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  1. Those who are there right now. When the teams come out, Yell. Yell loud, clap while you yell. Blow the roof off that place!!!!
  2. I remember Clay Matvik being better at his job...maybe he got old?
  3. I have a feeling that UND will score pretty early in this one. 4-3 UND final
  4. UNITE THE FANBASE! (Seriously)
  5. Very well stated.
  6. Holy cow, what a freaking joke that they can't sell what, 500 seats to their own "fans"!?
  7. Ha! I noticed it too and was trying to figure out if they could have done it better. The hawk logo pops on the ice!
  8. Did coach Jackson talk about the Duluth game? He was visibly upset leaving the ice after that game.
  9. Lost all respect for UMD. Toninato didn't stop yapping the entire game. Hard to believe a UND alum coaches this squad. Fargo next weekend! I like UND's chances!
  10. What a game!!! DU is legit, and UND shut them down. Fargo is going to be unreal!
  11. Nice job by the Fighting Hawks! Thank you to the men who have elevated this program to new heights!
  12. Sure have, and will be again tomorrow.
  13. I guess I don't understand. Why would a venue prevent you from watching your favorite team?
  14. Big day in UND history! March Madness!
  15. Not sure, drove by yesterday and noticed the interlocking was gone and saw a lift on the ground and poof! Today the Hawk logo is there.