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  1. UND vs NAU

    Build on it. Could have easily let that one get away.
  2. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    If they asked him to apply, which appears to be the case, I don't think they'd hold leaving UND after 20 months again him.
  3. Geno should shoot 30 times a game. Not sure what his hesitation is this year, doesn't seem to have the killer instinct he showed in the past.
  4. What do you think of the logo now??

    Looks like having an actual identity to get behind and market can be beneficial. Who would have thought? UND named Learfield's 2017-18 Property of the Year
  5. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    He moved quicker than Kelley did on the nickname, no wonder he's in high demand.
  6. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    UCF publicly releasing the names of their 8 semi-finalists and Kennedy having to put out an announcement is also a great example of why ND took a positive step and changed the law so that only the top 3 finalists have to be publicly released for certain positions.
  7. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    There's a big difference between him actively looking for a new a job and a search firm reaching out, asking him to apply and him accepting that invitation. It sounds like it was the latter and I think he'd be crazy not too look at it if approached. The outgoing president, who had been there 26 years, was making over $500K/year. The fact that he made the top 8 says a lot about what the perception of him is. Kennedy had no choice but to send out an announcement as the 8 semifinalists were publicly announced today and it looks like he has pretty decent company on the finalist list:
  8. Olympic Hockey

    Well, she winked at someone, not sure I blame her either.
  9. Olympic Hockey

    Was not an ideal move: But the explanation might be worse. That move might work against half of the 8 teams in the tournament but Canada is definitely not one of them.
  10. Olympic Hockey

    Here's all the Olympic connections listed by UND: Philip K. Johnson, team doctor, USA Hockey Jason Switzer, athletic trainer, U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Team Joe Polo, athlete, USA Curling Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, athlete, USA Hockey Monique Lamoureux-Morando, athlete, USA Hockey Andy Parr, production engineer, NBC Sports Ludvig Hoff, athlete, Norway Men’s Hockey Chay Genoway , athlete, Hockey Canada Michelle Karvinen, athlete, Finland Women’s Hockey Emma Nuutinen, athlete, Finland Women’s Hockey Susana Tapani, Finland Women’s Hockey Johanna Fallman, Sweden Women’s Hockey
  11. Olympic Hockey

    There was that one time they tied for 2nd in the WCHA though!
  12. Olympic Hockey

    I get the point, but the whole argument to keep the team seemed to be centered around the fact that there were Olympians on it. It definitely wasn't centered on results, revenues or costs.
  13. 2018 schedule /team

    Assuming it would be allowed (which I don't believe it would be), probably not great since their home attendance was between 500-1,500.
  14. For one last time

    To a point, no, they don't. But the time/money/effort spent on the nickname battle was a not a net positive for the University in anyway. Those resources can finally but put to better use and the University is working/has moved forward with a common identity to help with branding and marketing for both athletics and the University as a whole.
  15. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    If Brian Jones had 1/3 of the resources the hockey program had, this might be a better comparison. Instead, the basketball team has one of the lowest budgets in the nation, not highest. It is what it is.
  16. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I'm still laughing about this two days later and how there are some people that are now very conflicted (or at least should be).
  17. 2017-18 Season

    They are dumpster fire with no relief in sight and I don't use that lightly. They drew a whopping 399 fans (announced attendance, not actual) for a game last week, though somehow claimed almost 1,000 more than that for their next game 2 days later. Their 5 D1 wins are over teams with the follwing RPI's (out of 349): 346, 286, 327, 302, 314. Zero chance they buy their coach out of the last year of her contract, so it will be at least one season of terrible basketball in Fargo. Can't imagine they'd extend her, time will tell how long it will take a new coach to fix the mess two bad hires have made. I don't think recruiting has gone all that well but it doesn't seem like it takes a ton of time to see big improvements in WBB.
  18. 2018-2019 Recruiting

    Is he getting a scholarship? Might explain the strange timing on the signing. Possibly 4 for 5 type situation unless something opens up.
  19. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I think he thought the defender would actually, I don't know, defend? There's no reason that guy should have even got a shot off. There is literally nothing more delaying that fighting back to tie it up and then giving up a goal the next shift. That needs to stop. Flat out must win tonight. Team still controls their own destiny, but running out of time.
  20. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Listen to the players talk sometime. If you don't think Berry was the main recruiter or heavily involved in a lot of them, pull your head out of the sand. Not saying Hak wasn't involved but giving Berry no credit is ridiculous. http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/3747389-und-mens-hockey-brad-berry-takes-reins
  21. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Yes. He didn't take the body on the guy and gave him the shot.
  22. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    You realize who was in charge of recruiting under Hakstol right....?
  23. NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    The curse of the Brien logo that hockey team won all those titles while wearing?