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  1. Anytime the season ends it is a tough one but this one is really hard to take. Oettinger was outstanding for BU and was the difference in the game along with a little bit of puck luck as the Sioux hit 3 or 4 posts. UND was dominant most of the game and was the better team while BU was opportunistic. I would have liked to see the view they had to overturn Bowen's game winner because nothing they showed on TV was close to indisputable. Thought BU was lucky they didn't have more penalties called against them as they got away with a lot of hooking and holding. A lot of guys stepped up but thought we really missed Tucker on the powerplay. Few guys will have decisions to make and I know I wouldn't want to end my Sioux career like this. Sad to see Gage and Matt end their careers as Sioux but I appreciate their contributions and the way they represented the program.
  2. Maple Grove forward Sam Huff commits to Minnesota.
  3. Sure they can be good and not win it all plenty of teams are. I really only want UND to win it all and don't really care who wins it if it isn't the Sioux but I made the list anyway. Being from Minnesota I have family and friends who are Gopher fans so I guess at least they would be happy.
  4. I'll go 1. Air Force-Really like Serratore and love the way they compete. 2. Michigan Tech-They were at the bottom of the WCHA basically my whole life good to see them have success. 3. Denver-Good team, skilled players, and fun to watch still don't like them though 4. Minnesota-Rivalry is more fun when they are good as long as success isn't against us whatever. Again still don't like them though. 5-13. WMU plus the rest of the B1G teams plus the east coasters besides BU could be put in any order don't feel strongly about any of them. 14. BU-Still hate them from the constant hype of that Eichel team. LAST. Duluth-Hate them don't want them to beat anyone ever again.
  5. If the guys play the same way they did this weekend for the most part minus that little 2-3 minute stretch in the 2nd against Duluth it doesn't matter how BU plays we will be fine.
  6. BU is a very talented young team with very little NCAA tournament experience. They do have some guys that played in a very tough environment in the world juniors in Canada but we will see how they react to Fargo.
  7. Buccigross has announced where the #1 seeds will be headed and we get Duluth in Fargo.
  8. If you go by straight seeding Cincinnati 1 Denver vs. 16 Michigan Tech 8 Union vs 9 Penn State Fargo 2 Duluth vs 15 Ohio State 7 Boston vs 10 Sioux Providence 3 Harvard vs 14 Providence 6 Western Michigan vs 11 Cornell Manchester 4 Minnesota vs 13 Notre Dame 5 Lowell vs 12 Air Force
  9. With the way the guys played this weekend I'm very confident heading into next weekend no matter who we play. I hope Poolman is alright and will be ready to go next weekend but if not somebody else needs to step up. This team is playing the best they have all year and playing Fighting Sioux hockey. They also look like they have a little more jump in their step as well. The thing about the reffing tonight was it was like they had to find something to call on UND because Duluth was commiting so many penalties. There weren't many Duluth penalties if any that were questionable meanwhile there were a number of questionable ones called on UND like the last 2 that basically handed Duluth the game and the Olson penalty which was just a clean check. Duluth actually could have been called for many more penalties as it is just the style they play with so much stickwork and holding. Also no idea how they didn't kick out Pionk that was the easiest call of the game.
  10. The one where one announcer wanted it called and the other thought it was a dive? I did see a couple Penn State got away with in the 1st OT.
  11. Penn St wins on a PP and with some of the other stuff they had let go in the OTs before they probably shouldn't have called that one either.
  12. Really well played game against one of the top teams in the country and it was a NCAA Tournament style game. Jost and both the Poolman's were outstanding tonight and Ausmus played real well again. Gotta think Yon was hurt otherwise I don't get why both Gornall and Wilkie would be in over him. Those were the 2 that I noticed that struggled controlling the puck at all and really with the speed of the game which would make sense as I don't think either played last weekend.
  13. Doesn't help that the team shot terribly and Mason was trying to play through injury and had his worst game of the season. Future is bright though returning everybody besides Springs and adding 2 really solid guards and another veteran who missed the year with injury.
  14. NO.
  15. Judd Caulfield invited to the 46 man NTDP evaluation camp March 24-28.