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  1. What do you think of the logo now??

    Probably would have been easier if he could have focused on just his guy instead of that plus the extra option or two coming at him. Wasn't the kind of defenseman who had the agility to take on odd man rushes multiple times a game, he was built to completely handle his own responsibility and take his own guy out of the play. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Jones admitting to having quite a bit of rust he was trying to knock off while trying to learn a new system. If he can get his shot going, he will have a great year. If not, he'll continue to put his effort towards rebounding, he needs to help out down there because of the lack of size on the court. They are aware that they can't have the starts they are having and are really pushing to get that fixed by the time conference play rolls around. Hopefully they can get the pieces in place.
  3. What do you think of the logo now??

    Is he trying to figure out why he's defending an odd man break by himself again?
  4. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Yeah, but how many Olympians can they claim???
  5. 2017-18 Season

    I would think it is pretty obvious he'll redshirt at this point. There isn't going to be enough minutes to make it worthwhile. Geno is playing 36+ a night. Stewart and Seales are going to be 30+. That leaves 24 minutes or spread between Kinsey, Brown and I guess Buchanan. If you want to add in the 4 spot, you might be able to take a few minutes from there after the majority go to Jones and probably McCauley. Not sure why the decision was made between Buchanan over Moody but when it is for limited minutes, it isn't always a choice made based on talent.
  6. 2017-18 Season

    Maybe they came to a mutual decision that him red-shirting was the best overall decision. You have some odd fascination writing everyone off as a transfer and being hypercritical of all decisions made. Unless you are in the gym everyday, I'm not sure where your knowledge comes from....
  7. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    You're right, he did only bring up one team, that was my mistake. For whatever reason I thought he had put a couple in there, Georgia Southern would be another obvious example, especially considering they have struggled even more than App State. I don't believe that a current top FCS team could move up and be above .500 in the P5 and especially the SEC. While they are adding 22 additional scholarships, those scholarships would be spread out among they players they already have (FCS currently allows 63 scholarships to be spread out over 85 players), so I don't think the increase in talent is as significant as others do. However, you likely would have better depth as you can add guys that require a full scholarship instead of a half. Maybe after a while, they could catch up on talent, but it would not be immediate and sustained success would take even longer. I think looking at how App State and Georgia Southern, two former FCS powers, have done in the Sun Belt and then looking at the difference between the Sun Belt and the SEC, the answer becomes somewhat clear.
  8. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    You said that a top FCS team moving up could compete in a P5 conference. He brought up multiple top FCS teams that moved up and are struggling to compete at the G5 level, which have the same scholarship situation as the P5. If they are struggling at the G5 level, how are they going to go above .500 at the P5 level? You asked why he left out Boise St. like they were some sort of success story (which they are at the G5 level) when all he was doing is pointing out recent move-ups struggling at the level below where you think they could be above .500 most years. I do agree that there are no (recent) examples of schools going to P5, but there are plenty of examples that are struggling at the G5 level and very few that you could point to as successful. Knowing that, I think it's a stretch to say that a move-up could be above .500 in a P5 school most years, which was your initial claim.
  9. 2017-18 Season

    Under the current rules, once you play in a non-exhibition game, your redshirt is pulled. Barring injury, I would guess anyone who hasn't played to date is red-shirting and Moody is the only one who hasn't played.
  10. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    When did the Mountain West become a P5 conference?
  11. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Unless the conference is paying for them (they aren't), then I think it's irrelevant what other schools do. Comparing what is done with other programs at UND makes more sense. For the record, I lean towards the thinking that they should have got rings however, I haven't heard the actual reasons on why they did or didn't outside of some theories presented on this board. If I had to guess, it's budget cuts, but that's just my guess.
  12. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Did the hockey team get them the years they won the WCHA/NCHC?
  13. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    At least we can read yours posts knowing that you have some personal bias and that your information is not coming from a neutral source. Knowing where you are getting your information from, I think you're accusations against the staff is going a little far. I doubt you are getting the amount of information they are. They have yet to make a decision that looking back, seems overzealous. That being said, I agree with the end of your last sentence. It is going to be a long offseaon with the (somewhat) understandable negative energy that a 3-8 season comes with, especially with the expectations there were for this season.
  14. Gameday vs Utah

    Very doubtful considering UND opens the season against MVSU.

