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  1. Let's go Irish!!! Or Hahvad... Duluth was classless against us in Minneapolis and Denver can just GFTS!
  2. Yeah 2 rows off the glass... Thanks for the info!
  3. They must have changed the seating in the arena since the last regional. The standing room seats are on the end where the zamboni comes out and where the standing room seats were on the other end there are actual seats? Has anyone been there recently. My tickets are in 113 row B. I haven't been able to find any recent pictures to show where seats have replaced the old standing room area?
  4. DirecTV 608
  5. I emailed the NCHC regarding this. Waiting to hear back. Wish they would just offer a 24 hour pass like usual. Doesn't help their potential customers.
  6. I'll give ya $50 for the pair!
  7. Looking for four tickets for UNO for Saturday. Text 701.793.6488 or direct message me if you are looking to sell!
  8. or what channel is wdaz extra on DirecTV?
  9. anyone know what channel we kind find the game on dirctv tonight?
  10. Looking for three tickets in the lower level for this Friday vs. WMU. Text 701-793-6488 or PM me if you have any available. Thanks. Go Sioux!
  11. Yeah I'm looking for 4 tickets to the Penguins game next Friday afternoon.
  12. Question for the Sioux faithful... Anyone know a place to find Minnesota Wild tickets besides the Stub Hubs, Ticketmasters, etc.... Are there any forums like this where people sell their tickets?
  13. Looking to buy four tickets for Friday night's Denver game. Text 701-208-1389 or PM here if you are looking to sell. Thanks!!!
  14. Looking for two tickets to Saturday night's tilt with the Gophers. Let me know if you have any available. PM here or text 701-793-6488. Thanks and Go Sioux!
  15. yes