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  1. Jerseys

    I tried to get my wife to wear that mask in the car as we were driving home last night. Alas, no luck.
  2. Jerseys

    So, an update on my auction purhase I referenced in a post a few days ago. I stopped by the Bradley Center yesterday to collect my "Auction Lot," which included the UND jersey. With respect to the jersey, it is one definitely signed by the 1996-97 team. Aaron Schweitzer, Dane Litke and Mark Pivetz all signed, and that was the only year they played together at UND. I did not see any coaches signatures. All of the signatures are on the front of the jersey, which will make it nice for framing. There are 22 player signatures, so I assume it was just signed by the players who were listed as eligible to play in that Frozen Four, although that's just a guess on my part. It's a size 52 Gemini home jersey. It has the number 9 on it, but no name. It was also packaged with a souvenir program and souvenir puck from that Frozen Four, which further supports my assumption about the jersey. I was hoping someone there could shed some light on the background of the jersey, but no. After I took a look at the jersey, puck and program, I started digging through the large boxes of stuff that I bought without having any idea what was in there. As my wife and I started pulling things out of the boxes, we couldn't stop from laughing at the crazy assortment. A brief list of the items I received for my $180 (other than the hockey jersey and Frozen Four stuff) includes: An authentic Bucks basketball jersey with Taylor Swift's name on the back and autographed by her on the front. An authentic Bucks basketball jersey with Bon Jovi on the back. I've yet to find any autograph. Five Milwaukee Wave soccer jerseys, one signed by what appears to be the entire team. I'll confess that before yesterday I literally had no idea who the Milwaukee Wave were. One pair of Nike soccer goalkeeper gloves. Two brand new canvas Milwaukee Buck carry bags (which came in handy for hauling all my stuff to the car). Two autographed "Raw is War" t-shirts from the August 16, 1999, Monday Night Raw event. Each t-shirt probably has twenty autographs on it. Not a huge wrestling fan, so I'm going to have to do some digging to figure out who signed those shirts. I can only assume most of those people are dead, being wrestlers. A crapload of signed glossy pictures, and one signed t-shirt from a bunch of professional figure skaters. A handful of brand new NCAA basketball t-shirts and sweatshirts (tags all still attached) from the 1999 March Madness first round games played there. I'll actually be wearing those shirts. A heavy duty rubber Gene Simmons KISS mask, that candidly, is spectacular. Honestly, it was hilarious pulling that stuff out of the boxes.
  3. Jerseys

    The names and numbers that I seemed able to confirm from the photos and the rosters that I have include: Jeff Ulmer 19, Mark Pivetz 3, Toby Kvalevog 35, Jason Ulmer 9, Curtis Murphy 2, Joe Blake 28 and Ian Kallay 10. Obviously the numbers are easy to see, and all of them on there were in fact being used in 1996-97, so that gave me a little confidence.
  4. Jerseys

    So I did something that I don't typically do, which is to buy something without actually having a chance to inspect it. I got wind of an auction being held at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI, in which the Bradley Center is disposing of a lot of memorabilia collected there over the years, before they demolish the building. One of the items listed in the auction was a UND hockey jersey with a bunch of autographs on it. It seemed pretty apparent to me the auction company didn't really investigate to discover what they have, and honestly I'm not 100% certain about what they have (and that I bought). But with the limited photos available, and knowing that in 1997 we won the championship at the Bradley Center, it appears that it might be a jersey autographed by that team. Here is a link to the auction photos. I should know more tomorrow when I pick it up, but I'm curious to see what it looks like. Might be $180 down the drain. https://bid.greatlakesauction.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/18474/lot/2602900?url=%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F18474%3Fpage%3D8
  5. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    I'm not "angsty" at all, either about the state of the program or how this season played out. I think the program is in great shape. As I watched the first half of the season unfold, it never really looked to me like this team was going to be a contender for a title, either in league play or on a national level. They could be hard to play against, but I certainly didn't consider them to be an elite college hockey team. But even so, I thoroughly enjoyed the season and another great conference tournament weekend. I just find the comments of a few posters on this board to be a bit
  6. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    I’ll go wherever I please. I find it amusing that the posters complaining most about missing the tourney are the same ones who 3-4 years ago would post in the “Fire Hak” threads that they’d gladly suffer missing the tourney if it only meant that we’d win a title. Seems to me you got your wish.
  7. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    I bet SCSU’s Olympic rink vs non-Olympic rink splits might be interesting. A good team in space.
  8. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    So, it’s “fightingsioux4life, or until they don’t make the tourney?”
  9. Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    Didn’t Wodon also report that ASU to the NCHC was signed and sealed, and got all butthurt when western reporters said they weren’t hearing that?
  10. Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    Wait, Allentown, PA, 81 miles by road from the Atlantic Ocean isn't in the midwest?
  11. Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    What Wodon is really worried about is his beloved Cornell getting sent to Sioux Falls with us waiting for them.
  12. 2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    I think we should probably also be rooting for Duluth in that game if we lose Friday afternoon. First, there are scenarios out there where Duluth gets bounced from the tournament with two losses, so they will be aware of that. Second, Denver and Montgomery have shown a willingness to basically sandbag the consolation game to rest their top players.
  13. Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    Yeesh, probably worse than expected. According to Jim, even with one win we only have a 25% chance of getting in. https://collegehockeyranked.com/forecast/pwrtournament/ Edit: I might be misinterpreting it. I wonder if we really have a 39% chance (the 14% if we have zero wins and the 25% if we have one win.) This is why I'm not good at math.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA vs. uno mavs - GAME 2 GAMEDAY

    I was watching that game on NCHC.tv. While I was hoping it would be disallowed, I wasn't surprised that they counted it. If you see the play from above the net, you clearly see Terry kick at the puck. But you also see the CC defender poke at the puck with his stick, and it appears (at least to my eye) from above the net that the defender's stick hit the puck which then was directed into Terry's skate. I bet if you asked the officials that is exactly what they'd tell you they saw. From a replay that was shot from the corner you could also see that Terry's immediate reaction was to look at the referee and point at the CC player whose stick was between his skate and the puck. You could also see that when the official gave the explanation to the CC bench, their reaction wasn't anger, but more like, "ohh."
  15. Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    I can get them up to 8th. Your Picks Atlantic Hockey Semifinal #2: Canisius defeats Air Force Semifinal #1: Mercyhurst defeats Robert Morris Championship game: Mercyhurst defeats Canisius Big Ten Championship game: Notre Dame defeats Ohio State ECAC Semifinal #2: Harvard defeats Clarkson Semifinal #1: Cornell defeats Princeton Championship game: Harvard defeats Cornell Hockey East Semifinal #2: Northeastern defeats Providence Semifinal #1: Boston College defeats Boston University Championship game: Boston College defeats Northeastern NCHC Semifinal #2: Denver defeats Minnesota Duluth Semifinal #1: North Dakota defeats St. Cloud State Consolation game: Minnesota Duluth and St. Cloud State tie. Championship game: North Dakota defeats Denver WCHA Championship game: Northern Michigan defeats Michigan Tech