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  1. Purpose of the thread was to stir the pot. Again.
  2. Maybe there wouldn't be such a "division" if some people didn't constantly start new threads to keep on beating the same dead horse.
  3. Dear God, Please let there be a Frozen Four in Nashville before I die. Thank You.
  4. I believe Sir Charles may have been in the bag.
  5. Why does a delay matter if you're not at the game?
  6. That's our boy!
  7. It was tongue in cheek. Both asked and answered. You obviously didn't hear the chuckles after. I thought it was a great interview. A side of Brock we haven't seen.
  8. It will not sell out to Champions Club members. Everyone I know, at even the lowest level, got tickets for Fargo this year. The Champions Club is not some exclusive, upper class,elite group. You could have been a member for $135 a year, 37 cents a day. Next year it's going to $200, 55 cents a day. All money goes to UND athletics. Everyone bitches about budget cuts, not paying coaches enough,etc. Here's your chance.Talk is cheap,it takes money to buy whiskey.
  9. Yep.
  10. Had a great time in Chicago. Stayed on the Magnificent Mile.Chicago is a beautiful city, sorta like New York but cleaner and less crowded. United Center was a nice facility. The fan fest was cancelled on Thu. due to weather.( Turned out they could have had it,weather was fine.) The Saturday fan fest was packed, the most I have seen at one.It was in a smaller area than usual though. The crowd at United Center was quiet Thursday, much more energy Saturday.Not Tampa energy by any means but decent. They announced it was record attendance for a Frozen Four NHL arena venue. (two day total.)The best part of a Frozen Four (if your team isn't there) is the atmosphere with all the college hockey fans from around the country. Unbelievable the jerseys you see from all over the country. Visited with a UNH guy who has been at 31 F4s. He was at the regional in 09 when Big Joe chipped it out of bounds. He said that game was a major mark in UNH history as they beat North Dakota. Talked to another guy from Boston who has been to 41. His first was UND championship '63. We were told several times by fans from all over "Wish you guys were here, it's a lot more fun when you are". We agreed. Even got a Go Sioux from a guy in a Gopher sweater. You don't realize the respect UND has in the college hockey world until you attend one of these. Most were aware of our game with BU followed by "you got screwed". I still think the best part of a Frozen Four is the fact that most everyone there is a diehard college hockey fan. The knowledge,mutual respect,and love of the game make it a very unique experience,
  11. Sax solo was awesome.
  12. Crowds filled in nicely here. Upper deck and clubs full. Lower bowl 90%
  13. Harvard didn't send a band.
  14. Actually the upper deck is full. Lower bowl not so much. Suites are half empty, clubs two thirds full.
  15. That's because there isn't any. Biggest rise from the crowd was for the Messier interview.