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  1. Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    Jamie was a friend of mine and an amazing person. The trial is supposed to start in mid June I believe but I think I heard the defense asked for a change of venue.
  2. whoa. This post alone would lead to a 60 page thread by itself.
  3. What do you think of the logo now??

    You quoted the wrong person. I was just helping out another poster who commented on your influential and prodigious use of the arrows.
  4. I heard the Sioux Forever fans are going to start employing Antifa tactics on those wearing Hawk logos next year.....just a heads up.
  5. What do you think of the logo now??

    General rule of thumb on Sioux Sports message board. If you get an upvote from D76 you are message boarding wrong, if you get a down vote from D76 you are probably on the right track and doing well on the interwebs.
  6. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    So I need Karlsson to simply outscore Oshie by 14 points in the Cup Finals to pull this off and George M. Bluth needs Kuznetzov to outscore Oshie by 10 points during the Cup Finals tp pull it out. Sicatoka has both Karlsson and Kuznetzov trying to make up 17 points vs. Oshie.
  7. I agree that they aren't exactly the same. One thing in common though is back then NDSU fans used to hang their heads and stare at the ground when the "Scream Yellow" campaign was brought up as it was the subject of scorn and ridicule and was a great time to be a UND alum in Fargo! Now we are on the other end of the stick when the UND logo comes up in mixed company.
  8. Fair questions. This is a message board where people have opinions. I think the logo has been pushed by UND and they are getting pushback from independent retailers. Also the UND alum who own businesses and business owners who want to co-brand with the Flagship University want the apparel, promo items, etc. that they give to customers to be worn and not shoved in a drawer or laying on the bottom of someone's closet. I am not sure how many hats Hugo's gave away at a hockey game last year but 100's were left to swept up with the empty beer cups and candy wrappers. I am sure UND would like to get paid royalties on items that aren't going right to the clearance rack.
  9. Holy crap. Just go ahead and take a sh!t on the chess board and fly away.
  10. I would agree. Roll out an alternative logo for Athletics.
  11. Just pointing out how we got here. I am by no means saying we should go back and restart Kelly's clusterf*ck of a plan. We have a name, lets figure out a way to be able to market and brand it. I know that corporate customers who are co-branding UND don't want the Hawk logo and retail is requesting items and art without it as well. In simple terms, it isn't selling now and in all likelihood won't sell in the future.
  12. and by consensus you mean 9%
  13. It's not the name. It is vanilla but it can be and should be marketed and branded. But marketing the logo is going to be a never ending uphill battle. so we either keep pushing the logo....maybe enough people will obtain items with the logo through giveaways and clearance racks although that won't do much for UND pocketbook put the logo on the backburner and push the name and then in a couple years roll out a fresh logo scrap the logo but keep branding the name The whole idea of licensed goods is to put some money in UND's coffers. We can wait 5-10 years and then look back and realize what we have lost financially. The logo isn't happening now and isn't going to be happening in the future.