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  1. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Because he read the message board commentators who said his play calling is too predictable?
  2. Moving On To The Bobcats

    UND used a third running back a fair amount last year, there is clearly a reason he hasn't been seeing much for carries yet. He hasn't seen much game action the two years and is in a new system behind two all-conference guys.
  3. Gameday vs USD

    Don't think this can be emphasized enough. There were a handful of plays in the first quarter he made that very few QB's at this level would have made, escaping pressure and getting a pass in the right spot by a few inches. Huge momentum plays that swung USD's way and combined with UND's complete mental failure, snowballed into a disaster.
  4. Twins ?

    Very true. His plate numbers as a catcher are way more valuable than as a first baseman and propped up his value a decent amount. I don't think it is a surprise he ended up at first base because he wasn't going to play his whole career as a catcher, but the concussions expedited that move by a few seasons. However it is really impressive how good of a defensive first baseman he has become, he has a legit shot to win a Gold Glove there this year.
  5. Gameday vs USD

    Well, UND finally gave it's critics the one game they've been waiting for the last few seasons, just a complete collapse on all facets, They are going to take it and use it for everything it's worth. Hopefully it's a wake-up call, not a sign of things to come. DL is much too talented to get pushed around like they did. That made an undersized and inexperienced linebacking corp's job even harder and they couldn't step up either. Secondary played too far off giving up easy first downs and blew at least 2 or 3 coverages that went for big plays. Offense never got in a rhythm and decided to jump offsides when they did manage to get into 3rd and short. Dropped passes and missed WR's were inexcusable and the OL was getting pushed around. Missed kicks and poor punts were just the cherry on top of what was a complete flop. Most of the mistakes are fixable, but will likely mean either swapping a few players around or adjusting the game plan. Injuries are mounting up and it's still next guy up, even if he might not be ready, time to learn on the job. Season is far from over, but room for error is shrinking rapidly. Changing that starts on Saturday against Montana State.
  6. Twins ?

    Mauer's contract has done absolutely zero to prevent them from signing players. They've been well below their "self-imposed" salary cap for a long time now. I never get the Mauer contract argument. People complain the Pohlad's are cheap and don't keep their star players yet people continue to rip the most obvious example of actually paying one of the premier players in baseball anywhere near his market value before he gets to free agency.
  7. 2017 Season

    Here's how UND's opponents look through 3 weeks: Utah: 3-0 (W - UND, BYU, SJSU) Missouri St: 1-2 (W - Murray St; L - Missouri, UND) USD: 3-0 (W - Drake, Bowling Green, UND) Mont St: 0-2 (L - Washington St, SDSU) UC-Davis: 2-1 (W - San Diego, Port St; L - San Diego St) UNC: 1-1 (W - College of Idaho, L - Colorado) Mont: 2-1 (W - Valpo, Savannah St; L - Washington) Sac St: 1-2 (W - Incarnate World, L - Idaho, Weber) Port St: 0-3 (L - BYU, Oregon St, UC-Davis) SUU: 2-1 (W - SFA, UNI; L - Oregon) EWU: 1-2 (W - Fordham; L - Texas Tech, NDSU) Summary: No real bad losses for any of those schools, which is good. Out of the 15 losses, 10 are to FBS teams, 3 to top 25 FCS teams and the other 2 were inter-conference games someone had to lose. Some cupcakes padding up the W side, but also some good wins against OOC teams like San Diego, SFA, UNI and Fordham. Overall, nothing real great, but also nothing that is hugely detrimental in Strength of Schedule. UND can take one more loss and be fine. Two more makes things a lot tougher and brings in a ton of outside factors they have no control over. Of course running the table solves everything but need to take care of the next game first and show whether Saturday was just a complete aberration or a sign of things to come.
  8. UND Budget Cuts

    He probably would have retired a few years earlier if the nickname issue wouldn't have gotten drug out for so long. Not much he can do when the legislature starts passing laws...
  9. Gameday vs USD

    Reyes is going to make him rethink extending plays like that. His ability to move in the pocket is pretty impressive though.
  10. UND Budget Cuts

    Yeah, that's why he was fired....
  11. Yote Look-A-Likes

    Al Sega, DT coach Komekona, Hawaii 5-0
  12. Yote Look-A-Likes

    This one has been bugging me all week. This was the best I could come up with. Ty Paulsen Ed Sheeran
  13. Yote Look-A-Likes

    Tre Morris Whoopi Goldberg
  14. UND Budget Cuts

    Well I think it was more of a structural issue due to poor engineering work done prior to excavation that an explosion. You must have it confused with Dunbar Hall, which supposedly could possibly explode at any time due to the huge amount of deferred maintance that was caused by funds being direct elsewhere.
  15. Yote Look-A-Likes

    Michael Fredrick This week's Key and Peele entry
  16. Yote Look-A-Likes

    Matthew Middleton, WR Coach Magic Johnson
  17. 2017 Attendance

    Because of the demand, they opened up extra tickets to the students. However I don't recall if they gave the extra to them for "free" or charged $5 once they went past their inital alottment, which is something have done in the past. I'm thinking it was the former with the understanding that going forward, after the first game, it would be the latter but I don't recall the details off the top of my head.
  18. 2017-18 Season

    Basically replaces the Crown College game that is on the schedule every year. They actually play in the same conference.
  19. 2017-18 Season

    Guessing the Northland College is the D-III one out of Ashland, WI. Looks like they are already going to be in the area play Bemidji on 11/18. I guess they managed two D-1 homes games OOC this year, which is one better than last year.
  20. UND at USD

    Week 3 Depth Chart changes: Offense Dan Bell listed as #2 at LG instead of Grant Aplin (Bell is the backup at both guard spots) Grant Aplin listed as #1 RG, replacing injured Demon Taylor Only 2 WR spots listed instead of 3 this week. Toivonen listed as #2 WRZ instead of #1 WRB, which was removed from 2-deep Defense Nick Schmitz added as #3 at NG Jake Rastas moves to #1 SILB for injured Donnell Rodgers. Sophomore Corby Richman out of Oriska, ND listed as #2 Special Teams Meindel moves up to #2 PK, Dussold removed Dussold added as #2 Holder, Miendel moves down to #3 Donnell Rodgers and Demon Taylor added to the injury report, no other additions or subtractions.
  21. 2017-18 Season

    Thanks for the clarification on SDSU, I hadn't heard either way on that. I'm pretty surprised they were willing to pay that much for UND to come down there. I don't believe their offer in past years was even close to that when they were offering a buy game instead of a home/home. What's even more surprising is their attendance last season wasn't a whole lot better than UND's (less than 200 more/game), though historidcally gap is usually a bit larger. Maybe they will find a way to use some of the money to get a few home games. I know it's been mentioned before, but working with NDSU to bring teams in to play two games should definitely be looked at. Might be easier once both are in the Summit and schedules line up a little better. I get where you're coming from with SDSU. With this possibly being more of a rebuilding year for UND, they may have been more willing to pay to bring them in than they would have last year and UND took what will end up being a fairly profitable trip against a team they think they can still knock off.
  22. 2017-18 Season

    Make it 3....
  23. 2017-18 Season

    Per WDAZ, UND traveling to take on national runner-up Gonzaga on December 16.
  24. Facilities Master Plan

    There was a pretty good turnout at the meet earlier this year but that's not that point. The finishing touches should be put on Phase 1, it would significantly add to how impressive the building already is. There's a world class track in there that a lot of teams in the midwest would love to run on, which will only help T&F recruiting along with improving the building overall. Cross country course next month. Nothing else I'm aware of.