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  1. petey23

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    Hence, why we need some creativity on offense and put our weapons in position to make plays. If we want to sustain drives which way would you rather have your running back accumulate 100 yards on 19-20 carries. A. All runs of positive yardage with most carries getting 3-5 yards and the occasional 10-15 yard play and a minimum number of carries for loss or B. Several plays that result in negative yardage with the majority of yards coming on a 70-80 yard run.
  2. petey23

    Things to do in GF

    Is Harambe taken?
  3. petey23

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    We need whichever QB emerges to have a break out year or everything else is moot. Hopefully all the injuries we had last season on the defensive side of the ball do not repeat and the result of the unexpected playing time has helped us develop some depth on that side of the ball. We need our offensive line to take 2-3 steps forward. This has been the most disappointing group under Bubba's tenure. guys have either not developed or have left. On offense we need to show a little creativity and unpredictability. I know the lack of depth on defense has been part of the issue but our goals on offense should be to score....not just run clock to give the defense a rest. We have some talented tight ends, we need to use them and for the Love of all that is holy, can we try and put our best offensive weapons on the field at the same time on occasion instead of 1 at a time, 90% of the time? I am hoping to see some sets, especially early in games with JJ at fullback, Brady at tailback and Santiago in the slot...I would rather see Santiago running the Jet sweep or giving misdirection instead of one of our pedestrian possession receivers. As the game goes on and we have a leads, then load up the tight ends and extra linemen and pound JJ from the tailback slot and Brady as well and give Santiago some deep read plays to keep the defense honest.
  4. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Was just there last night for a bit...They also have one of these.
  5. petey23


    I like Cunningham on radio, does a nice job. He used to do some officiating as well. A few years back, we were playing in a softball tournament in Oakes(before they banned all teams above Rec level). We were getting ready to start a game and our first two hitters were standing outside the dugout taking a couple swings and our leadoff hitter says to our 2 hitter "I am going to hit a line drive between first and second to get the game started, what are you going to do?". Our #2 hitter says "I am going to hit that !@#$!ng bus" The Town Hall team had brought the Town Hall Bar bus down for the weekend....their is a rule against profanity if it is loud enough for those in the stands to hear it but the only people who heard it where those 2, Ryan, and myself as I was going to coach third base. As I am walking by I hear Ryan yell "Casual Profanity, batter is out". I tried to argue a little bit but was laughing at the fact that our leadoff hitter(my brother) was getting called out before the game even started and the guy who said it got to hit.....he promptly hammered one off the !@#$!ng bus.
  6. petey23

    2018-19 Season

    If Webb and Schuler had been healthy that would have probably gotten them through the Big Sky tourney.
  7. So somewhere along the line, it made sense for the Athletic Department to either propose this arrangement or agree to this arrangement.
  8. True. But is has been agreed to every year.
  9. Chicken or Egg question(s) Whose idea was it to move UND Football ticket sales revenues under the control of The Ralph? No matter which entity suggested it, it must have made sense and must continue to make sense as both sides have signed off on the agreement in the past and going forward. Maybe one of the Junior Athletic Directors in this thread could answer.
  10. Well, he is either an idiot or he was trolling. Maybe I am giving nd1sufan or whatever his name is too much credit as he was regurgitating all the misinformation that has been spewed in this thread and that he was just wetting a line. Either way, you jumped right in the boat.
  11. We need a button to click to show that we like that someone actually liked this post.
  12. It makes total sense to those who can add. If Team A has revenues of 100 and team B has revenues of 20 and Team A spends 80 and Team B spends 40, Team A is not stealing from Team B. I support the football team 100% but they need to do a little lifting as well. I realize it is a bit of a catch 22 situation in that they need money to win and they need to win to bring in more money. If you look at the attendance for the first two games last year which followed the playoff season they were trending well until the season went off the rails. What I don't like is ill informed people speculating that UND is diverting money from football to the hockey program.
  13. It's not "my" math. It is just math. You are dangerously close, although I am guessing it is by accident, to figuring it out....maybe grab a calculator. I am guessing somewhere in one of these threads some idiot speculated that UND hockey was stealing money from UND football. Just because a couple idiots choose to believe that doesn't make it true. The people who make the decisions at UND decided it would be beneficial to the football program for the Ralph to handle ticket sales or it wouldn't have happened.
  14. Wow! I guess it is true what they say. Figures Lie and Liars figure. That is some pretty fuzzy math on display. And by the way, I attend about the same percentage of football games as I do hockey. A total of 291,692 fans attended Hockey and Football games last year when you combine the attendance. 239,692(82%) of those fans were in the seats at The Ralph and 52,129(18%) of those fans were in the seats of The Alerus.
  15. whoa, whoa, whoa...Hold on there. don't bring facts into this.