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  1. Mittelstadt has also recently said he is excited to get moved in and settled in at Minnesota so don't take too much from his draft interview at all. Just seemed like a guy who was nervous and isn't real comfortable with interviews yet.
  2. Would think there is a decent chance they move either Brodin or Scandella for a forward still.
  3. Don't think the Wild will give up Zucker. Think they would even be alright loosing Scandella and would maybe include a prospect to get that done.
  4. Lakeville North OL Nathan Boe committed to Minnesota after camp today. Other offers from UND, NIU, UNI, SDSU, and WIU.
  5. Sproles didn't list UND in a tweet as schools he was looking at. Listed Illinois State, Indiana State, UNI, NDSU, SDSU, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Northern Illinois as teams he was focusing on but still open to new offers.
  6. Josh Aune camped at Minnesota last night earned an offer and committed immediately as a S/LB.
  7. Very good player one of the top in his class in Minnesota was hoping he would end up at UND. Chris Dilks‏ @ChrisDilks 3m3 minutes ago Chaska HS '01 F Shane LaVelle has committed to Wisconsin.
  8. The Wallner kid at Southern Miss has a legit chance to be the national freshman of the year. Was real disappointed when he chose Southern Miss over Minnesota after UND dropped the program although there wasn't a whole lot of scholarship money left at Minnesota which probably played a role.
  9. When Rieger committed I kind of wondered if he was filling the Chartrand role although he may be better overall. He does have the advantage of being a right handed shot which we don't have a lot of but I don't see him getting a lot of ice time at least early on. I think Shaw, Poolman, Peski, and Wolanin are pretty good bets to be in the lineup early. Then you have Johnson, Bast, and Kiersted to battle for 2 spots. I liked the way Johnson progressed through the year and thought the BU game was one of his best games of the season. Bast is a guy who has been called Stecher like by some and would give you another righty in the lineup which gives him a leg up on Kiersted as of now but Kiersted is a very good skater and puck mover as well.
  10. Figured he would just based on talent only question for me was he missed a lot of time in the 2nd half of the season with some kind of injury and not sure what it was and how the recovery would be. Chartrand is a guy who hasn't played through 2 years so I doubt they are counting on him for much and it wouldn't be a surprise if he looks to transfer.
  11. Actually came from the B1G commish to have stronger schedules and make B1G contenders more attractive for the college football playoff. Minnesota played New Hampshire in 2012, Eastern Illinois in 2014, Indian State last year, and will play South Dakota State in 2019 and I believe only the New Hampshire game was scheduled before the last loss to NDSU so that loss to NDSU had absolutely nothing to do with it. Yeah nobody was happy with losing to NDSU but at that time people understood the program wasn't in great shape as it was Kill's 1st season and Brewster had left the program in terrible shape.
  12. My guess is North Dakota in the new font.
  13. Bemidji defenseman Chase Hartje signed with Moose Jaw in the WHL.
  14. I don't think it will be on the helmet either. They could have added the interlocking ND the last couple years and didn't. I think they leave it blank as a reminder of what was taken away and what should still be there.
  15. Not sure on Costello but I'd be surprised if Hain isn't back in Grand Rapids for his senior season but playing in the USHL before and after the high school season and that is fine for him. I'm not sure what type of player Keane is thought to be but Senden is role guy. He will be a 3rd/4th line guy, penalty killer, and high character guy. He has some offensive skill but he isn't gonna be a guy who lights up the USHL before he gets here.