year by their association? Does anyone?
  13. Could they have written an article, yes. But they are probably stretched pretty thin, yes also. State B, UND BB, MN HS BB.
  14. Can get 10,000 to 1 at 5dimes