    In reality, only 3 years since he was hired a little over a month before his first signing day and you aren't exactly getting the pick of the litter when you get into the game that late. So "his" guys are RS-Sophs and younger right now with a few being juniors. While it's true, that is where your depth comes from, relying on a few of them to provide it is different than having over half of your starting roster being occupied by "depth" guys.
  16. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    That's kind of the common theme. Present opinions as facts. Rarely back up anything with actual proof. Not saying everything is wrong but when there is a lack of information backing the claims, have to take it all with a grain of salt.
  17. 2018 Season for attendance

    With the growth in popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if they started charging an nominal amount ($5?) for volleyball in the future for Champions Club members. I'd be more than happy to pay it, it is quality entertainment. I will note that there were no free tickets for the NDSU game, so they at least got a little bit of revenue out of that one.
  18. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    Hopefully seeing that Q got a shot will help him realize that if you have enough talent, you will be found. That being said, @the green team had it right, he has to be on track to graduate in 4 years plus go to a school that and enroll in a graduate program not offered at UND. His major is listed as general studies, so I guess if he wanted to find a grad degree not offered here, it is pretty wide open as to what he could pick. I don't think he's going anywhere, but I guess it is just more drama to throw around, which certain contributors seem to thrive on.
  19. TV Schedule

    Well, I guess that answers your question....

    Sounds similar Jaxson Turner, though he returns kick instead of being the "3rd" or "4th" string QB, there is no possible way he was the actual back-up QB, absolutely zero and NDSU's depth chart confirms that. They made sure he could take a snap and turn and hand it off if necessary. You also don't "learn" a position in two practices, they simplified his linebacker duties and schemed it so it was similar to his position at strong safety, which the coach states is not a permanent thing due to his size. Yeah, this board also had multiple Fire Hak threads that were much longer than this.....I'd hardly use those stats from a message board as a barometer of reality, just like I wouldn't use an article on NDSU by Caillou about a defensive player being NDSU's top back-up at QB as reality.
  21. Big Sky OOC Record

    D1 OOC Wins MSU 89 - Omaha 80 (Summit) Weber 65 - Utah State 59 (MWC) UND 83 - Troy 80 (Sun Belt) PSU 80 - Portland 75 (WCC) Montana 83 - Pitt 78 (ACC) UND 80 - Ark PB 71 (SWAC) EWU 67 - Stanford 61(PAC 12)
  22. Big Sky OOC Record

    Is this the part where we start getting articles written that the Big Sky is currently the #9 rated conference and our future conference is down at #28 or do we have to wait another week or two?
  23. Big Sky OOC Record

    EWU 82 - Walla Walla 61 Colorado 66 - UNC 51 MSU 89 - Omaha 80 (Summit) Arizona - 101 - NAU 67 Oregon State 99 - SUU 82 Nevada 88 - Idaho 64 Weber 65 - Utah State 59 (MWC) Montana 72 - Whiworth 60 Colorado St 72 - Sac St 61 AZ State 94 - ISU 74 UND 83 - Troy 80 (Sun Belt) PSU 80 - Portland 75 (WCC) Boise State 90 - SUU 69 Washington 79 - EWU 69 Hawaii 81 - UND 78 Embry Riddle 82 - NAU 70 Utah St 81 - MSU 73 Montana 83 - Pitt 78 (ACC) UC Davis 74 - UNC 59 Idaho 62 - George Fox 62 UND 80 - Ark PB 71 (SWAC) Utah Valley 84 - ISU 71 Weber 110 - West Coast Baptist 45 Sac St 74- Notre Dame de Namur 53 EWU 67 - Stanford 61(PAC 12) Portland St 111 - Willamette 60
  24. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Hopefully the parent company keeps a little closer eye on management, it's the same group that owns the Green Mill. There have been a handful that have converted from Green Mill to Crooked Pint, with the one in Fargo also being one.

    Now pull out a couple All-Americans behind them and put a few third stringers there as well. Remains to be seen how the injuries effect them over the next few weeks but my point is, even the best team in college football sees noticeable drop offs once you start getting past the two-deep, especially at multiple positions. As for their offense, I'm sure a former NFL positions coach up in the booth calling the plays doesn't hurt. If we can figure that out, I'm all for it.