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  1. No benchwarmers in hockey.
  2. There's a FB photo of Tucker on the team bus headed to Fargo. He's holding his phone with both hands, no sling.
  3. That's a few more than 75 people.
  5. Watch the replay of Miska going down after Poganskis brush. And then hopping back into the blue paint when he realizes he's not in the crease.
  6. We paid $100 each for just the championship game in 2015. Worth every penny.
  7. He paid $120.
  8. Reading mis-comprehension strikes again!
  9. "In the last couple of weeks it lost three games in a row, including the two final games of the season to a loaded Michigan squad." That loaded team that finished 13-19-3 and 37th in the pairwise.
  10. I think Target Center has improved alot since the first couple of years. This was our fourth year attending. We had no problems with the ushers. On the contrary, I thought they were all friendly and helpful. The usher in our section 138 spent alot of time chatting with us and anyone who stopped by. He asked us about the Ralph,how many it seated,what we had for concessions etc. He was actually a character. We moved about the arena and would change ends during intermission to be on the end we were shooting. Sat in the padded chairs in handicapped on Saturday night, both ends, and nobody bothered us. My biggest complaint was and always has been the smell. They don't have adequate exhaust ventilation for their fryers and the smell of burnt grease is nauseating. Face it, it's a 30 some year old arena built for basketball. It was the NCHC's only option as the X was locked up by the WCHA at the time the new league was formed. During the Friday night game v. Denver the last thing on my mind was the arena I was watching it in. As someone stated earlier it could have been in an old cow barn and I would have been glad I didn't miss it. Besides ,where else can you get to pee in a trough anymore?
  11. Is Sam Annas still injured?
  12. No. Just-no.
  13. Scheels. It was electric.
  14. You're going to get bent over with stubhub, and not in a good way. They are both resale sites and you will pay over face value. You're better off getting them through UND as you will only pay face value.
  15. That's not good. I've never seen that before either.