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  2. You don't get it and never will.
  3. I am guessing that the hopes in Fargo are that the investigators fly directly into Grand Forks.
  4. just checked out USCHO thread. You have a perfectly good thread full of emotion, feelings, conjecture, and outright falsehoods and then someone has to go and ruin it with facts.
  5. Gloria Allred specializes in crap like this.
  6. Depends on the judge. If you get a judge who looks at facts and figures then this is over before it starts, if you get a judge who rules on emotion and thinks it is his/her job to make up things as they go along...well, then it will turn into a huge clusterf^ck
  7. From what I have seen and heard about the NDSU football coach I would say anyone questioning his character and integrity would be a 180 degrees from what I have gathered and from what others who have met or had dealing with him would say as well. Quality guy, quality coach.
  8. Women's Hockey is basically USA, Canada, and a bunch of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards competing for the bronze.
  9. Initially I think it would be huge. Especially in October and November. UND is playing at Ohio St. and the Buckeyes have a home football game......hmmm Same holds true for any of these schools. All of them would be fun College football game day experiences to take in while traveling to watch our hockey team take care of business.
  10. 80-60-24 as an NHL coach.
  11. Playoffs. All the NHL teams that are finished for the year send the guys down that they contractually can to help their AHL teams in the playoff push and the playoffs if they make it. The AHL regular season ends on April 15th. You will also see AHL teams send guys who were called up to replace the guys in the NHL get sent back down to their ECHL affiliates to help them do likewise. ECHL regular season has ended and their playoffs start tomorrow.
  12. And if they requested a 10% increase in spending and only get approved for an 8% increase this is known as a spending cut.
  13. NDSU Women's Club Hockey team did just finish 2nd in the country in the women's division 2 championships.
  14. Believe me I am aware. Been a Flyer fan for over 40 years.
  15. Hakstol was a serious candidate for Coach of the Year last year, this year they won 39 and lost 33, not horrible but not great. I am guessing as long as they improve next year he would be safe and if not I wonder what his contract says about collecting 4 Million and going back to coaching college since he currently has 3 years left on his contract.