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  1. Translation: Getting one game a year was an absolute process and NDSU flat out refused to do an annual home and home each year that would have made a ton of sense for each team because their volleyball team has been a dumpster fire and they didn't want to risk getting embarrassed twice. Now the don't have a choice. Looks like a solid home schedule, will be very interested to see what kind of gauntlet Pryor has set up for their away schedule. Guessing he isn't going to shy away from anyone.
  2. Yes, they charge for them upfront and in the event UND didn't host a first round game, you would either get your money back or a credit to your account for the following year. Some time ago, they found it easier to do it that way since UND has hosted in the first round for something like 14 years than it is to try to get season ticket holders to purchase their tickets and figure out what is left in a very short period of time.
  3. To completely ignore it and say there is no way he could lose a game if his team scored 3 goals seems to be a lot more indicative of clueless. It's absolutely hilarious how much of an obsession you have for one player that you'd rather see your favorite team lose if he isn't on the ice so you can feel some sort of vindication thinking you are "right", despite the fact that Murray is well beyond needing to prove himself to anyone because he has more than done that by any objective measure (note - the DaveK eye test does not fall in this category).
  4. Hmmmm. How many did he give up in his last start? I feel like it was more than 3....
  5. Murray sucks but yet he has had better stats the MAF all year. Keep ignoring actual proven results and instead use your arbitrary claims that can't actually be proven. That seems to be the only way you can justify your obsession of a goalie who had a strong career but is on the downswing and has been passed up by a rising star who already has a Stanley Cup to his name.
  6. More or less than Fluery did when he let in 4 of the first 9 shots he faced in game 3?
  7. He's got the numbers to back up his decision. You have delusion backing up yours.
  8. Strange that he started the majority of their regular season games if he wasn't good enough to start for them.
  9. Swing and a miss. You clearly are ignoring where the guy starting tonight had clearly better stats this season than the guy who got absolutely lit up last game.
  10. 32-10, 2.41 GAA, .923 SV% 18-10, 3.02 GAA, .909 SV% Oh, and 4GA on 9SA, .556 SV%, 12:52 TOI. You actually sound like a youth hockey parent who is mad their kid isn't getting playing time and can't understand why.
  11. Also not a big secret but: Addresses some of the facilities part of any Title IX questions. Big upgrade for the soccer team, hopefully they can continue to build on what they have been doing.
  12. They have moved the Champions Club tent inside for the final regular season home game for a handful of years now. Not positive they have done it every year since, but I know that before the comeback against USD to win the Great West, there was definitely something at Playmakers and that was 2011.
  13. Guess we've located at least one spot where NDSU is cutting funds. Their lame duck volleyball coach, who was already told her contract won't be renewed after this coming season, is leaving to take the head coaching job with Southern Illinois of the MVC. It looks like SIU has consistently had been in the upper half of the conference and had an RPI of 71 this past season, so they are definitely no bottom dweller. Instead of doing a national search now, they are waiting until the end of next season and choosing to put the interim tag on a current assistant coach who's resume includes 2 year's on NDSU's bench and 2 years coaching Fargo high schools (though she is a successful former NDSU player).
  14. In a nutshell, yes. They are finally going to put full focus on branding, something that hasn't been done for at least a decade because there was no true identity to get behind or any sort of actual focus for that matter. It's been stated a handful of times, UND spent way too much time and effort fighting losing battles the last decade instead of focusing on improving itself. Now that all of the nickname and (hopefully) budget cuts are in the rear-view mirror, they can finally refocus and start concentrating on areas where focus has been sorely lacking. With what I have seen so far, I am cautiously optimistic that it will be very successful. Kennedy's strategic plan is a giant step in the right direction.
  15. They want people to buy into the new logo and brand identity and to ensure that happened, they eliminated all other options. If they didn't "retire" it, the usage would continue and and not only cause confusion with Notre Dame but also the new brand they are focusing on building. The new logo/brand identity now has a clean slate for the time being. While I'm not positive, I believe this line of thinking was confirmed with the branding study/survey results. I also assume there will eventually be a secondary mark that compliments the new primary one as there was supposed to be originally but it was scrapped.
  16. Welcome back Dave!
  17. We've invited groups of them over to help us finish our food and they've always been incredibly grateful. In fact they are more in disbelief for free food than anything. Simple gesture that's a win/win, no food wasted and happy students.
  18. Out of what was left to pick from, Fighting Hawks was the equivalent of getting a pepperoni pizza. Everyone in the group wants their own thing but in the end, people's ideas of unique are too different to come to any sort of consensus on, so you end up with the most predictable/generic thing on the menu.
  19. And considering this isn't UND's first brush with some of this stuff, I feel even more confident they will have everything they need to show that their ducks are in a row.
  20. Careful, you're going to confuse people who don't understand how numbers work and need to balance out.
  21. Looks like there was also one other team. Queue the "we didn't really want him" and "his offer was pulled"....
  22. Agreed. He didn't quit in the middle of the semester last year, finishing out his classes. He kept up with his schooling this year, meaning he should be eligible to play right away. Credit to him, would have been pretty easy to just walk away from it all. Hope it all works out for him.
  23. Tell me more about these Olympians, this is the first I've heard about it...
  24. I'll give you credit, this is actually very plausible.