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  1. For people who don't like being out in the cold, have young kids, etc, this is a great option. I would look into this for sure, especially if they have inflatables and "kid stuff" to do. I imagine it would be like the alumni parties I have attended for road UND games, and those are always very fun. Get more people excited, get more people in the stands. Love the direction UND football is going!
  2. But, Olympians.
  3. Oh sorry not just the thread, the subject in general.
  4. Ya that is probably why this entered my mind while reading about this situation.
  5. Congrats to DU and Coach Montgomery. They play the game the right way. The other staff and team do not coach/play in a manner that I agree with.
  6. #buttolympians
  7. Just checked Twitter. I guess USA women played a game today. Oh, you didn't know either?
  8. Some facts I haven't heard enough of: Idalski and Fabian have a year remaining on their contracts. Those will be honored. They aren't being sent out on the streets. They get a year-plus of salary and I assume benefits, a pretty sweet deal. A deal that other UND faculty and staff being let go on a non-voluntary status do NOT get. The players scholarships are being honored. If they want to stay at UND and finish their academic careers, they can. School for free (or reduced, as I am not an expert on their level of funding) is a pretty sweet deal. We have heard the negatives ad nauseum, but lets not let these facts get buried in the hoopla.
  9. I wonder what the women and men who lost or will lose their jobs in academic areas at UND think about that...
  10. Hindsight. You tell one person, they leak it on Twitter. You literally can't win. The WCHA was told, Todd Milewski found out and leaked it. It's just how it is these days.
  11. In addition, UND coaching staffs in Mens and Womens BB and Football are grossly underpaid compared to peer institutions. Those days are behind us now.
  12. Indeed, like rubbing 2 sticks together in the rain.
  13. It loses 1.4 million dollars a year! Does producing Olympians make this better? There is no money. Simple.