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  1. I am just glad they picked up National Sports shows..I listen to that channel sometimes but never between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  2. And these are 100 times better than these.
  3. and they are again!
  4. Adidas top selling shoes
  5. Adidas is hot right now but that is based mostly on their retro items and shoe sales and they are doing well in the athleisure category. Under Armour has lost some ground to them over the last year for sure and they dropped the ball on athleisure apparel and their shoes are struggling. I sell Nike Golf, Under Armour, and Adidas to corporate and I can tell you I get almost zero requests from customers for Adidas branded product although this area of the country usually trends a few months behind the coasts and retail is obviously a different animal.
  6. Under Armour and Nike are far and away the best selections. Adidas would be third. Anything else and you look 3rd rate.
  7. McGregor will have a punchers chance but with those big gloves I can't see it happening. I see it going 2 ways, Floyd wins a boring 120-108 decision or Floyd is on his way to a 120-108 decisions and Connor gets frustrated and ends up getting DQ'd.
  8. It was my understanding that while he wasn't Mormon, he was "Mormonlike" or leaned Mormon.
  9. I had Denver as the team to beat last year and as of now I would have them as the team to beat for the upcoming season....the nice thing is that in college hockey the team to beat does in fact get beat.
  10. Correct. Wait until October like Minnesota does.
  11. Actually in most of these cases it was a whiney contingent of the majority virtue signaling and telling the minority they should be offended and others how smart they are and how much they care.
  12. As a Penguins fan I am sure you are aware that your "franchise" goalie is the back up goalie and was only playing at the start of the playoffs due to injury.
  13. I am guessing Oshie's next salary will be somewhere between 5.5-7 million per
  14. Oshie took a discount on his last contract as he still had a little growing up to do and had a couple minor issues in St. Louis where he had to rebuild trust.
  15. Yes she did.