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  1. Actually came from the B1G commish to have stronger schedules and make B1G contenders more attractive for the college football playoff. Minnesota played New Hampshire in 2012, Eastern Illinois in 2014, Indian State last year, and will play South Dakota State in 2019 and I believe only the New Hampshire game was scheduled before the last loss to NDSU so that loss to NDSU had absolutely nothing to do with it. Yeah nobody was happy with losing to NDSU but at that time people understood the program wasn't in great shape as it was Kill's 1st season and Brewster had left the program in terrible shape.
  2. My guess is North Dakota in the new font.
  3. Bemidji defenseman Chase Hartje signed with Moose Jaw in the WHL.
  4. I don't think it will be on the helmet either. They could have added the interlocking ND the last couple years and didn't. I think they leave it blank as a reminder of what was taken away and what should still be there.
  5. Not sure on Costello but I'd be surprised if Hain isn't back in Grand Rapids for his senior season but playing in the USHL before and after the high school season and that is fine for him. I'm not sure what type of player Keane is thought to be but Senden is role guy. He will be a 3rd/4th line guy, penalty killer, and high character guy. He has some offensive skill but he isn't gonna be a guy who lights up the USHL before he gets here.
  6. If Chartrand left I would think they would just bring in another defenseman like Kiersted. Bowen was very solid at forward and should be in the lineup night in and night out. It is nice that he can play defense if you have a few injuries but I don't think you would want to take the chance of him being your 8th defenseman.
  7. I'm with you maybe he somehow finds a way to do things he hasn't in his first 2 years but with what I've seen of him I'm not real hopeful. If we have 15 forwards next year and he is still around he would be forward number 15 for me. Olson, Simonson, Bowen, Yon, Hoff, Gornall, and Smith have already showed multiple times they add more to the lineup than Wilkie. He has had plenty of opportunities and hasn't done anything with them I'd rather give freshman those opportunities than going back to him and hoping he figures it out. He definitely shouldn't have been getting powerplay time like he was for parts of this last season.
  8. Could be BCHL is a offense heavy league so have to think about that with his numbers a little bit I just think Adams is a better all around player right now.
  9. I'll include Poganski in my lineup for now since he hasn't signed yet. If he does end up signing I'd probably slide Bowen up to play with Gersich and Mismash and put Kawaguchi or Jones in his slot with Hoff and Yon. Mismash-Gersich-Poganski Janatuinen-Gardner-Adams Yon-Hoff-Bowen Smith-Simonson-Olson Poolman-Peski Shaw-Bast Wolanin-Johnson Cam
  10. Watching Jost when he was healthy I thought he looked ready. Like everybody I hoped he would come back for one more year but he gets to play in the NHL right away and with the situation he is in I think it is pretty likely he will stick there and never have to play AHL.
  11. Notre Dame wins.
  12. I think you will be disappointed with the hockey jersey my guess is all they add is a small logo on the shoulder. Also wouldn't be surprised to just see NORTH DAKOTA script at center ice either.
  13. Schlossman has Alaska tournament, Minnesota, @ Wisconsin, Union, home/home with Bemidji, and St. Lawrence as next years tentative schedule.
  14. No inside info on this but I think there might be a few guys that may look at transferring this offseason like Murphy did to get some playing time and just get a fresh start. Recruit wise I think Mismash, Jones, Adams, Kawaguchi, and Mattson are ready to come in. You may not need all of them depending on how many guys sign or if you get some transfers and if you don't I think it is most likely Mattson would play another year in the USHL. With the defensemen you have Bast, Rieger, and Kiersted who are all probably ready but if you only lose Poolman early I'm not sure you would want to bring in all 3. Kiersted might be the most likely to play another year in the USHL as he is the youngest and has only played in 23 games this year as I believed he was injured around the end of December and not sure what the injury is or if he can return in these last couple weeks of the USHL season.
  15. Anytime the season ends it is a tough one but this one is really hard to take. Oettinger was outstanding for BU and was the difference in the game along with a little bit of puck luck as the Sioux hit 3 or 4 posts. UND was dominant most of the game and was the better team while BU was opportunistic. I would have liked to see the view they had to overturn Bowen's game winner because nothing they showed on TV was close to indisputable. Thought BU was lucky they didn't have more penalties called against them as they got away with a lot of hooking and holding. A lot of guys stepped up but thought we really missed Tucker on the powerplay. Few guys will have decisions to make and I know I wouldn't want to end my Sioux career like this. Sad to see Gage and Matt end their careers as Sioux but I appreciate their contributions and the way they represented the program.