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  1. October 2017 Announcement

    neither of them do.
  2. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Without getting into what the reasons are for NFL players to feel they should take a knee or not, the difference is they are employees and if the league and the owners of the teams are fine with them kneeling then they can certainly continue doing so but at the risk of driving their audience away and their TV ratings down. On another note, Kaepernick is filing a collusion suit against the NFL which has a very small chance of being successful but if he is then the players might find out about the law of unintended consequences. If his suit is successful it could strike down the current collective bargaining agreement. The next TV Deal and contract deal might not come with the normal bump in pay for the players as their actions have made an already terrible TV deal(from the networks perspective) even worse and the current valuation of an NFL franchise in general has likely taken a hit over the last year or so.

    One thing from the weekend. I know it has been 39 years since the movie came out and isn't part of the culture anymore but how does the opposition research department of our student section waste the opportunity when the opponent has a kid name Finkelstein? Either you get a job by midnight or we are shipping you off to military school with that God d*mn Finkelstein sh!t kid...son of a b!tch! Maybe modify it. Either you get that puck out of the zone or we are shipping you off to St. Lawrence to pair with that God d"mn Finkelstein sh!t kid....son of a b!tch.
  4. Gameday vs Da Griz

    The troubling thing to me is that our coaching staff think their is any comparison at quarterback between Heidelbaugh and Zimmerman
  5. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Nope. A Division 1 wrestling title and a Division 1 hockey title are given to the best college team in the country. You have 129 teams fighting for a Top division title in football and UND and NDSU are essentially playing for 130th place. I am fine with our football team competing in that division but many bison fans seem to lose sight of that FACT.
  6. Non-UND FCS Thread

    But we also normally schedule 60-80% of our non conference games at home for hockey which is just smart business and if NDSU can schedule 3 or their 4 or 2 of their 3 non conference games at home or if it is a 2 and 2 they try and make one a FBS team and get a check then I can't fault them for that.
  7. Non-UND FCS Thread

    To be fair. It is an exhibition game....but to make your point we will often schedule a kind of 2 for 1 with Eastern schools in hockey where we will travel out and play Northeastern and Harvard on a Friday and Saturday and then in the following year or two, those teams will come to Grand Forks for 2.
  8. Non-UND FCS Thread

    I couldn't agree more. I have always said it really is just the few rotten thousands of Bison fans that ruin it for the other 50.
  9. Non-UND FCS Thread

    You two are on fire today!
  10. Non-UND FCS Thread

    They are a top 4 team as they have been for 6 years now.
  11. Non-UND FCS Thread

  12. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Have you been in a coma for the last 6 years? Newsflash. NDSU is pretty effen good and they have been for awhile.
  13. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Manitoba.....again

    Game is usually interesting...especially at the start as it is UND's first action against an opponent while Manitoba has already had 4 games(8 if you count their European tour in August).
  14. Adidas deal in the works?

    Do we want UND's name to at least come up in the investigation? Not to ultimately get in trouble, but if they at least looked into us it lets the fan base know that at least we are trying!